Can COPPER Help You Lose Weight and Burn Fat?

Can COPPER Help You Lose Weight and Burn Fat?

Recently a new study from the University of
California, Berkeley, has made a rumbling in the world of health and fitness.
This study found that, in mice, the element copper, inhibits the effects of the enzyme
PDE3. PDE3 itself inhibits the effects of a messenger molecule known as cAMP. cAMP is
needed to activate the enzymes responsible for mobilizing fat cell. Think of it as copper
being a crossing guard. It stops the PDE3 cars, allowing cAMP pedestrians to cross the
road to the… fat burning factory? Ehh… you get the point.
The main takeaway of this study, especially for science nerds, is that copper ultimately
can be classified as a signaling element. It’s long believed that the only signaling
elements in the body were that of electrolytes, such as sodium, calcium, and potassium. Copper
might perhaps be added to this prominent list. Now before you go running off and buying copper
supplements or food high in copper, do know that you only need very small amounts to reach
your daily intake. The recommended intake for the average adult is roughly 0.9 milligrams,
which can be easily met by eating seafood, kale, mushrooms, beans, and nuts. Supplementation
usually isn’t necessary unless you have a high copper deficiency to begin with.
And even if copper does play a role in fat metabolism, the process of fat burning is
by and large still regulated by your hormones. Ask any other questions about health and fitness
topics that you’ve recently heard about on the news. Thanks for watching!


  1. So pretty much, copper makes you lose weight, but don't try to eat copper-rich foods because I already have enough? Then why am I not losing weight! XD

  2. At first I missed your hand, but now I see the positive effect of the no-hand style, it is way easier to follow the graphics and animations and it is not as (blurry?).
    And nice to see regular uploads 😀

  3. I've said this before, great channel, love the format of the videos! Wish more people knew about your channel. Keep up the good work!

  4. Heya loving the channel and all videos, gain my like everytime! is it possible to do a video on testosterone

  5. it is said… the more cu the better…well till OD or till its imballanced to zinc. so taking copper + zinc supplements till you puke blood should burn of lots of fat? o.O

  6. i am a armature boxer and have to cut quite a bit of weight roughly 56 kg to 52 i have done this once and im now minting around 53 54 kg but have notice the amount of weight i fluctuate is a lot less when i was not cutting i now only drop .4 to .6 of a kg but before i would lose 1kg why is this and how can i get back to fluctuating a kg

  7. can you make a video on how to cure dercums disease, these are fatty tumours beneath the skin. and how to prevent it. I have this disease and its very rare disease. Thanks.

  8. Yep, heard about copper helping to lose weight somewhere in the '90. To me it was like losing wallet and not having money -> weight loss! But have heard that for it has helped to reduce the sweet cravings.

  9. Do you believe copper supplementation is the only way to attain it? Or do you think there is any truth to the stretchy arm/leg bands and sleeves that contain copper that they may somehow transport through the skin to stop the PDE3 instead of ingestion? The same with wearing copper bracelets or eating from copper utensils- could that ever give you as much as 0.9mg?

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