Camp Corral: The Next Generation

Camp Corral: The Next Generation

Hi I’m Curt Sinclair. I’m the Camp
Directors 4-H Memorial. Some of the most blessed moments I’ve had are six years
with the Camp Corral program. Camp Corral’s got a special thing going. We actually are blessed by having some Camp Corral campers turn into
counselors and it became evident that Camp Corral participants have been
through more life experiences than the average kid their age and they get to a
point where they want to give back. I started with the first Camp Corral
program, and now I’m working out here as a counselor. When I was younger my dad
wasn’t home much because he was deployed a lot. So camp was really like the game
changer for me because when you’re a kid and your parent is in the military you
can’t really be a kid. Camp is just a place where you can be free. My name is
Daphne Tapia I was a camper here for four years and this is my second year as
a counselor. Camp Corral means a lot because back at home at my school
there’s not many kids from a military family, so I think kids that come to Camp
Corral really like come together because we relate to each other so much. My name is Josh and I’ve been a camper here for four years my dad was in the Army in 2003 and he he did die in 03. Seeing all the kids with their dad and just knowing that. I never really got that. I feel a lot better here whenever I’m home.
It made me feel better knowing that I was really around people who knew what it was like. A camp counselor is a young person that accepts a lot of
responsibility because they know they’re a role model and they understand the
situation that that new 12 year old camper is in. If there’s any
struggles that twelve-year-old has it’s amazing how a Camp Corral counselor can fix that in a jiffy. Everybody that’s given into this program
I think society is gonna get back an incredible payback. I always wanted to be
a counselor because I know that some of these kids here really don’t have that
good of a life back home and it’s really fulfilling I to make it a great week for
them. Life as a military kid is extremely challenging and I wanted to give back to
future generations of campers. I wanted them to feel the same way that I felt. I
don’t know what goes on behind the scenes but thank you to everyone who
made this possible and not only did I meet lifelong friends but I added on to
my family and that means so much to me It always will I was a changed person after camping. It
made me a better person. I just really want to say thank you. Thank you for the
vision for the ongoing commitment and for the effects that those blessed like
me are able to watch these young people grow. It’s hard to put into words, other
than “thank you.”

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