Buying & Selling Jewelry : About Antique Cameo Jewelry

Hi, I’m Judy Carrier, with Jewels by Park
Lane, and I’m going to talk to you about antique cameo jewelry. First of all, cameo is a method
of carving, and cameo jewelry is jewelry that is made in that method. For instance, it’s
a, usually a sculpture of the head in in profile, I guess you’d call it, on a contrasting color.
It’s raised and it’s against the contrasting background. It might be on onyx, or shell,
or even glass, but what makes it antique is the piece that you’re looking at, an antique
cameo, is at least a hundred years old or more. So, it’s not just old; it’s got to be
really old. So, even though I might be antique in some people’s mind I’m not truly an antique
cause I haven’t hit that mark yet. Antique cameo; a hundred year old piece. I’m Judy
Carrier, with Jewels by Park Lane.

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