Brody Stevens – The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail – Full Set

Brody Stevens – The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail – Full Set

Hey, guys. Yes! Brody! Pete Holmes, you got it! Feel it!
Yeah, in the Valley… Push. I was in The Hangover. Well, I don’t talk about that
anymore, but I was. Why don’t you do that anymore? That’s the old Brody. I’m gonna do this– what do you
think about this joke? I’ll do it here, and then
I’ll do it out there. Here it is. Uh, my television show,
“Enjoy it!” it actually got
reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes. My TV show got reviewed
on Rotten Tomatoes. It got four pickles.
Ha-ha-ha! No, nothing? All right,
four pickles is funny. It got a laugh
in the dressing– I didn’t know
four pickles was good. Way to hate, guys. I’m gonna wing it, [BLEEP] it. You got it! Positive push!
I’m feeling great! I’m intense, I get
road rage at a car wash. I’ve done it. Give me wax! Under armel– what is it?
Okay, Under Armour. Whatever! I made a mistake!
Edit it out! Two VCRs and a Pause button,
I’m Robert Rodriguez… from Austin, Texas,
home of South by Southwest! We’re in Hollywood.
I’m from the Valley. 818 ’til I die.
You got it! I’ll take you up to Mulholland. Okay, I’ll take you up to
Mulholland– okay, stay w–
stop it! I got a lot of things
going on in my head! I sleep on an air mattress. It’s depressing… literally.
There’s a hole in it. I’m back! I’m back! Yes! Boom! Right there! Where’d you go to high school? Chicago. You got it!
The big one, Chicago. And why do you live in LA? I want to make things. He wants to make things, and you
couldn’t do it in Chicago? All right, hard core,
aggressive, let me bring
it back down. When my show did– my show–
I had a show on Comedy Central. And it actually got reviewed
on Rotten Tomatoes. Yeah, thank you. Uh, it got four pickles,
and uh– New bit! New bit!
I tried it out! I mean, come on, you gotta
give me a chuckle based
off cadence alone! I’m pushing it! I’ll kick the ceiling
and wake the neighbor. I need your energy.
I’m gonna bring it down. I like your style.
You’re a good guy. You grew up here in LA. Hey, it’s okay. What high school did you go to? Pittsfield in Massachusetts. Okay– son of a bitch!
Did you put him up to this? Pittsfield, Illinois? There’s a– is there a
Pittsfield, Massachusetts? Only three people
back me on that? You knew there was a Pittsfield,
Massachusetts, am I correct? Thank you. Sorry that I’m doing
this right now. [BLEEP] that. This crowd deserves me…
not a notebook. You deserve my energy, because
I fought for this moment. I won a contest and I got
to be on this show. Why are you clapping?
You want me out of here? I guess so. Where are you from, Illinois? I’m aggressive! I get B.O. in the shower. Classic bit,
I’ll never retire it! Thank you very much, guys. It went well.
I think Meltdown and Brody– It was a nice, uh,
marriage tonight. I forgot to do
my joke out there. CAMERA GIRL (O.S.):
Which one? My parents got divorced
on eHarmony. Parents… got divorced
on eHarmony. CAMERA GIRL (O.S.):
It’s good. I like it.


  1. We, along with you, are mourning the tragic loss of Brody Stevens and want to share some of our favorite Brody moments here on YouTube. Please join us in celebrating his incredible comedic talents. He’ll be greatly missed.

  2. Read an article on nbc news that called him a prominent comedian. Can’t help but think he would of laughed. Probably would of made his day.

  3. I admire people who have committed suicide successfully. I have tried and chickened out. Suicide is far more difficult than anyone imagines. Try it, youll see.

  4. He hadnt made it big time YET but was in the right place with famous friends and made a living doing comedy. Really no reason for hurting everyone

  5. 2 VCR's & a pause button, I'm Robert Rodriguez!

    that right there folks is one of the hardest bars ever spit on the M.I.C.


  6. Rest in peace.
    I cannot even begin to comprehend his struggles.
    My dad commited suicide when I was 19, he was around Brody's age.
    If you feel low and like there is no way out, please seek help.

