BUFFET BUSTER – PRO EATER takes on AYCE – Will they kick him out?

BUFFET BUSTER – PRO EATER takes on AYCE – Will they kick him out?

ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba alright guys I’m on vacation but I was planning to do it eating challenge this triplet they closed with the Jersey Shore and one of the stuffs closed down so I did find this place called the pink team buffet it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of course so let’s start with three plates right now and just give it a go I mean literally the only person here in the restaurant so I can tell them and talk freely so let’s get some of this stuff started so we have so the baby that 782 the fried rice and noodles 9:00 9:15 the dumplings chicken coconut shrimp and I got some sushi to start off with its 575 a lot last time that’s what’s used a fortune sushi so I do have chopsticks yo soy sauce [Music] this is all for you guys making right now welcome to another video excited to be at a brand new buffet I was not planning on doing a buffet video this week [Music] you go got room always doing covert room it seems like they give every Chinese person restaurant do too though extra heavy on the sauce I really wanted to do this restaurant challenge of the pizza place where you eat a pizza in a certain period of time you win so many pizzas so the faster you predict you’ll do it if you do it you know this is green chicken delegate mortis of this successfully then you win a whole lot of pizzas up to 250 feet so I was a little sad that that was closed for the season it is late October and most people normally do we knew lose your bribe race and if they said see dude just shaking it there but it was like delayed and the shore restaurants it’s particularly ones on the boardwalks do not stay open a year when the price is good overcooked which is not a paid pointed be consistent [Music] that was really good seconds and lost material for the original three weights so all who didn’t see that much I was eating in all the world artificially high by 140 grams let’s go back instrument subtract it out and whatever correct skip them verify that 5:43 so five groceries I got here white women open was a rainy day out so I think it scared the customers away and people didn’t really want to eat lunch at 11 o’clock in the morning so I had the restaurant to myself I get a lot of questions when I do these buffet Buster videos of why I choose to eat some of the less expensive food and I’m really just and from the stick this is really fresh trying to eat a bunch of different food so you can see what foods the restaurant offers as well as the eat foods that will kind of blend together so only too much of one item and then feel bad for the rest today so typically when I do go to a buffet with I’m not telling you I only eat the expensive items so I’ll only eat a lot of times about 95 to 98 percent of the food would just be the meats the seafoods no noodles or rice or mashed potatoes or mac and cheese none of that none of that kind of stuff at all I also want to give a shout out to poker medic who won last week’s Easter egg contest 630 grabbing chicken covered with bacon chicken broccoli for that I get asked a lot about a mailing address and I went ahead and got a peel box so you do want to send me something to eat from your country or whatever you want to send me maybe a picture you drew whatever look in the description below with the peel Box address and also I get asked about merchandise and slightly to say the next week or so I will be providing the link or b.o.b merchandise the t-shirts are in the final stages of approval right now and hopefully that would be done in the next couple of days and then I can get all the information out to you guys I wanna give a special thanks to nineteen Buffet our workers were very supportive of me filming the chicken the chicken broccoli is good it’s not my favorite though there’s several things like clutter so I’ll probably go back and thinking back for any more chicken to the chickens Dickens that was very delicious and giving tips of what else I get that I have another evening they might not have seen so thank you very much with 19 birthday for the customer service as well as the great quality food if you’re in the Cape May New Jersey area please stop out and see them it’s an institution a over 250 pieces before the chicken really let’s try the hunk of cheese in Cato’s that’s six one Joan and pudding seven I’m gonna let the rest this video play out so hopefully we’ll enjoy the rest of the buff day Buster video and I will see you guys with another video again shortly again I only post on Tuesdays and Fridays [Music] megachitos good my favorite thing was probably potatoes was a really thick french fry it is good Java was super cold [Music] [Music] sorry it’s popular Graham’s home sir [Music] they create the crust [Music] this thing six children I finish this joint [Music] that was it thanks for coming Dilawar my videos thank you to 90 bucks a little bit above a you’re anywhere near Cape individual New Jersey definitely stop by and check around fantastic service fresh food very good [Music]


  1. Hi, there "Good Evening" Mr. Notorious B.O.B. How does it feel to gain some weight while, eating at a all you can eat buffet? But! Nice job & thanks, for playing video.

  2. Attention Attention🚨🚨🚨.. Buffett #19 Has added a Rule #20 Please do not allow some Large old man in named bob. He has been officially barred

  3. I love yours videos with Corbucci. 👏🏻 When do you return to Brazil for more videos with him? Do you have a forecast? 🇧🇷

  4. Incredible video B! Yeah your awesome at getting all that delicious buffet buster food down very nice job. Hope you had a fantastic Halloween yesterday and I watched the new Halloween film as well and had my best friend over as well very cool and had a great time. It would of been a little bit funny if you got kicked out of the place and see your reaction but oh well never mind maybe next time we can see that happen lol. (That's what she said) lol. Maybe ha ha ha. Never the less your always gonna be an incredible professional eatter who takes down plates like a boss and doesn't get kicked out of there lol. Some places in buffet places there's a time limit of amount of food you can eat is it like that in your State USA? I've very enjoyed your lives as well, very fun to watch and very entertaining. Awesome video B can't wait to see the next one. Have a great day! Disposal Team!!! And Notorious B.O.B. Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👊🔥🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🍫🍬🍭👍👻🎃☯️😁👍⭐

  5. You took it easy on them, I’m sure you could clean them out of any single item if you felt inclined. It’s nice you mix it up and everyone is happy.

  6. Bob, you still breathing? The Yelp reviews on this place averages 2 stars. Some people said they had a 12 year old waitress.

  7. I love these Buffet Buster videos because they always remind me how I was able to eat when I was younger so I'm living vicariously through you B.O.B👍

  8. Omp, luv Chinese buffets, & I luv ur channel. I need 2 learn how 2 edit like u do where I can fast the vid, & add ntro/end, along w/vid n vid. I did a restaurant series where I did Fatty Pizza & India Cuisine n my playlist. Got free meal @ the india 1.

  9. Thanks for taking us along for another feeding frenzy BOB! Going to start calling these adventures Big On Buffets or BOB for short! LOL!! Until next time Deuces my friend!

  10. 🇧🇷🧀🥞🍖🥩🌭🥪🍕🍟🍔🥓🍗🌮🥚🍤🍩🥧🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  11. Damn! I live in Wildwood! This is Rio Grande, NJ right? I wish I would have known you were gonna be here! I love your vids! Keep it up!

  12. i just posted 2 videos of the baccanals buffet from las vegas cesaesars palaxce on my page look at them tell me what u think. i tried to figure out a way to message you but it didnt work. anyways iof your looking for a new theme song yout00b – rza as bobby digitial – b.o.b.b.y. – 2 minutes 56 seconds

  13. Hi (from France) Bob! Check out this video, I'm sure that you can destroy this ridiculous 17 hot dogs challenge : Adam Demolishes 17 Chilli Dogs In Under An Hour | Man v Food

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