Candy Wave Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Candy Wave Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Hey everyone! In this video today, I’m going to be showing you guys how to make the candy wave friendship bracelet. it is a pretty simple pattern once you get used to doing it the first few rows, and it’s actually a pretty quick bracelet to make because each set is actually pretty long. And a set is a section of the pattern that you do until the colors are back in the order that you started with (typically). So for example, in this bracelet, the set is going to go from about here to here before it starts repeating itself. And what I did notice with this bracelet is that you need your strings to actually be pretty long because of the way this pattern works. Because, as you can see, I got pretty far in my bracelet, but I started running out of string pretty quickly. And I could try and do another set, but the strings would get pretty short and it probably wouldn’t fit my wrist. So I made sure that I made my strings quite a bit longer this time. And I don’t really have an exact measurement for you guys because I don’t measure my strings at all. So for this bracelet you will need seven strings. In every tutorial that I’ve seen, everybody defaults to the rainbow colors because it’s easy for people who are more beginners to be able to follow along, but I think no matter what your colors are, you can still follow along to this tutorial. I can see it being a little bit more of an issue, though, If you heavily rely on visual learning. But I really wanted to try out a more gradient style just to see how it looks. So like I said before, make sure you have seven strings, make them pretty long – at least 24 inches, probably even longer than that. It really just depends. I can’t give you an exact measurement. And for this one I am going to braid the ends when I’m done, so I left a longer tail and tied my knot loose so that way I can unravel it when I’m done. So you can clip it on to a clipboard or you can tape it down onto your surface. I only have washi tape right now and I 100% do not recommend using washi tape for friendship bracelets because the thread slips out very easily. So I’m going to tape this down, but I am probably going to use something to also weigh it down so that the strings don’t fall out up here. And make sure you put them in the order that you want them. For this bracelet, I’m going to do a sort of blue gradient. and I normally use thread that I’ve had in my collection for many years, but I bought new colors specifically for this video today, so I will actually be able to put all of the numbers in the description if you want to use these exact colors. And these are the colors that I used for this one if you guys are wondering. So what you want to do first is, taking your outermost left strand you, want to do 6 forward knots, which means take your outermost left strand and do forward knots all the way until you get it to the outermost right side. Now that we have that, if it helps you, add a little bit more or if you’re more of a beginner, you can take the string that you just brought over here and put it off to the side because what we’re going to do next is go back to the left side. and take our newest outermost left strand and do 5 forward knots, which means taking this strand and doing forward knots all the way until we get it to the outermost right side – or just do forward knots on all your strings except for the last one. Next we are going to bring our string back in and, before we do anything, we are going to take our outermost left strand and we are going to put this one out of the way, because what we are going to do now is take our outermost right strand and do 5 backward knots – or just do backward knots on all your strings except for the outermost left one – Which is why I’m putting this off to the side in case that makes it easier for you to understand. Now that we have that, we can bring our outermost left strand back in and just repeat those steps all the way until the bracelet is finished. So it’s really easy in the fact that it only has three major steps to it, and you’ll now notice that your colors are not in the same order as they were in the beginning, and like I said before that is because you will continue that pattern until the first set is done and then it’ll start back from the beginning. And that’s all you do for this bracelet! So I’ll show you guys one more time how to do that now that we have our colors in different spots. We are going to take our outermost left strand and do a forward knots all the way until we get it to the very right side. And, as you can see, my tape is already trying to come up, which is why I do not recommend washi tape. Now that you have that, if it makes it easier for you, you can take your string that you just worked with, and throw it off to the side. Then next we are going to take our new outermost left strand and do five forward knots – or doing forward knots on all of our strands except for the very last one. And now that you have that you can bring the string back down and then take your outermost left strand and put that off to the side, and then next take your outermost right strand and do 5 backward knots – or do backward knots on all your strands except for your outermost left strand. And after that, you can bring your outermost left strand back into the group and repeat everything from step one. It’s kind of hard to see now, but I think the gradient was a really good choice. This will look really cool when it’s done. Also, this bracelet, if you can tell, wants to curve to the right like this as you’re working on it. You can really tell here, but if you tie your knots tight enough while you’re working on your bracelet, you can actually just hold down onto your strings and kind of just tug it towards the left in that way. It’ll kind of straighten itself back out. And if you do that while you’re working on the bracelet, it’ll stay much more even all the way down, instead of waiting until the very end to try and just go down the bracelet and do that. So I hope you guys enjoyed this really easy bracelet tutorial for today. This is definitely a quite a classic bracelet and looks super cool without being extremely difficult to make. So thank you guys again so much for watching this video. I really hope you enjoyed it, and I will see you in the next one!


  1. What type of cord? 1mm? How do you order the 7 strings? Are they 7 different color strings? Maybe I missed all that. And you can't see the colors clearly. Beautiful bracelet. Tks

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for explaining every step. It really helps me to make sure I’m not missing a step 💜😁😁

  3. Hey love ❤️ your vid it so clear just one thing . Are all the strand different colors or is one color bent in half to make two strands?

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