brothel sex inspector

brothel sex inspector

It’s a lawful and a licensed activity that
we undertake. We’re instructed to investigate these brothels for lawful purposes, because
these brothels do not have development consent laws in place, such as licensed brothels would
have. We’re instructed to go in and investigate them. We work for over twenty in New South
Wales. It’s only New South Wales that we do this work in. We don’t do it for other states,
because the laws are different. It’s New South Wales. We’ve worked for over twenty local
government counsels. Investigators come and go. We recently had
an investigator who did this work for us, and he got married. My boss went to his wedding
and met the bride and said, “I’m not giving you any more work going into brothels and
investigating brothels.” We advertised for the job and fortunately got some good applicants.
We’re staffed currently. All positions are filled.
Before the advent of small cameras and microscopic keyhole cameras and things of that nature,
there were only the investigators wits to be used. What we had is we had this device
made by our investigators. It’s obviously a string tie, but a garish looking string
tie. It’s been rigged up with a camera. The purpose of this was that the investigator
would wear it. Would go in and dress up like a country and western singer presumably and
go into the illegal brothel, and have an act performed in front of the investigator. There
would be an act involving a woman or two women or something of that nature. The camera concealed
within this string tie would record the act, and that would be proof to this counsel in
this instance this brothel was offering some form of sexual services.
On this occasion, the particular occasion that this was used, things went slightly awry,
because the investigator went in and had it attached to his neck and was observing the
activity, and unfortunately something went wrong with the wiring and it caught on fire,
started smoking out of his collar, so it adds another meaning to the term “hot under the
collar.” We get applicants from across the broad spectrum.
We get young people. We get old people. We get people who are not licensed. We get people
who are probably in it for the wrong reasons, so it’s typically your licensed professionals
who have been in the industry for quite a while, who we would take on. That’s not to
say we wouldn’t consider younger people, people in their twenties or students or backpackers,
but you have to be licensed. You have to be serious about the job.

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