Cartier Love Ring, Rose Gold UNBOXING & REVIEW – Pink Gold, Ladies Ring, B4084657

Cartier Love Ring, Rose Gold UNBOXING & REVIEW – Pink Gold, Ladies Ring, B4084657

Welcome back to I’m Madison, and today we’re
going to be taking a look at a ring from Cartier’s Love Collection. The reference number here is B4084752. You can take a look here. Now, the five two, the
last two digits here, those are the reference for the size. It’s European sizing. The U.S. equivalent is a size six. What we’re gonna do
here is we’re unboxing. I’m gonna show you what
the papers look like. We’re gonna give you a close
look, a 360 degree view, of course showing you what
it looks like on the hand. And let you know where you can find it for the best possible price. Not only if you’re looking
for a Cartier Love ring, but also other jewelry from
the Cartier Love Collection, including the famed
Cartier Love bracelets. So let’s jump right in here. This is a white gold ring. And like I said, it’s from Cartier’s famed Love Collection. It’s got the screw motifs
here all the way around. Now, there are tons of variations on this with different gems, diamonds,
and different metals. And you can take a look
on Cartier’s website for the complete listing. It’s actually their most
successful line, the Love line. They’ve got rings, bracelets, necklaces, pretty much everything. Instantly recognizable. Let’s take a look at what this comes with. Okay, so we’ve got the certificate. It’s dated, it’s stamped, and we’ve blocked out the number here. So, and it comes in this
really lovely red booklet that matches the box. This is the outer box. And let’s take a closer look at the ring. Okay, so as we said, it’s
got these screw motifs that anyone who’s familiar with this line has seen on their bracelets or bangles. And let’s take a look, if we can, on the inner edges of the ring. You’ll look for some of these hallmarks. So the 52 is the sizing, and
we can see that in there, along with the AU750, which
is the symbol for gold. And we see the Cartier inscribed there, along with other hallmarks
that you really do need a loop to look for. What you’ve got are scales, a St. Bernard, and a couple other ones. Like I said, though, you
really do need a scale to take a look at them. So I’m gonna go ahead and
show you what this looks like on the hand. It really is lovely. I would say I have about an average size to maybe a little larger than average women’s hand and fingers. So if that’s at all helpful for a size 52 European six ladies. And if you’re interested in
getting one of these pieces, whether it’s in rose gold,
white gold, yellow gold, whether it’s a ring or a bangle, if you wanna get them for
the best possible price, I would suggest heading
over to We have them for the
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some of our other videos, you can click the subscribe button or head over to our channel. Again I’m Madison from, and thanks for stopping by. I will see you at Jaztime.


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