Cable vs DSL vs Fiber Internet Explained

Cable vs DSL vs Fiber Internet Explained

Hello everyone in this video, we’re going to talk about three different Internet access technologies. So we’re going to discuss the difference between broadband cable, DSL, and fiber So let’s start with broadband cable now cable internet is a high-speed Access technology that uses a cable modem with an attached coaxial cable which provides a link to the Internet service provider broadband cable is typically provided by the same provider that provides cable television to their customers and Because it’s provided by cable television providers broadband cable leverages the existing infrastructure from cable TV to cover large Geographical areas especially here in the United States today if you want broadband cable your provider offers different packages that vary in speed so for example I use Broadband cable from Xfinity and they offer download speeds anywhere from 25 megabits per second all the way up to 400 megabits per second so if you were to order cable internet for your home your cable internet provider would send you a Modem or typically they would send you a modem with a Wi-Fi router Combo, which is often referred to as a gateway in this device would be a modem with a built-in switch and Wi-Fi Router all in one. So when you receive this modem from your ISP, you would attach a coaxial cable That’s routed into your home and then you would attach it to the back of the device The modem is what brings the Internet into your home and the switch and the Wi-Fi router is so that you can connect multiple Wired and wireless devices such as computers Laptops, tablets to the modem to give them internet access and that’s basically it Now cable does have a downside and that’s because you along with the other homes in your neighborhood Will all have to share a pool of bandwidth that’s been provided by your cable provider in your area So what that basically means is that during peak hours of surfing the Internet or streaming or downloading you may experience a slowdown in your internet speed and that’s because the people in your neighborhood are all using the Internet bandwidth now DSL stands for a digital subscriber line DSL is another popular technology that is used by homes and businesses to access broadband data over the Internet DSL can carry both voice and data at the same time over phone lines it has a DSL modem like this one here that uses common telephone lines to carry its data and Because DSL uses phone lines. You don’t want to confuse DSL with the older and painfully slow Dial-up connection which also uses phone lines DSL is a high-speed connection that is much faster than the Ancient dial-up connections and with DSL you can go on the internet and talk on the phone at the same time Unlike a dial-up connection where you can only do one at a time Now DSL is not as fast as cable But it is cheaper and also with DSL you don’t have to share bandwidth with your neighborhood like cable does Everyone using DSL has their own dedicated connection It’s not a shared line and DSL is more widely available than cable Because it uses common telephone lines which are nearly everywhere Now the speed of DSL can vary depending on where you live But on an average, they offer download speeds anywhere from five megabits per second up to 100 megabits per second and just like cable when you order DSL through a provider They will also send you a DSL modem Wi-Fi router combo but instead of attaching a coaxial cable You would plug a typical phone line with a phone jack to the back of a DSL modem Now there are a few different forms of DSL and one is called ADSL which stands for asymmetric digital subscriber line now This is called asymmetric because the download speed is considerably faster than the upload speed this type of DSL is mainly used in homes because home users typically download a lot more than upload and ADSL is the cheapest form of DSL There’s also SDSL which stands for symmetric digital subscriber line and this as a name implies that download and upload speeds are the same and this type of DSL is typically used in businesses Finally, there’s VDSL which stands for very high bit dsl And this is a fast form of dsl that also runs over copper wire and because it uses copper wire It’s really only made for short distances. For long distances it can also use fiber optic cable VDSL is roughly three times faster than ADSL Finally, there’s fiber internet fibre offers of fastest internet speeds available today it has download and upload speeds of 1000 megabits per second, so it’s very fast And the reason why it’s so fast is because it uses light to send data running through fiber optic cable and fiber optic cable is what’s already used as the backbone of the Internet and in addition to the benefit of the faster speed fiber can also travel much longer distances than DSL or cable. And this is because DSL and cable transmit data using Electricity over copper cable and signals in a copper cable can be affected by electromagnetic Interference as it travels which can weaken the signal especially over a long distance But fiber uses light to transmit its data and it transmits it over a thin glass cable which makes it less vulnerable to interference. so as you might have guessed fiber is more expensive than DSL or cable and fiber is Relatively new compared to DSL or cable. The infrastructure is not there yet So fiber may not be available in many locations Please Subscribe


  1. with my isp, threir network is fiber, and every suscriber gets a little box attachet to the outside wall of your house.
    but the cable running from that controllerbox to your modem is s caox cable.
    if you move, in your new house, you just plugin yout modem and it works.

