Buy Gold, Sell Stocks and Bonds if Trump wins the Presidency – Citi Group

Buy Gold, Sell Stocks and Bonds if Trump wins the Presidency – Citi Group

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 20th September 2016 and we
are looking at a report published by CNBC. Yes, CNBC have published the following headline:
“If markets price in Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton, Citi says buy gold, sell
stocks and bonds Citigroup has offered hedging tips if markets
begin to price in the possibility of Republican candidate Donald Trump winning the election.
Polls are showing the U.S. Presidential contest tightening, reducing its probability of a
win for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to 60 % from 65%, with a 40% probability of
a Trump win. But if markets begin to price in an 85 percent
probability of a Trump win, there were several hedging plays to adopt according to Citi Group.
For one, the bank expected plenty of U.S. dollar strength, particularly against emerging
market currencies. It also expected yields on 10-year and 30-year
U.S. Treasury’s to rise, with yield curves set to steepen, as Bond yields move inversely
to prices. Citi predicted that U.S. credit spreads, or
the yield difference between U.S. Treasury’s and corporate bonds, would widen amid concerns
about headwinds to global trade from Trump’s protectionist policies and from the risk of
a recession. Along with that, Citi expected global equities
would fall for the same reason. It added, emerging market equities would also take a
hit from the stronger U.S. dollar. That would mean both equities and bonds would
weaken together. Finally, Citi expected that gold would rise,
possibly as high as $1,400 an ounce from the current level of $1,315, as investors run
to safety. “So far, markets weren’t pricing in much
chance of a Trump win”, Citi said. “Markets are only partially pricing in a Trump
victory, the clearest expression being the sharp rally in U.S. dollar against the Mexican
peso,” it said. “Bond yields have been rising, initially on growth surprises and latterly
on Bank of Japan (BOJ)/European Central Bank (ECB) tapering concerns – i.e. not so much
Trump.” So in conclusion it predicts Lower Stock prices,
a stronger dollar, weaker bond prices, and higher gold prices should Trump win. Not that
different to our video published on 17th August 2016 – could it be that Citigroup are listening
to illuminati silver? mmmmm. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. i believe you should buy bullion and cryptos especially ethereum regardless of who wins the election. 2017 is going to be a global economic meltdown.

  2. WOW! FREEMASONS/Illuminati they really find Donald Trump a threat to their establishment. lol

    Has anyone seen the mockery statue of a naked Donald Trump? have you paid attention on the ring that they put him to wear?

    It was a Freemason ring, it was a warning to him.

    WOW, and we sit here listening to this Illuminati which are the cause this chaos, and which they will bring starvation to our kids.

    The founders of Illuminati are the Khazars Zionist Jews wannabes, look it up.

    search Benjamin Freeman.

  3. My bet is, prior to you retiring, you were very good at your profession.
    If I'm reading you right, you are implying a period of deflation, perhaps followed by many unknowns, that make longer term hedging impossible, therefore, the old tried and true real valuation of gold shall play a large role going forward.
    Do you think the economy will turn into a commodity based one during this period, and currencies based on whatever commodities a country has to back their money? Many Austrian economic analysts seem to lean in this direction, but it is a sharp contrast to the current system, and I can see the end of time , before this can happen.

  4. Thank you for this presentation. An indirect endorsement by Citi Group of your comments in a previous video ought to be positively viewed by anyone contemplating an investment in physical gold in the current economic environment.

  5. CNBC and Citi are solidly in the tank for Killery. They are trying to scare the sheeple into voting for the NWO candidate. The man that coined the phrase NWO is voting for her. A tsunami of financial pain is coming no matter who is president and no single person can stop it.

    Sheep ruled by wolves owned by pigs.

  6. As I have stated before, it doesn't really matter who wins the next bread and circus kabooki show..what people need to remember is that there is a clear agenda in place. In this deranged world where everything is upside-down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedoms, mainstream media destroy information, religion destroy spirituality and finally banks destroy wealth through their endless money creation driving the ridiculously over inflated bond and equity markets and subsequently realestate, ending in the absolute detsruction of the middle class and all Capitol. A little bit of information for my fellow I.S viewers the Goddess ISIS, if abbreviated the word becomes $, in anycase she was the goddess of the moon which is represented by Silver just some food for thought.

  7. I am shocked by the dearth of chest-beating, loudmouth Trump supporters on the comment page this time around. (Starting to sink in is it?) And I am pleased about the discussion of commodity backed currency and Bradbury Pound. What is your take on the Bradbury Pound, I.S.? Why is this a foolhardy notion?

  8. Incredible video! the hurrican is arriving. We do since stockpiling valuable metals is what we have to do now. Fit people residing paycheck to pay for check like me don't have much cash left to purchase gold. It is pricey. From 1992 to this year, while gold and sterling silver have increased around 600%, there is another asset has risen more than 1000%. While valuable metals do not cashflow, cash flows into this asset. You have to go through my book.

  9. Amazing…
    So far to date 99.9999999% of EVERYTHING that the bias MEDIA has predicted has been INCORRECT.
    There was no public selloff and NO CRASH ?
    The only thing that has not yet been announced is the departure flights for Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, George Stephanopoulos, who have all PUBLICLY STATED they would leave the country and denounce their citizenship.
    can we take up a collection on their behalf ???

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