Bugle Bead Memory Wire Bracelet: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

Hi I’m Kitty and I’m Jennifer and we’re
The O’Neil Sisters. And we’re going to show you how to make a fun fast and easy memory
wire bracelet. We love making memory wire bracelets because they go together
really really fast and they don’t need a clasp. Let’s get started. To make this bracelet you need memory
wire. We’re using bracelet size memory wire and you can see that the wire is a
little bit like a Slinky, but it always goes back to its original shape. And
that’s why it’s called memory wire. It remembers its shape. You need bugle beads and we like that these particular bugle beads we bought on a skein. It allows you to see how many beads there are once they’re next to each other, so you’ll
know how many you have for your beading project rather than them coming in a
tube. But we’ve also seen them in a tube at craft stores. These are seed beads and they’re called cylinder seed beads. And again these can
come on a skein or in a little tube and both of these materials, and the memory
wire, you can buy in just about any craft store. Which means you can make this
bracelet right now after one trip to the store! We’ve got round nose pliers as our main tool and then wire cutters. These are not
our good jewelry cutters. These are more heavy-duty wire cutters. The first step to make this bracelet is
to count the coils. And for our design, we decided to do five coils. So we’re going
to show you how we count and then cut our memory wire. We like to start at one
end and then basically look at the wire and kind of go around so that’s once
around, and then that’s one. So that counts as one coil. So then you can just
sort of picture going around again and that’s two, around again and that’s three,
around again four ,around again five. So that should be five coils and you can
always check it by flipping it sort of over and looking — one — two — three —
four — five — yeah perfect. So instead of cutting right here where it matches up with my
original end, I need to add a half-inch so that I have room to make loops in my
ends. So I’m going to add a half inch on this last loop. And I’m going to use my
heavy-duty wire cutters. Memory wire is kind of harder. It’s a kind of a lot
harder than regular jewelry wire, so you don’t want to use your regular jewelry
plier or jewelry cutters because you’ll mar them. So use heavy-duty ones. And it
takes a good strong clip to cut that off. And there we’ve got our five coils so
now we’re ready to get started beading, but before we feed on our beads, we need
to make sure they don’t slide off our ends. So we’re going to bend a loop into
one end of our wire. And to do that I’ve got round-nose pliers here. And memory
wire, as I said, is very hard, so it takes a little bit of extra effort to make a
loop. But you just use a little elbow grease will do it. I’m grabbing the end of my
wire with kind of kind of part way up my needlenose pliers or my round-nose
pliers, because I want my loop to be a little bit, not big, but not teeny tiny. This wire is hard so it’s hard to manage a teeny tiny little loop. It’s hard to
make a loop that’s that small. So I’m gonna grab my wire and I’m going to roll
it just like that partway. I’m going to just reposition my pliers again
and kind of roll it again and kind of keep doing that because, as I said, this
wire is hard, until I get a nice round loop there. So that’s my loop. Perfect. So
now we’re ready to start our beading. So that’s going to be our far end and we’re
going to start beading on this end. And for our design what we decided to do is
start with two golds. So we’re going to feed on two gold of our cylinder seed
beads. That’s one, this is two. And then we’re going to add on three of our
turquoise bugle beads. We love these colors together. We think the gold really
sets off this turquoise. Three of these, two and three, and then we’re just going
to alternate two gold with three turquoise until we get about halfway
around our first coil. And then we’re going to change the design a little bit
to make it interesting. We love bugle beads because they’re very
accessible. You can find them all over the place. And then these seed beads, some seed beads are round seed beads and some are Delica seed beads. There are lots of different shapes. We like that the cylinder seed beads sort of mimics the look of the bugle bead, but it’s just
a little bit different, a little shorter, and it has a metallicy finish. It looks
to me like that it’s got that gold, like it’s gold lined, and then the glass is
gold too. Really pretty. This is a really fun project to do at a girls’ night or
any kind of crafting party because everybody can do a different design if
they want. They can feed on seven gold beads and then seven turquoise beads or
they could do one whole coil in turquoise and one whole coil in gold
and go back and forth. They’re so many choices. So many different ways of being
