Building The Golden Gate Bridge (1930’s)

Building The Golden Gate Bridge (1930’s)

For him it was the dream and the culmination of a lifetime His name was Joseph Strauss His title: Chief Engineer of Golden Gate Bridge and highway district Joseph Strauss is the man who led a core of creative engineers and a legion of rugged men in designing and building the Golden Gate Bridge


  1. This and many other great achievements are what made America Great, this is the type of thing President Trump is referring to when he says "Make America Great Again" America and Americans can do anything. Although building the Southern boarder wall may be controversial, as an engineering project it should be quite straight forward in this day and age. Can you imagine how property values soared in Marin when they announced the Golden Gate Bridge project? Funny, I watched this video on May 28 2019 the same day the GG Bridge opened

  2. It was very important to know that Bethlehem Steel played a major role in this as the narrarator made mention of it many many times. LOL.Β  I havent't been to SF since the early 80's. The city and bridges were very impressive. Too bad i'll never set foot there again.

  3. I wonder if a project like this could be done today? Materials, techniques, regulations. I would love to see a comparison of costs. Of course one β€œminor” detail could never be repeated, the fact that it was never done before! God Bless all involved and inspired.

  4. I guess people trusted bridges by then , they didn’t have to walk an elephant across before people trusted it ! Lol all I gotta say is unbelievable! Lot of workers lost there life’s , they kinda down played that , plus they hired a lot of American Indians, not only for this bridge but many others , because they were very strong and agile , and most importantly! The weren’t afraid of heights! God bless them and all the men who built this incredible structure! And God bless the men lost working on it !

  5. Not sure they'd still use rivets today considering the inability to measure the torque. Regardless, beautiful bridge. Even more so than the new bay bridge expansion.

  6. Construction, Transport, etc. caused lots of 'climate change'. Designed, built and paid for by dead white men, with lots of 'maleness' and balls of steel that weigh more than the bridge itself. You're welcome, woke leftists. Now go clean up your piles of excrement and needles from the once pristine city known as San Francisco.

  7. Wow. Certainly a fascinating human undertaking, but the sponsor of this film, Bethlehem Steel completely left off any info about building the footings.

  8. My grandfather (from Mississippi) moved to California to work on the Golden Gate Bridge. He stayed for form a trucking company and my father was born there. When 11 my father's mother got ill and they sold all they had and moved back to Mississippi for what they thought was her last few years. My grandfather passed away in South Carolina in 1958. You did not need a degree back then to be an engineer. Now will all their university study, computers, etc they cannot even make anything that will last.

  9. Thanks for the very small and unobtrusive watermark. Too many historical vids are ruined by over-ambitious protective GFX.
    23:00 – Standing O for Strauss!

  10. It's amazing what human engineering can do. And the steel makers back then must have been very good at what they did. It stands, and shows no sign of sagging. These days we can't even trust the ground beef.

  11. Re: earlier comments: #1, No Chinese worked on the bridge. PERIOD! #2, The bridge was built by people mortgaging their houses to pay into a State/county bond fund, there was ZERO Government money involved. #3, the SP Railroad owned the ferries that plied The Bay, and lobbied against the bridge as being unfair competition. #4, the bridge is not painted from one end to the other and then the process starts all over again: they mostly do spot-repairs on the paint. #5, One way or another, I've driven over that bridge thousands of time, since childhood. And I still get a lump in my throat when I am privileged to be on it again. It is a true World Wonder, a true work of art. It is at the top of most lists as the most-photographed object in the world. ["Take THAT, Eiffel Tower."]

  12. I already have severe tinnitus, I had to stop watching this less than 2 minutes into the video. Someone please edit this video to make it tolerable…

  13. I wonder how many people realize that the original Golden Gate is the Eastern Gate to the Temple court, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, sealed with block and concrete in 1541 by Suleiman the Magnificent because Hebrew legend claims that the Messiah will enter the Temple through this gate. — Blessings and shalom, John

  14. Just think. The men did all this back then with the crude equipment they had available. We could do it today and we would still have a hard time building another Golden Gate Bridge. And to think they built the entire bridge back then.

  15. Just think of all the sheer amount of cigarettes that was smoked, stuck TIGHT!! In the corner of each mans mouth. Tight. Filterless mostly back then. Men had zero, Body fat back then. Even if they didn’t work on this bridge. Look at pics from your grandparents generation. Our generation flat out SUCKS ASS. Compared to this generation.

  16. Working in mid to now upper management in HSSE=Health Safety Security & Environment Dept, I see so many safety violations, while watching this. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  18. What a massive feat of engineering to build this back in the 1930's. To think of the enormous amount of weight on all the spans across the bridge and to have the tolerances right and have everything match up perfectly. Just incredible.