  2. I live in Chattanooga where we were the first to have fiber. About 3 months ago, they upgraded us to 300, up and down and did away with copper. Its all Cat6 and wireless. Hope this is soon available to more areas.

  3. Very XLNT Video . i have DSL . my internet provider tells me ; my distance from the box of approx 3000 ft . gets me 20 mbps comfortably . if closer i could get 60 mbps . does this sound right ? THNX

  4. Well, DSL can go up to Gigabit through G.Fast.

    And in addition, fibre can go up to 100Gbps for business, or 10Gbps for enthusiast users

  5. My telco provider does speeds up to 650mbps on dsl and 1000mbps on fiber with gpon, where the cable company only does 200

  6. So why not include the compression factor in your explanation, today's internet is based on send and receive compression as for most cable providers it is DOC3.
    The speeds that cable and DSL companies advertised are extremely misleading, try downloading a large file and in most cases it is caped either by the server you are downloading from or your ISP has a caped max speed. Buy downloaded a file direct you will get your true download speed which in most cases is a fraction of what the ISP is advertising.

  7. I think the creator made this video around 10 years ago but forget at that time to upload so he does now..mann in developing country like india we have fibre connection even to remote area's

  8. I don’t think you understand a docsis hybrid coaxial network my friend. Docsis 3.1 has both fiber optic backend networks that trunk to coaxial nodes that split for higher user rates and will provide speeds beyond 1-5GBPS in the near future with what appears like traditional broadband modems.

    I’m a technician for a telecommunications company in North America and can tell you broadband will leap frog pure fiber networks within 2 years for now.

  9. Subscribed and thumbs up. Excellent in every way. Clear, concise, well edited, and well organized. Superb content. Great pronunciation. Thanks so much.

  10. with the standard copper wire that goes from my house to the booth (from the booth on its all FOC) i get 30Mbps with VDSL. i was thinking to try and pull a FOC myself from my home to the booth but then i remembered that the booth is locked and even if i opened it i wouldn't know where to connect it – if it can be connected at all on the current board

  11. Not to be an asshole but fiber is an old technology, I've had it for over 10 years in Sweden and more and more of us are now leaving fiber för 4g and 5g. Otherwise great explaining video like always 🙂

  12. Nice but feels like the video was done a decade or more ago especially with the discussion with fiber. Fiber has been growing non-stop in first world countries as it provides future-proofing and serves multiple services with just one cable. Fiber has virtually unlimited bandwidth, only limited by the available transceivers.

  13. Bouta move in September and get gigabit fios for 80 a month. Frontier dsl is 55 right now for 20 down. Not much more expensive for something reliable

  14. I use to be a Spectrum cable tech when I was living in Ohio and I can say that their internet service is VERY good and cheap. For around $40 bucks you can get around 100 Mb download. I use installed mine and rarely had any issues with it and neither did anyone that I know of that used Spectrum. Most of the time if there was a problem it was either the the technician did a poor job of installing it or the customer did something wrong.

    I moved back to Mississippi where I was born and raised and can't even get any kind of cable or DSL (don't even think about Fiber) and I live right outside of the city limits! At&t is the worst company and don't expect them to go out of their way to help you out!

  15. Good explanation, another drawback to dsl and cable is the rf leakage do to poor connections and environment. for example, if it rains a lot and ground gets soaked/saturated with water or the inter-connect box on the pole lets water seep in, it will leak into connections making up and down speeds suffer.

  16. My copper landline and thus my DSL internet was down for 3 days. If I got a digital phone, would I still be able to get DSL internet through it? I have an old Cox cable line into the house (we haven't had cable TV for about 6 years) but they are very expensive for internet. I would guess I don't have a fiber matrix option in my neighborhood built in 1977. The phone companies are not that interested in quickly repairing copper lines.

  17. Watching this while waiting for the fiber install tech to show up.

    update 1hr 43mins later – 896.84Mbps down / 1032.80Mbps up …… its so glorious!!!!

