British East India Bengal Presidency|Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II|silver coin collection price|bdlad

British East India Bengal Presidency|Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II|silver coin collection price|bdlad

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope all of you are well. Today i am going to talk about an interesting topic of history. We know about Mughal Empire Which founder was Emperor Babur Then its been destroyed He i am telling you about a turnover British people started expand their influences during the period of Shah Alam ll Shah Alam ll was 16th emperor of Mughal Empire Who had been ruling our Bengal presidency At the meantime British ruling started to expand and in 1764 British fought against Shah Alam ll And Shah Alam ll defeated the war Whatever i am going to show you 2 coins from that era One was Semi-Machine struck Which means few handmade style and few mechanical technology Then Machine struck which is completely made by machine British people brought this technology here Let’s experience those 2 coins Now you are watching Shah Alam ll Semi machine struck coin His real name is Ali Gohar He was born in 25 june 1728 AD and died in19 november 1806 Its year between 1790-1800 Its 80-90% silver And it is not to pricey Weight near about 11-12 grams In this condition its price average 1300-1400 taka Mughal calligraphic designs are awesome Shah Alam ll started his first reign in 10 october 1760-31 july 1788 His second reign was 16 october 1788-19 november 1806 And this is the machine struck coin Its weight near about 11-12 grams and 80-90% silver This is also not too much pricey In this condition its price 800-1200 taka There are many varieties of it, price can be vary in especial cases You can have these kind of coins then you can share with me I have tried to give you simple idea about those coins It is very complicated to go to the depth There is lot of tiny sings I just wanted to ensure that, if you can at least recognize the coins from where is it If you intend to know more about the coins, then you can send me the picture I will try to provide you the information from my knowledge And please let me know what do you love to collect I hope our mutual understanding and good communication can help us to enrich our own collection So, see you soon with another topic. Till then take care!


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  2. Vaiya apni gulistan takar market a jete paren sekhane 1500 -1900 prorjonto onk old coin paben 200-300 takay ..ami onk coin collect korsi ..Akta coin besh soto ar lekha arabic ar baka tera apni ki janen aita ki hote pare.

  3. ভাই আপনার সাথে কথা বলতে চাই। আপনার সব বিডিও আমার খুব ভালো লাগে

  4. Bd lad……coin gula ki asol na fake?…amar jana mote agula onek somoy e fake hoi….asol coin ar prise ar theke besi houar kotha…..amar kase east India one Anna ar coin ase….year maybe 1837… sara mughol ak pai shikka lekha akta coin ase….amar nanir kas theke coin gula paisi…ai somporke ki apnar kono Idea ase???

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