creative and making the design your own. So I’m sliding my beads around to the
end. I’m going to feed them all the way around to the end so I can see about how far down I am in my first coil. So we’re about halfway
around our first coil. So now we want to change the design a little bit. So what
I’m going to do is add on a section of the gold beads and I think I’ll do about,
I don’t know, I think I’ll do about twelve or thirteen of the gold beads and it’ll
create like a sort of focal section on the bracelet. So let me do twelve or
thirteen of these gold beads. And I took a couple in my hand so that I can feed a
couple on at a time. Now we’ve got thirteen, I did thirteen of our gold
beads on there and now what we’re going to do is go back to our original design,
which is three of our turquoise beads and then two of our gold beads. And we’ll
continue that pattern all the way around until we reach that section of gold that
we just did. And then we’re going to show you a little trick to make that design
really interesting. These little loops on the end you can leave them plain like
this or sometimes we’ll add a little charm on a jump ring there or even a
little mini tassel. You can add that as like a little decorative touch.Whatever
you feel like doing. It’s your own design. So I’m sliding these all the way down. I
want to do that again so I can see where I am in my design. You turn this over. So
you can see I’ve come all the way around again to where our gold section is, but I
I think I want to instead of adding three turquoises here I want to just add
two because I want this section of gold to shift but I don’t want it shift a ton.
I just wanted to shift a little bit. I’ll show you what I mean once I feed these
beads on you’ll get it. Now I’m going to add two turquoise beads instead of three. One, two. And I’m going to slide those around and see where they land and then I think I’ll be ready to add my gold section on.
So now I want to see where my turquoise beads line up with my gold section. So
see how they’re criss-crossing a little bit? That’s perfect because I
want this gold section to shift on my next row. So now I’m going to add 13 of
my gold beads, just like I did before. And if at any point one of your seed beads
or bugle beads doesn’t go on the wire, it just means it wasn’t drilled through
properly. Just throw it out. The beads are not that expensive and it’s not worth
keeping. You know, you’ll keep running into that
same bead and trying it over and over again trying to get it on the wire. And
they are glass so the beads can break if you try to force them. We
don’t want any catastrophes while we’re beading. So it looks like we’ve got seven
beads on there. We do six more…one more. There we go. And again I’m going to slide
my beads around. And that’s because I want to make sure I like how this
pattern looks. I’m kind of holding it upright to slide them around because I
don’t want the beads that are on the other end to start sliding back around
which they will do. Slide those around. I want to slide them all the way to the
end so I can see where that section is. And see how I’ve got a little bit of a
shift now in my gold? Let me do it so you can actually see it there. See
there’s a little bit of a shift and that’s what we want. And what we’re going to do now is continue beading the entire, all the coils of our memory wire. We’re
going to follow that pattern of three turquoise followed by two gold until we
go all the way back around to the next coil. Then we’ll see where we are, make
sure we get a little bit of a shift in our design, before we add our 13 gold
seed beads. And then we’ll go back to the pattern till we reach the other end. And
then we’re going to show you how to finish the end. And now we have just enough left here
that we can make a loop like we did at the other end. So I’m going to try to
place that loop it around the same spot so that ends up being about the same
size. So I think it was about there. I’m starting at the end and I’m going to do
just like I did before. I’m gonna start to make a loop. Whoops. I’m gonna start to make a loop and then go back around and keep twisting. And it looks like coming
around and it looks like I’ve got a little excess wire there. That’s no
problem at all. What you can do is just continue rolling
the wire around your pliers till you get to where your beads are. It’s a good
little trick. Like that. And then you can take your wire cutters and trim so it
matches the other side. So I’m going to trim right there. So I’m going to wedge
my pliers in there and cut right where it overlaps like that. And then I’m going
to use my round nose pliers, or you can use chain nose pliers if you have those,
to just kind of close that loop because it got pulled out a little bit from the
rotating. Like that. And now we can see we’ve got our two loops and we can put
our bracelet on just like that. Pull it around. And there is our beautiful bugle
bead memory wire bracelet.

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