1. I knew the leaking would happen lol, we had the none copper version we used all of one time due to the leaking of mixed batter out the bottom.

  2. The differences in the box and instruction booklet (and the butter fire!) aside, the pan seemed to do okay. Glad you enjoyed the brownies, yum.

  3. Super fail & blatantly false claims!! Shame on them!! I am sure the mix is what caused the tasty brownies… saved the day there for sure! 😨

  4. Also wanted to ask, Parris please review the Red Copper 5 Minute Chef by Cathy Mitchell if you think it looks interesting. I don't know how much the girls like to cook but it looks like it would make 1 person meals and desserts pretty easily. Then again those infomercials make everything look easy!

  5. I haven't allowed myself a brownie in over a year. But I remember clearly, I LOVE dark chocolate brownies with dark chocolate chunks (only the corner pieces will do) with Hagen Daz vanilla bean ice cream on top. Man I would love one right now, and one tomorrow.

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