Buying & Selling Jewelry : Diamond Ring Tips

Buying & Selling Jewelry : Diamond Ring Tips

Hi, I’m Judy Carrier with Jewel by Park Lane
and I’m going to talk to you about buying diamond rings. I have a few tips for you.
First of all is this going to be an emotional decision or a rational decision? You know,
are you buying it for you or for someone else? For instance, you have to determine up front
what you can spend. That’s a big important part of this, you know the cost. And that
would determine just about everything else. For instance, one of the things you look for
the most important thing, is the clarity of the diamond. The clarity includes the inclusion
of minor imperfections when it was formed. Usually if it can’t be seen by the naked eye,
it’s fine. If it’s flawless, those are very rare and very costly. I would recommend anything
that looks beautiful and you can’t see a flaw with the naked eye. Now a blemish is another
thing that will detract from your diamond because that’s on the outside of a diamond
and it can be scratched or marred and that’s going to detract. Now the cut is going to
determine the value of the diamond as well and the different facets of what really gives
a diamond its fire because it brings out the light and the personality of the diamond.
And that is one of the things that’s so important and brings you to clarity. The other thing
that I would suggest is getting the ring insured because that way you can wear it or give it
to someone and not worry about what it costs, because if it’s insured the replacement value
should be included in that. And that’s basically it. The easiest way to buy a diamond is to
take her with you. Let her pick it out, once you’ve told the jeweler your price range.
That’s the easiest way to get a diamond. I’m Judy Carrier with Jewel by Park Lane.

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