California man claims he was beaten at bar after men confused him with child predator suspect

California man claims he was beaten at bar after men confused him with child predator suspect

A California man says he was beaten at a bar last week after a group of men confused him with a child predator sought by police Kevin Martin, 34, told KTLA he was outside Slick’s Billiards in Norco, a city roughly 50 miles west of Los Angeles, on Thursday night when two men approached him and accused Martin of being the person wanted by police for allegedly making sexual comments to an 11-year-old girl in Corona in May  NEW YORK MAN ALLEGEDLY IMPERSONATING A POLICE OFFICER PULLS OVER VAN OF DETECTIVES  Kevin Martin, right, was reportedly confused with an unidentified wanted child predator, left (Corona Police Department/Facebook) One of the men “had his phone on him and he said, ‘This is you, isn’t it? We don’t allow your kind here,'” Martin told KTLA  “The other guy starts pushing me and says, ‘You know, I got a daughter.'” Martin apparently looks similar to the 20-something male sought earlier this year by the Corona Police Department Investigators put out a computer-generated composite image online that “depicts the general description of the suspect,” and the men seemingly thought Martin was that suspect  CALIFORNIA WOMAN SENTENCED TO A YEAR IN JAIL FOR DUMPING PUPPIES IN RECYCLING BIN The men allegedly strangled Martin and punched him at least 20 times, and Martin claims one of them told him “I kill people like this ” The police department — which did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment — said Martin is not the man sought in the case from May  CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Martin even reportedly saw the similarities between his appearance and that of the suspect’s — and commented on the department’s social media post saying he looked similar to the man and wanted to clear his name, according to the news outlet  Anyone with information on the actual suspect wanted by police, described as thin with black hair and brown eyes, and who might own a golden retriever, is urged to contact the Corona Police Department at 951-736-2330, extension 3


  1. Is the Norco Sheriffs Department going to enforce the Law? Are the Guys who Beat Him going to be arrested and spend time in Jail?? I don't think so! If you are going to BEAT someone for A CRIME at least make sure that you have the Right Person! Sounds about right for the IQ of vigilantes from NORCO! Beat the WRONG PERSON OOPS!

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