  19. wow what an amazing feat of enginering for that time and is still standing through the test of time gotta have nerves of steel to work on a project like this back in the day .thanks for the history lesson airboyd

  20. American and Brits, russians all western powers are the reason why world has progressed this far. While east asians keep claming they found evrything first but never have executed anything big useful to the world.. World built on Christian values drives us even today. Long Live America

  21. Took a walk on it two days ago. June 22. 2019 Just awesome. It was so foggy, you couldn't see the top. Visit Fort Point underneath for uncredible views.

  22. 5” Steel Base Plates, I wonder how heavy those were!

    Note: The base Plate Angle Irons that the towers are secured to, do not seem thick enough to handle the torque a heavy storm would put them under; but yet they do…. simply amazing engineering/high quality work.

    You won’t find that anymore.

  23. 25 April bridge in Lisbon(Portugal) is just as beautiful but not as big, some call it the Golden Gate bridge of Europe.

  24. They should have paid some kind of recognition to the men who lost their lives building the bridge.

    The GG bridge was one of, if not the first major construction project to take worker safety seriously. Some actually considered it wasted money. Real men don't shrink from a risk of death, do they?
    Turns out, the safety gear actually saved money. The men tended to work faster if they knew the net would save them from a fall. It could not save everybody, though. Those who fell into the net and lived dubbed themselves members of the "Halfway to Hell Club".

  25. And just think because of the Democratics and the republicans America has been raped of the manufacturing capabilities to do it again,

  26. Just because it's been there and real since before I was born don't mean that I have to totally believe it.
    Neither does traveling over it.
    It don't need my belief.

    It just is.

  27. I like how he says, "the fim you are about to see is old" lmfao this whole video is old lol

    crazy how time flies

  28. Respectfully nearly 400 towel heads wish to destroy the golden gate Bridge! πŸ˜ πŸ˜•πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’

  29. Nothing great can be built today. Too many lawyers, lawsuits and greedy asses. All of America's great achievements in building were done before OSHA and lawyers. Sure, OSHA makes it safer but million dollar lawsuits over slight injuries have curtailed any building of quality do to cost. That and the fact that the average American kid these days is an overweight spoiled out of shape skid mark.

  30. The number of deaths making this bridge was 11 which this video failed to mention.. Jewish Joseph Strauss was not the structural engineer it was Charles Ellis but Strauss got the credit typical for this bloodline to take the credit of others work..

  31. designed and built by americans. the same americans the progressive left dems seem to hate these days in 2019.they teach kids to hate america and it's history because of what was done to the indians. they teach capitalism is bad and white men are evil. thank andrew carnegie and the rest of white america for the steel structures and buildings you drive over and live in

  32. A true national treasure — reallly a world treasure. Not because it's an impressive architectural feat (which it is) but because it's deservedly one of the world's iconic manmade landmarks with things like the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal. I lived some years in San Francisco and I never got over the beauty of the bridge and how it fits its natural setting, surely one of the worlds' beautiful places.

  33. They said it couldn't be done! But in the true American "can do" spirit and through much hard work, they did it! Hauling the metal parts to the other side of the country to be constructed into that great bridge! All hail Joseph Strauss and all the incredible men who built it against all the odds. These are also the Great Americans, as much as Washington or the Founding Fathers.

  34. I helped string the cables for a couple weeks but my time there was running short and I had to come back to my own time but I'm proud to have been a part of this magnificent project,I miss the friends I made there.

  35. 20:24. look at those guys walking around no safety harness, no ropes. And due to the depression, there were hundreds of workers on the ground not hoping, but expecting some workers to fall and they would go and take their jobs

  36. Great tutorial of what we can do togheter – Now were is the design scetches and bluprints and actual calculations for this monument.

  37. And to think that city of San Francisco of today is literally covered in street shit from all of its drug-addled derelicts.

  38. Simply mind boggling. Imagine if the engineer Joseph Strauss made some calc mistakes or didn't take some factors in consideration. But he did his homework very well.

  39. My G-pa born 1911 worked on the bridge. He said there is one inch of difference between the towers due to curvature of the earth. Measured at the base vs top.

  40. Hard working men back then. They had a can do attitude! Unlike the snowflakes of today. Good thing OSHA wasn't around then; that magnificent structure would have never been built.

  41. @20:07 OSHA wouldn't let anyone work like that anymore cause of all these cry baby workers.
    They dont make workers like they used to….
    Everyone is soft and there faces are stuck to computer screens and there damn phones…

  42. It used to be that America had the attitude that anything could be done with hard work and determination and we proved it over and over. Sad how we have grown soft and weak.
    The workers acted as if they were standing on solid ground while the winds blew and the weather was bad. OSHA heads exploded just viewing this footage.

  43. 1936
    Imagine how much better could it be done by TRUMP's prosperity Team if Nancy Pelosi and her friends in the cabal were deseased. Much more better.
    Vote out all demonscraps off our government for a better AMERICA.

  44. This documentary, done today, would feature a lot more graphics and diagrams to help illustrate in clearer and better detail all the various steps involved in the construction. In fact, I do believe there are several far more recent versions of "building the Golden Gate Bridge" documentaries.

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