CAN U beat a COPPER BOTTOM? – Ep 05 Sailing Luckyfish

CAN U beat a COPPER BOTTOM? – Ep 05 Sailing Luckyfish

Last time on Luckyfish we sailed the
boat for the first time rounded the Cape of Good Hope had a first time for
everything left the boat on the hard stand in South Africa Zaya got labelled
an undesirable person and banned from returning for 12 months we arrived back
in Mongolia and began preparation for the Atlantic crossing Luckyfish was set
up for coastal cruising she needed some upgrades to make her ready there was a
lot to organise and we had to get ourselves ready too – we continued fitness
training ordering parts and chatted long and hard about how to make our first ocean voyage success Zaya’s experience would be enhanced if she had some female company and someone to share her beloved Mongolian language with
during the long days at sea A watch system with three crew is also much
better than two we asked sister Tuya if she would like
to join us, she said yes and we are so happy that she did Zaya’s over stay appeal was taking much longer than the 90 days they told us we had to make a
back-up plan we decided I would go to Cape Town on my
own prepare the boat and sail to Namibia where both Zaya and Tuya would be
welcomed I needed a crew for this and as I was
completely new to Wharrams I needed to learn how to set one up for
crossing oceans safely I dug into the Wharram Hall of Fame looking for expert help one name popped out Rory McDougall he sailed the smallest catamaran around
the world in the 1990s a tiny Wharram Tiki 21 an incredible feat but would he
help us ? a bit of googling later and we found out he has a marine business in
England and does the occasional yacht delivery I phoned him, he was interested
we agreed on terms the only catch was I had to have the boat back in the water before Rory arrived I packed all the boat parts un-boxed into my suitcases and left for Cape Town to begin work on the boat in the meantime the girls
carried on preparing In 600 metres, turn right Yachtport has very high security Hello Im going down to my boat. Its at Yachtport Your boat? Yes, at Yachtport thank you very much hello you remember
me you remember you I went out late one night I’m living on the boat down there
sailing boat and and I think you wanted some cigarettes or something coca-cola
remember I was going out to okay yeah so I’ll be coming in and out quite a bit
over the next month okay. So I’m going to be bothering you Can you open the boot for me please. Yeah, I can. No problem OK, well, nice to see you again and have a great afternoon Are you going to watch the rugby? yes of course who’s gonna win? do you think the Boks will win or the All
Blacks? ohhh! the All Blacks you think the All Blacks are going to win? I like that I like you you’re my friend I think the All Blacks will win
too I’m a New Zealander oh good thank you
very much bye bye I was really surprised to learn that the black population of South Africa generally cheered for the New Zealand team the All Blacks and not
their local team the Springboks they remember the days of apartheid and the
stance the New Zealand rugby union took boycotting matches with South Africa I’m just going down to my boat yeah I
have a sailing boat here Luckyfish thank you very much the wind depth and speed logs on Luckyfish were no longer functioning despite being only 18 months old I replaced everything with B&G gear it began with the removal of the old depth transducer to make room for the new one The blister on the outside of the hull
needed thinning down a bit The B&G gear has water temperature log and depth all on one through-hull so the old log was removed and the hole filled that work completed I began on the nav
console filling the old holes and making way
for the chart plotter compass Triton gauge AIS transponder radar and simnet
backbone The coppercoat had already been delivered and work was well underway grinding off the hull coatings back to epoxy to re-coat a hull with epoxy it is important to remove any single pack paint first. There were
patches of Primacon under the old anti foul and these needed to be ground off Luckyfish is coated throughout with two
pack epoxy and polyurethane paints the keel, rudders and trim tabs got an
extra dose of epoxy resin before the rest of the paint system was applied make sure this is homogenised I chose Coppercoat because it is more
cost effective and is much better for the environment now we’ll be experts in a couple of
hours yeah it actually mixes nice and quick. It does Yeah. OK, now comes the hard part. I will give it another good mix eh? cos thats the trick with epoxy isnt it? its all in the mixing It looks pretty mixed. Yeah it does eh? It looks very homogenised They dont give you any idea how long it needs stirring when I read the thing there – nicely homogenised. OK, away you go. OK, keep mixing. In goes the gold dust. Yeah. A kilo, or two pounds of ultrafine copper powder is added to
every liter or quart of resin the epoxy resin is water-based once the powder is added the coating is rolled on as a thin coat before it sets a second coat is
applied and so on in one continuous process until four coats are completed
it is then allowed to cure Its not going to cover all in one go Nikko, Its going to be four layers We’ve only got a certain amount of time Yeah, so really roll it on. So Move It! it took 12 liters about three gallons to
coat the two hulls and rudders and cost about 1700 u.s. dollars the copper coat has already paid for itself and should be good for another 10 (years) Wiping the hull every two weeks or so to
remove the slime as all it takes and it sure feels a lot better than sending
clouds of ablative anti foul into the marine environment we then reblocked the boat to coat the
areas we couldn’t get to Um, extend it first Gav. All the way. Let it down Going down. then we put a thin shim ya its moving yeah. About four days before launching the
copper coat requires a sand with 400 wet and dry sandpaper we had found that the side decks lifted with wave impacts particularly in beam seas which no
catamarans enjoyed so we fitted some latches to retain them I wanted to flip the center deck so the
front side of the pod could be used for storage without blocking the deck hatch it was a close fit but not close enough
Off it went to the workshop for a few millimeters of adjustments Four days before Rory gets here With just a few days to go before Rory arrived, the boat looked a long way from being ready to set sail for Namibia and conditions in
the port hull aren’t much better All I could do was hope he understood Next time on Luckyfish we install a water maker commissioned a factory to make a custom rode for our drogue tour one of the largest sail lofts in the world Rory arrives and well you will have to
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  1. Sound department has really developed 😉
    I especially liked the part where you remade the nav console.
    Had a good smile all over my face 😃