  18. DSL is like magic! A simple twisted pair that's been in place for seventy years can stream hd video plus some. It just blows my mind.

  19. I don't get why people call it a "Cable Modem". It is NOT a MODEM. It does not change your data to sound or vice versa. Also, it is a Router, Switch, and Wireless Access Point.

  20. cabel leitet fiber igste im bet und bist krank noch fragen bitte google fragen scheiße wen man nix aus schreibt das ist das problem was alle eng schreiber haben

  21. Hello brother I'm from Bangladesh… Thank you very much brother Your channel is really very good i shared your channel on my Facebook and what's app account.

  22. What a load of garbage. " Cable internet transfer data using electricity…" WRONG! It uses radio waves. Like all electromagnetic radiation, radio waves travel at the speed of light. Both Fiber and Cable use the same principles… sending waves down a cable. The reason that Fiber can be much further is that light waves are at a higher energy than radio waves. While the light waves have numerous benefits, however the light spectrum is very small compared to the radio spectrum. Cable has more bandwidth potential and has to share it spectrum with things like cable TV. However cable has seen drastic improvements in broadband capabilities as new parts of the radio spectrum are used. The best part is that coaxial cable is already greatly deployed and is not as costly in that respect. However cable companies are horrible at upgrading and maintaining their systems.

  23. 1:00 I used to use Broadband cable with 25 mbps.
    I change to use optical fiber with the modem that isp provide, the price is cheaper and damn faster.
    I in Vietnamese :v

  24. We have a mix of VDSL and fiber. Although wit was supposed to be fiber all the way but the right wing government got in power and canned it… Now instead of 2-3Gbps we only get up to 100Mbps and even if you managed to get that fiber all the way already built into your home. Well it's capped and there's no way of getting a faster speed given to you

  25. Nice explanation but I don’t understand one thing I have fibre optic but during the afternoon when I’m playing I feel my game super slow but my ping is always 30 doesn’t matter the time and then when it is around 10 pm it feels faster while playing pvp games.. any reason , it really feels the band witch speed thing that you said in the video and I use Ethernet cable.

  26. U should give tutorials / training sessions to customer support executives who work for ISP around the world………….
    best ever videos watched on YouTube about ISP & related topics……..

  27. G.Fast in the UK is great. It uses Fibre to the cabinet and then copper to the premises. Speeds of 350mbs and uploads of 50mbs. Makes cable irrelevant till FTTP becomes standard. Only downside is you have to be close to the cabinet

  28. Xfinity/Comcast now offers 1 gigabit to most residential areas, in fact that is their cheapest triple play plan for internet/tv/phone

  29. I had fiber for a few years in kansas olathe it was expensive and the speed was nice for speed like 25mb it was 90 a month.. later it was upgraded to 30mb .. up and down 30mb .. until i move to GA later in 2016.. i had it for 6 year i think. google was available by then but it like 70 a month for 1gb.. if you paid 300 for free internet which you get for 7 years.. the speed is only 5mb/5mb the isp for fiber internet i had was call surewest.

  30. one question though. you didnt say what kind of modem / router combo is used with a pure fiber (ftth) line. i heard you need ONT modems and from what i can see they are very hard to find as modem/router combo

  31. THANK YOU ! An intelligent, informed, and well explained sweetly-short synopsis of the subject. —Ohhh so many more YouTube videos should be that way.

  32. So basically in my country we have like 1000s of tv channels for free and use a satellite dish for that and use the same cable to a modem but it's not a modem router combo, so what I'm asking ,is it possible for me to get free internet if I somehow get a modem router combo , since there's no real company that provide this tv channels , it's like hacked or something

  33. Wow, what a phenomenal video – the animations make it much easier to understand all concepts. And the way you explain everything in a straightforward, understandable way… Like others said, this short video gave me more than reading long articles on the topic gave me. Thank you 🙂

  34. Does fiber internet allow you to upload and download simultaneously. I have 200/200. Can I upload and download 200/200 simultaneously?

  35. Video: fiber has download and upload speeds of up to 1Gb per second. Are you sure it’s just 1Gb? My fiber is faster than that

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