Brush Review- Silver Black Velvet watercolor brushes, Susan Louise Moyer set

Brush Review- Silver Black Velvet watercolor brushes, Susan Louise Moyer set

Hello friends! It’s Kat, from MeowMeowKapow! During my birthday, my Hunky-Dreamy gifted
me this Susan Louise Moyer set of Silver Black Velvet brushes, and I finally got a chance
to try them out! Truthfully, I do have experience with this
brand as I bought a travel brush from them a while ago and I’m still kinda not sure
I like it that much, but I also don’t use it that often. This set comes with three round brushes in
size 4, 8, and 12. The wooden handles are roughly 6-7 inches
long with a nice bulge where your hand would grip them. They feel fine in your hand, and are not noticeably
heavy or cheap and light. If anything, the hand-feel of the brush is
sort of forgettable, and that actually makes it comfortable and comforting to use. Like I do for most new materials, I’ll be
using a doodlefinder to give these brushes a thorough testing. If you don’t know what a doodlefinder is,
I’ll throw a link in the i-card to my video about them. I’ll also be using this Strathmore watercolor
journal, which I’ve used before and feel like I could best describe as being “Fine,
given that it’s only $9.” It’s not the best paper, and I’ve definitely
found that there are multiple sheets in the book that haven’t been sized at all, but
that shouldn’t matter for testing out the mark-making abilities of a brush. The paint palette I’ll be using is the Holbein
one that I set up in one of my travel palette videos, and links to all the materials used
will be in the doobly-doo down below. Now, more about the Silver Black Velvet brushes. These brushes are made in New Jersey from
a blend of squirrel hair and black synthetic hair. The reasoning behind the blend of fibers is
so that the squirrel hair acts like a mop brush and absorbs a lot of liquid, but the
synthetic hair helps the brush maintain a firmness and durability that the squirrel
hair alone would not be able to. I’m gonna tell you right now, if this brush
is made with synthetic bristles specifically to reinforce the strength and stiffness of
these brushes, then I can not imagine what they’d be like without that addition, because
these are absolutely the softest and most absorbent brushes I’ve ever used. Every single brush, even the large 12, can
make impressively fine lines if you’re extra careful about how much pigment you load onto
the brush. I prefer a really firm brush that gives me
a lot of control, so there was a bit of a learning curve when it came to figuring out
how much water vs. how much pigment I needed in my mixes because every single time I dipped
this brush into any liquid it soaked up WAY more than I was expecting, and usually released
it way more quickly than I knew how to handle. Even with a really dry mixture, the number
12 brush would absolutely be able to fill an entire page in this journal with just one
dip into a wash. Like I said, they hold a LOT of liquid. Preferred brush style aside, let’s talk
about the quality of these brushes. Not a SINGLE hair came out of the ferrule,
and I think it’s also important to mention that despite the fact that these were ordered
sight unseen online, they arrived with no bent hairs out of place, no bend to the packet,
and the protective caps were still secured around the bristles. I’ve ordered multiple brushes online from
amazon, from profession brush makers websites, and and many of them have had
really frustrating flaws upon arrival. The packaging for these silver black velvet
brushes was basic, but super effective and I appreciate that. You may have noticed that the theme of “These
are simple but effective” holds true throughout the description of the brush, and I think
that’s my overall summary of them. However, it’s worth mentioning that when
they were purchased for me, the entire set cost roughly $30 US dollars, which means that
each brush is roughly $10 a piece. If you’ve ever bought professional paintbrushes
before, you know that’s an absolute STEAL. So, if you like really juicy brushes or want
to find out if you’re the kind of person who likes juicy brushes, this is hands down
worth the investment. Even if you find it a bit difficult to work
with the larger ones in small, detailed areas, you could always use them as mop or wash brushes
just fine. The small number 4 brush helps pick up that
slack and I made sure to experiment with textures in the nose and fur of that dog behind the
Likitongue and it definitely was up to the task of tiny little strokes. Have you tried any of the Silver Black Velvet
brushes before? What was your experience like? And if there are any brushes you’re curious
about, let me know-I’m always interested in new tools! Thanks so much for watching, if you’re a
fan of really stretched out pokemon and a creepy hidden Grimace, please remember to
like and subscribe. Until I see you again, I wish you peace, love,
and Squirrels! …. Bye!


  1. From my experience with them,I think the SBV brushes excel with juicy, loose paintings rather than filling in line art. I use mine size 8 for larger washes in first layers and my size 4 for detail work. I also have their cats tongue (oval wash) that is fun but I don't use it often. When I do it's for BIG pieces 🙂

  2. Thank you for the review, I have been eyeing this brush for quite a while but I've never found the size I wanted on Amazon. After reading Denise's comment below, I think I might downgrade from the 8 I wanted, to a more manageable 6. Always time to pick another one after all. 😀

  3. I've seen these before and have thought about getting one but it is such an investment especially as im in the uk and would have to get it on I have a couple of mop brushes, squirell and synthetic and find them too thirsty unless working on large pieces. not sure that they would be worth it.

  4. Thank you for this! I've been eyeballing these and wondering how they perform. Great to hear how you liked them and especially how they arrived! The artwork is just awesome, by the way! That turtle is my favorite! lol! Cheers! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the review. I'm on the lookout for new brushes. Currently I am using synthetic ones, but I got squirrel brushes from my mom years ago and loved them, but they start to loose their shape. (They weren't that soft in the beginning and held their shape nicely for years.) I will take the SBV into consideration. It was a fun page by the way, I like that a lot!

  6. I love Silver Black brushes! I just bought a whopping size 16 the other day and love it. They come to an amazing point but can really lay on the color and paint, too.

  7. I got one of the travel ones from them and I wasn't comfortable it at all, I kept using others. One time I went to our cottage for a week stay and found I forgot my beloved brushes…but there was that silver one, much to my disappointment, well, having spent that "forced" time with it it fast became my absolute favorite! Had to order 2 more 🙂

  8. I own the size 8 round and the 3/4 oval brush. I just used the 8 size a couple days ago, and i've found that It is the perfect size.The brush comes to a beautiful point which allows me to make tiny details. I have yet to use the oval brush, but I cant wait. So far, these brushes are amazing.

    I also found it slightly challenging at first to get the perfect amount of water and pigment in the brush, but after a short time, I think i got the hang of it.. 🙂 I don't mind the challenge.

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