  2. Excellent.

    The future of copper antifouling is still up for debate. Seems like it is already banned in some environmentaly sensitive areas of Sweden and the Netherlands and there are rumors of moves afoot to ban entirely in Europe by 2020. Won't happen in the UK though as Brexit will probably see a dive to the bottom (pun intended) on environmental regulations.

    Having probably given myself brain damage applying TBT in the 60's, 70's and 80's I will of course be too gaga to care by then 🙂

  3. You are really taking on every aspect of your project as an engineer with good intentions, very impressive! You and your wife also seems to be very nice and good hearted as well, and funny to. Keep up the good work and i hope to meet you guys somewhere on the high seas in the future!

  4. Maybe I missed it, were there any comparatives or anecdotes about how the CC performed. I spoken to several owners with CC and they have not been pleased with it's performance. I wholly understand the importance of it's application done correctly. What I would love to hear and see is how your bottom looks now and how it's performed over the years. Thanks!

  5. Really enjoyed seeing maintenance and changes/upgrades you made to the boat. Also looking forward to the next video too. 😉 But if your going to tease us like that (with previews) you gotta make sure we dont have to wait long. (I cant hold my breath that long) 😀

  6. On my previous boat we made our own using a hard epoxy resin mix (paint grade epoxy) and copper oxide powder mixed to CPVC that worked exactly the same way as Coppercoat unfortunately 5 yrs later the boat was lost in a cyclone but it had performed well up to that point, though we did get an occasional barnacle easily removed with a scraper.

  7. +Luckyfish Gets Away
    , I am not a seaman, however, my engineering knowhow gives be pause when you have to replace instruments that are only 1-1/2 years old. What about the rest of the Wharram?

  8. She didn't know who the "all blacks" were. She doesn't know what rugby is. The local black people don't support the "all blacks" and don't know what New Zealand is. She wasn't born during the apartheid years and is from a Zulu or Xhosa tribe which are not even native to SA. she has a job because of her skin colour only, which is decided by law(Act 'BEA' of 2004)
    What actually happened is that she heard "black" – and so voted for that. Try not talk about politics when you know nothing.

  9. Another great video Stew. It is interesting to see the prequel videos and how you got it all together for the trip. Look forward to the next one.

  10. I had for 8 years copper coat on my WaveDancer. I think the new owner keeps it this way as well. Best anitfouling system I know after 47 years of sailing.

  11. Brilliant, as usual, but I think this was one of my favourite videos so far. Absolutely fascinated by the technical details which bring the dream alive. Would greatly enjoy any tips or comments concerning the unique Wharram soft wing sails, if that could be possible at some point, pretty please? Thanks again for a glimpse into another world, cheers!

  12. when you patch a hole in the hull the new fibreglass needs to overlap the old, otherwise water will eventually get through the paint.

  13. I wonder if you painted one hull with a copper base and the other with say zinc could you draw a small amount of power from the voltage differential

  14. Copper seems very good as a base.
    Especially since it is poisonous for 50% of all creatures in the ocean.
    Copper leaves are also used to kill parasites in aquaculture plants. Therefore, nothing lives on the bottom below.
    Copper is one of the poisonous substances for marine life we know.

  15. Rory sailed a 21 foot cat around the world!? That is a good pic for a crew! I am finding more interesting stuff in the first 2 minutes of your videos that most vids have in the whole thing. I just started your channel. I wonder what else you got. This is going to take a while….

    Maybe I should ask how long does oiling the deck keep the wood that beautiful wood color

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