Brighton Jewelry | Woodstock Made in LA

Brighton Jewelry | Woodstock Made in LA

Welcome to the Brighton factory My name is Mavis and I’m one of the original designers at Brighton. We make lots of different product here. Everything from belts to key fobs and of course our wonderful Woodstock Bracelets. So let’s get going and start the tour. Leather is our heritage. It’s what we do. For over 35 years we have sourced the finest leathers from around the globe. This machine cut to the full skins into strips. Roberto a 31-year Brighton veteran makes sure the strips are cut to perfection. Next a splitter machines splits the leather to the correct thickness. The leather strip is then rolled into a
small tight role and allows for and hand application of edge dye. This next step is where the magic
happens. Brighton uses as a special machine
called a bonis machine the bonis machines have been in use for
the fur industry since the 1900’s. They’re no longer being made and are very hard to find. Cotton cording insurers the woodstock bracelets are fluffy like a pillow. This way the beads
don’t slide on the bracelet they actually act as stoppers. A pressing machine make sure the
cording has a true round shape. The leather cord is now
ready for the cutting station. Next, the right amount of paint is
applied to seal the ends. Next, we see a special tool checking the polarity of the magnets. A drop of glue is applied to one end of the custom Brighton stainless steel magnetic
followed by the leather cording.

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