– Platinum Shield SUV and Van Cover – Lifetime Warranty – Weatherproof – Fleece lining – Platinum Shield SUV and Van Cover – Lifetime Warranty – Weatherproof – Fleece lining

– Hi this is Bob with And I’m here today to talk to you about the Platinum Shield Cover for your SUV. If you’re looking for the best
quality cover that we offer, the top quality, longest lasting
cover, the Platinum Shield is the cover for you. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and it’s the only cover that
we sell with that warranty. It also comes with a UV reflective coating that bounces off those harmful UV rays, and even keeps your vehicle
cooler in the hot summer sun. Comes with double stitched
seams for better endurance in all types of weather, and a soft fleece lining inside to protect your car’s finish. So if you live in areas
of extreme weather, like Arizona where it can
get to be 110 or 120 degrees, or up north, up in New York where you have subzero temperatures. The Platinum Shield is the perfect cover for you to protect your SUV. We offer what are called
semi-custom covers, meaning that there are no mirror pockets sewn into our covers. And we’ve engineered
them that way on purpose. The reason is that the
weakest point in any cover are the seams at the base of the mirror. And from all the tugging of the wind, that’s usually the failure point. So we engineered those
out so that we don’t have any problems with the cover lasting the lifetime of the vehicle. So when you apply your cover, you’re gonna see that it fits snugly, fits your car perfectly, but there will be no mirror pockets. If your car has an antenna, like this molded shark fin
antenna that you can see here, the cover will easily cover it without any modifications whatsoever. If your vehicle has what’s
called a stick antenna, or a whip antenna, you
can either unscrew it, or use one of the free
included antenna patch kits that come with your Platinum Shield Cover. The first time you apply the cover, you start from the back and roll it over. When it gets to the antenna, you poke just a little hole
and slide it down the antenna. Then apply the free antenna patch kit, which is a reinforced patch
with a grommet around it. That way it’ll make it very
easy from that point on to both remove and install your cover with no problems whatsoever. Our covers are also
manufactured with an elastic hem in the front, and in the back so that the cover fits
snugly under your bumper. To know which way to install your cover, look inside the cover
where we’ve sewn a label that indicates the front of the cover. So make sure that that’s
always facing forward, and your cover will fit
first time, every time. We also include a reinforced grommet on our Platinum Shield Covers that allow you to use a
security cable and lock system that slips through this
hole, passes under car, and locks to the other side. That will keep your car safe from theft, or from very jealous neighbors. Now I’d like to say that
the lock and cable system that we include free
with your Platinum Shield is there for security purposes only. If you store your car outdoors, we recommend that you talk
to our product specialists and ask for a Gust Straps Protection Kit that clips to the front of the cover, and to the rear of the cover, and connects with a bungee cord, holding your cover secure
in all types of weather. So if you’re looking for
the best quality cover for your SUV, the top of the line model, with a limited lifetime warranty, the Platinum Shield is
the cover for your SUV. We are so confident that
you’re gonna love the way this looks, and fits,
and protects your car, that we offer a 30 day
refund or exchange policy. So if for any reason, you’re unhappy with the fit of your cover, or you want to trade it
for a different size, call and talk to one of our product specialists, and we will help you get the cover that fits your vehicle perfectly. We want you as lifetime customer, and we know you’ll be happy with it. So give us a call at (light music)

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