  7. His flow and rhythm were so fucking unique. Wasn't another one like him. News of his passing made me very sad. If you need help get help guys.

  8. Brody will be performing live
    Inside your world war 3 minds eye
    Brought to you by pepsi
    Oh sorry coke
    Because war and cocaine go together just like Brody and his untimely death

  9. I never heard of Brody until now.. suicide…. dammit. The reason I found out. I was googling ways to die by suicide. What a loss….

  10. Only changing the tag….. He shoulda said “it didn’t do so well on Rotten Tomatoes but who cares about them… I’m still waiting to see if we got over a 50% Certified Fresh” -swallows awkwardly-“Pickle rating. Stay with me, YOU GOT IT… we don’t want THAT rating to be too fresh because then they call it a ‘Cucumber rating’ and that doesn’t roll of the tongue as well…. (make eye contact with some young person with low energy point it out like he always does and one add the last tag:) or go over well with CHILDREN apparently “ – Done with Brody’s unique cadence of course

  11. Rest In Peace, Brody. You were something special and inspired POSITIVE ENERGY WORLDWIDE. A great man and a very, very funny man. You’ll be missed greatly.

  12. I LOVE comedians, and am beating myself up for not knowing who this special man is/was. I first heard about him last week on Your Mom's House Podcast with Tom Segura and Christine P. They talked about his untimely demise and all about him and his energy and how loved he was. So of course I checked him out, and I GET IT! What an amazing talent. I hope he found peace. He will be missed.

  13. Funny stuff. Good energy. Rest in peace. It sucks that ppl do themselves in. Hang in there like the rest of us. You dont come back from that. I know its tuff but that is a permanent solution to temporary problems. #this2shallpass

  14. What makes me so sad is that in this world of the living we're all part of, we only apprecate, praise, and say good things to the actors, singers, comedians, entertainers, any good human for that matter who has died. They have been a part of our lives, made us laugh, cry, and smile, but we only say great things that they would have loved to hear when they were here on earth. We needs to respect and appreciate them now, not critize and say vile things to them. Brody Stevens had always been a hilarously funny man, who worked his ass off the old fashion way, blood, sweat, tears, he was always under apprecated and very underrated legit comedian. Now people want to say great things about him now that he is gone….did it ever accure to you all, that he needed to here some recognition and the love. He was in pain and was lost soul who need that pat on the back. I know for sure he is pain free and happy and a place were he will be truly loved. RIP Brody Stevens, Everythings okay now buddy in the afterlife, no more pain.

  15. 1st time seeing him. More presence than actual funny jokes. I'll have to check out more of his work. Sad ending to his life but common. Musician Chris Cornell hung himself 1 hour after giving an amazing concert performance for an adoring crowd.

  16. How could such a wonderful person want to kill himself? I can't accept this, and unfortunately I am starting to think something else is happening. Something extremely money-bound and frightening.

  17. I'm so fucking sad. I literally just found out that Brody Stevens is no longer with us. It breaks my heart. I got rid of all social media so I'm not in the loop and just found out he took his own life. I'm literally in tears right now. He was our generations Andy Kaufman. He was a genius. RIP. I ENJOYED IT!

  18. This guy is AMAZING such a loss, we never know what someone is dealing with, take time every day to tell the ones you care about that you love them and that they matter to you, and that you need them in your life. Depression is a MF. I know I've had thoughts too but my daughter keeps me here. This guy was hilarious. One of the funniest MF I ever heard it makes me so sad to know he was hurting inside. Jesus.. he was funny!

  19. I love Brody. But I feel that his energy is too intense here. It feels forced. The 10% Gay conversation with Joe Rogan is his true self. That is one of the funniest clips I've ever seen by a comedian. And I don't believe he was putting on an act. He was being vulnerable. And in that you see the natural talent he really had. Rip Brody.

  20. I watched his last periscope, he was taking a walk through his neighborhood really struggling with depression. Very sad this happened. So many are effected with chemical imbalances 😢

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