Cartier Love Bracelet, UNBOXING & REVIEW – Yellow Gold, Ladies Bangle, B6036017

Welcome back, this is Madison, at, wanted to
give you a quick peek here at one of the Cartier Love
bangles, 18-carat yellow gold that we just got in. The reference number on this is B6035517. Give you a quick chance to
see what this is all about. This Love bracelet is a flat bangle studded with screws
that locks to the wrist. And it locks using the
included mini-screwdriver here. You can see that actually
if you take a look at the inside, see if I can’t
show you the (mumbles) this. There are two screws from the outside that go all the way through. And these pieces, actually this bangle, becomes two separate
halves, C-shaped halves, and it clamps down onto the wrist locking in place with this screwdriver. And this is quite the iconic bracelet. You see these in all
sorts of precious metals, rose gold, white gold,
platinum, and yellow gold just like this, some you can get studded with precious gems as
well as diamonds, I believe. Also they’ve made them
with enamel settings. On the wrists of celebrities, socialites, heads of state, all sorts of people always photographed and
making them very popular with just about everyone. They started in New York in the 1970s. Really very very beautiful,
they go with everything. They’re considered unisex. So you can slip one on, the
idea in the beginning was that you actually had to
purchase them as a couple and exchange the screwdriver,
which was sort of the idea of it being a key, and the would, in front of the Cartier personnel, and then lock it onto the
wrist of your loved one. The screw motifs on the Love bangle, and the ideal oval
shape provide sort of an undeniable elegance that
has established this piece as a really timeless piece of jewelry. For Cartier it’s been their
most successful campaign, the Love Collection, and
if you are interested in getting one of these for
the absolute best price, head over to, we
have a low price guarantee, free shipping and a one-year warranty. So check it out on We also have videos of other versions of this bracelet as well
as other pieces of jewelry from Cartier’s Love Collection. I’m Madison from, and I will see you later.

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