Bronze or Silver Plans?

Bronze or Silver Plans?

Meet Maria. Last year, she was enrolled in
an Ambetter Essential Care Plan. Every month, her premium payment was LOW. But her deductible was HIGH. And this can be risky, because she could wind up paying a lot of out-of-pocket costs if she gets sick or hurt. One day, Maria broke her leg. She needed surgery. In addition to her surgery, Maria also needed other medical services. And her total healthcare bills were
around $30,000. Since Maria didn’t meet her HIGH deductible
or out-of-pocket maximum, she was responsible for paying $6,800 of these costs on her own. This year, Maria wants a new health insurance plan with balanced costs. Because Maria wants to save her money, she chose an Ambetter Balanced Care Plan. While her premium may be a little higher, her deductible will be much lower. This means she won’t have to worry about a large, unexpected expense. And she can potentially save THOUSANDS every year. You can save, too. Switch to an Ambetter
Balanced Care Plan now.

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