California Road Trip Travel Montage: Exploring the Golden State

California Road Trip Travel Montage: Exploring the Golden State

It’s 3:50 am. Two of my friends are coming to pick me up. We’re gonna go explore California. So the plan is to hit up as many cool places as we can in Northern California… …but we only have a week. First one’s Yosemite, Tahoe Shasta Avenue of the Giants Uh, San Francisco and then Big Sur. Thank you. This is how Charles enjoys nature. That was awesome! We just saw a baby bear. Problem is we don’t have cell phone service. This guy’s a little creepy. He’s probably getting ready to kill us. We don’t really know where we are in the Yosemite Valley. You broke something! I didn’t mean to! Jinelle’s leaving us a day early, so we’re trying to find a hotel. Hi, do you have any rooms available? Do you have any rooms for tonight? Hi, do you have any rooms available? Do you have any rooms available? Nope. No vacancy. We might be sleeping in our car tonight.


  1. soo! I read the comments and no one mentioned how handsome your are! sooorrry but yes you are very handsome & cute aaaaand I love your videos! please do not reply because this is embarrassing hahah . keep up the good work!

  2. My friends and I are planning a similar road trip and were wondering what the general budget would be. Any information would be much appreciated! Great video by the way, I loved the transitions!

  3. I live in cailforina but want to cost its northern sides I live in San Diego how much did it cost you to go to all these locations in cailforina

  4. Hello, Could you please list the places you visited in this road trip and how long you stayed in each place? Thank you soo much!

  5. wow, cool, energetic and refreshing montage. I love your story telling too. I love to do some travel videos too from time to time, but I get bored by the cinematicness recently 😂 and struggle to bring in some story. 😒 Couple of weeks ago we did a big U.S. Southwest trip and I got a lot of GBs of footage. Everything from drone shots to vlogstyle. But now I'm kind of uninspired how to put them together. I guess this is the problem if you have no plan before hand. But on the other hand it's difficult to plan when you don't know what will happen 😂
    Do you have some advice on workflow or smth.? I like your style. It's authentic, but not amateur boring.

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