Buzzing Mindfulness Bracelet with GEMMA

Want a subtle reminder of time passing throughout
your day? You can build a buzzing mindfulness bracelet using a vibrating motor and Arduino
GEMMA microcontroller. Begin by making a cardboard template for your
chain links— use scraps of leather or an old bike inner tube and cut out a whole bunch
of this figure-8 shape. Create two special end pieces with elongated
tabs and affix snap fasteners or velcro tape. Start building up your chain by placing a
new link through the previous one and then fold it flat. After a few, Add in the GEMMA and poke a small
hole for the resistor to fit through. Solder the resistor, transistor, and motor/diode
assembly in place among the loops of the bracelet, according to the circuit diagram and complete
tutorial you’ll find on the Adafruit Learning System. I’ll leave the link in the description. Plug GEMMA in over USB and load the sample
code provided. Adjust the time interval to your haptic preferences, and finish adding
enough links to fit your wrist. Use it to remind you to get up from your desk, or feel
how long you walk the dog. Since the code puts the microcontroller to sleep in between
vibrations, the tiny battery lasts for ages. Thanks so much for watching, and subscribe
for more wearable electronics from Adafruit.

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