[BTS WORLD] We’ve gone Silver & Gold!

[BTS WORLD] We’ve gone Silver & Gold!

[Oh yeah, oh yeah!]
Manager! We have some great news! It’s that… …the BTS WORLD YouTube channel
has received Gold & Silver Play button plaques!
[Applause! Applause!] [Muhaha!]
Look at these passionate responses! And with your support…
Here’s the reveal! Wow, the plaques are beautiful,
just like my face! I’m reaaally happy! Manager!
We’ll be sure to show you
more amazing things going forward! We’ll help you make even greater memories!
You trust me, right? We’re always thankful for you, Manager!
We hope you’ll continue working with us! Manager! Thank you so much for the
Gold & Silver Play buttons! We’ll make sure to provide you with the best
game experience in return! ♥ We always purple you! ♥


  1. I hate Kwontae and Sungjin from Jungkook’s story. Having to pick a fight with and almost punching a girl, and making things worse is just so wrong. Please tell me if they appear again in another chapter seeing the MC again after chapter 1.

  2. Yeaaa.. Heartiest congratulations and love to the channel.. I remember when i follow the channel it has 363k..now it has a little world in it.. Proud #BTSARMY 💜

  3. 축하합니다 💜💜💜💜💜 삶 속에 쉼으로 하고 있어요 아이들 보는 맛에 욕심 안내고 하는데도 벌써 47 푸하하하하하하하

  4. I just want to ask when i delete the game and install it again in anther phone my level will sill as i was our i start again?

  5. Dear Netmarble,

    BTS World has been loved by many. The graphics are stunning. The story is so realistic that i sometimes forgot that it is a fiction. But there is one thing i would like to request. PLEASE MAKE THE GAME PLAYABLE! 😭 It's impossible to make all the stages in chapter 6 3 stars. The required points is so high. Not all of us have 5⭐ cards. We don't have money to exchange for gems.

  6. 0:17 JIN: Wow the plaques are beautiful just like my face
    only Jin can snuck that Dad Joke. He's a * Worldwide leJINd*

    omg I'm dEaD

  7. Idk why people aren’t playing BTS world anymore…I asked my friend and she was like “it’s hardddddddddd” and I’m like you have 3 5star cards bruh, it’s just that their all level 2

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