CANDY STRIPE || Friendship Bracelets

CANDY STRIPE || Friendship Bracelets

Hi everyone! I’m Masha Knots And today I’ll be showing you how to make the classic candystripe bracelet.
Threads. I took three colors. You can take any number of colors but remember: the more threads you use, the thicker your bracelet will be. Scissors and also a clipboard, a safety pin or tape. When using the clipboard make sure that it secures the bracelet well otherwise it might slip out while knotting. First we cut the threads. I’m taking two threads of each color. I’m taking about a metre. Cut the threads. Put the cut threads together. Then leave as much as you want for the endings. I think this much will do. We make a regular knot at this place. I prefer to use a clipboard. Secure the bracelet. Divide the threads by color in the order you want them to be in the bracelet. This bracelet is made from right to left and all the knots are made between two threads. We take two of the left threads and put the rest aside. Concentrate on there threads. All the knots in this bracelet are called forward knots. If you don’t know how to make such knots I suggest you watch my video about that. The link is here and in the description box. Make a forward knot. The main thread in this knot is the left one. I’ll remind you how to make it. For a more detailed explanation watch my other video. Take the main thread put it on your left index finger. Make a 4. Put your finger into the loop, under, grab, twist and then move the extra threads and tighten. Index finger, 4, stretch inside like this and tighten, The first knot is ready. Then we move onto the next thread. Put this thread away. The main thread is still in my hand and we continue using it to knot the whole row. Take the next thread on its way and make a forward knot onto it. The pink thread moved from left to right. Put the violet thread aside. Take the next one and make a forward knot onto it. The pink thread moved from left to right. Put the thread aside and take the next one. Make a forward knot onto it. Take the next thread and make a forward knot onto it. The row is ready. As you can see the pink thread moved from left to right and made a whole knot with its color. After finishing the first row we move onto the second one. In the second row the main thread is different. It is the thread on the very left. In our case – this pink thread. Take the thread to the right from it and make a forward knot with the pink thread onto the violet one. The pink thread moved from left to right. Take the next thread on its way: the second violet one and make a forward knot onto it. The next thread is yellow. It is crucial to divide the threads correctly otherwise your bracelet will turn out wrong. Make a knot onto it. The next thread is the second yellow one. Make a knot onto it. We are nearly done. We have one thread left. The other pink one. We make a forward knot onto it as well. Both pink threads have been moved from right to left. Now I will quickly show you how I continued the bracelet. I made six rows with three different colors. We cabn see the candystripe. To finish the bracelet you just have to repeat the steps. If you liked the video give it a thumbs uo and subscribe to learn more. Bring your friends! Knotting together is more fun! Join our VK group, subscribe to twitter and instagram, leave your questions and suggestions in the comments or in any other social network. Happy knotting!


  1. ohhhh. You do the knot twice. I never knew this when I was a kid.
    Thank you for posting these videos. I will subscribe.

  2. i don’t know why but i actually prefer watching your videos in Russian with the English subtitles then in English. It’s quite satisfying .

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