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Hello All..This is Devyani from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Jewellery Designing Out of all the
bright career opportunities available during
this decade, jewellery designing happens to be the most unique and interesting. Crafting
a wonderful piece of jewellery doesn’t come easily to the designers mind. A lot of effort,
planning and hard work goes into creating a dazzling piece of ornament. One must be
artistic and innovative in order to produce fine jewellery. Once the idea has been prepared,
technical drawings need to be sketched. A little bit of math is also required to understand
the symmetry and proportion of the jewellery. In order to become a successful jewellery
designer, it is very important to stay inspired. It is only inspiration that can help a jeweller
design exotic and fine pieces of jewellery. A common source would be nature. Everything
that belongs to nature including forestry, landscapes and animals can stir the imagination
his/her mind. This leads to the production of artistic and well designed jewellery. Another
source of inspiration for jewellery designer is theme. When he/she thinks of love, music,
food, adventure, seas, etc, he is automatically able to create some interesting ideas in his/her
mind. A few examples that fall under this category are Christmas, Diwali, St. Patricks
Day, Birthdays, Engagement and Anniversaries. Looking for a career in jewellery designing
is not as difficult as it used was earlier. With the establishment of new schools and
colleges, the youth has started to take quite an interest in this profession. Young men
and women are now aspiring to become jewellery designers. However, one doesn’t become achieve
this goal by simply deciding to be one. Some education and tutoring is needed. Some of
the top schools in India that offer jewellery designing as a course include the Indian Institution
of Jewellery’s Professional Program, Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery (Delhi), Pearl
Academy (Delhi and Mumbai) Central India Institute of Mass Communication (Nagpur), and Fashionista,
The School of Fashion Technology (Delhi). If you are keen on studying abroad, try enrolling
yourself in some of the topmost colleges of Europe and America. Here is a quick list:
• The University of Kansas in Lawrence • Birmingham City University
• California College of the arts • China Academy of Art
• Edinburgh College of Art • Estonian Academy of Art
• San Diego State University These institutions provide both undergraduate
and post graduate courses to their students. You will learn about different kinds of jewellery
and the ancient and modern techniques used for its invention. A professional lecturer
will always be present to guide you through their lectures. It is their duty to help you
boost your creativity skills and enhance your knowledge concerning the field and jewellery.
Some universities like the one in San Diego also conducts a student exchange programme
every year where some of the most remarkable students have the opportunity to visit a new
destination and speak about their experiences. It would definitely be fruitful to be a part
of these institutions. To learn more about the profession, log on
to Here you will learn about the latest trends related to jewellery
designing and also regarding the various avenues and opportunities lined up we will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

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