Cartoon Hook-Ups: Silver and Amy (Ft. Quinton Flynn) SEASON 7 PREMIERE

Cartoon Hook-Ups: Silver and Amy (Ft. Quinton Flynn) SEASON 7 PREMIERE

This doesn’t feel right. C’mon Amy, don’t worry so much. It’s just… you know how I feel
about Sonic. It’s no use! You know he’s hooked up with the entire Sonic Universe. True. And I bet some of the Marvel
Universe too. You think? Do I think? Totally, babe! Ew. Don’t do that. Do what? Call me babe. It sounded gross. Well, so does an STD… and that’s what you’ll get if you hook up with him! I don’t understand how I can say anything that sounds gross. Easily. Like that did. How about this? Wow, that’s actually really
romantic. See? Maybe I’m not so bad? Ew. That voice though. What do you mean? Try a little higher. What do you mean? A little more nasally… Like this? Oh, that! Yeah, that’s perfect! Seriously!? Are you freakin kidding
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  1. #WinkyDinkMedia "Hey #WinkyDinkMedia, first of all I'm glad that you're back with ALL new seasons & second; when are you going to make a #UgandanKnuckles found Queen #Bowsette* (ft. *#WhitneyVanLaningham #NerdWire) on the next episode of #CartoonHookUps?" #BringHookUpsBack #MiddlebrooksFanatics 🤔🙏💭💖🎙️🎧📱💻🎥🎞️📽️🎬🔮

  2. Why is Amy against this when she was like with Everyone
    Remember that time that wanted Sonic thing that the Child that her had with Deadpool was actually Sonic's Child?

  3. Cartoon hook-ups ideas/requests if possible:

    Zero x Alia,Megaman x Roll,Ryu x Cammy,Ryu x Chun Li,Ichigo x Rukia,Bugs Bunny x Lola Bunny,Sakura x Naruto,Megaman x Roll,Yugi Muto x Tea,Sonic x Lilac,Steven Universe x Star Butterfly,Dio Brando x Sakuya,Master Roshi x Marron,Dante x Bayonetta,Yusuke Urameshi x Keiko,Mario x Rosalina,Harold Cooplowski Coop/ x Kiva Andru,Luigi x Daisy,Gon Freecs x Pitou,Rowdyruff Boys X Powerpuff girls,Zoro x Tashigi,Miss Marvel x Captain Marvel,Ash Ketchum x Misty,Super girl x Super boy,Goku x Bulma,Goku Suno,Roshi x Marom,Vegeta x Chichi ,Vegeta x Android 18,Vegeta x Marom and Launch

    Sonic Cartoon hook- ups ideas/requests: Sonic x Madonna Garnet,Knuckels x Amy Rose,Shadow x Merna the Merhog,Amy Rose x Uncle Chuck,Sonic x Princess Elise,Sonic x Breezie,Sonic x Princess Sara,Sonic x Shahra the Ring Genie,Sonic x Mina Mongoose,Amy x Manic,Amy x Metal Sonic,Miles Tails x Cosmo,Tails x Honey the cat,Knuckels x Stick the Badge,Tails x Marine the Raccon,Knuckels x Tikal,Shadow x Bunnie rabbot,Shadow x Vanilla the Rabitt,Tails x Cream,Silver the Hedgehog x Elise,Silver x Princess Sara,Scourge x Fiona Fox,Shade the Echidna x Knuckels,Knuckels x Cosmo,Julie-Su x Knuckels,Shadow x Lien-Da,Nicole,Fang the Sniper,Jet the Hawk,Wave the Swallow x Storm the albatross,Sally Acorn x Rotor,Sally x Antoine D'Coolette,Scourge x Rouge the Bat,Shadow x Blaze the Cat,Shadow x Tikal,Shadow x Sonia,Shadow x Queen Aleena,Sonic x Scarlet Garcia,Shadow x Topaz,Shadow x Molly,(characters from Sonic X),Shadow x Maria

  4. Do another one with Raven and Deadpool again. But this time have Beast Boy come in and Raven tells him and Beast Boy does too. Then Deadpool makes one of his comments. Then that will to a Raven and Beast Boy Hook up part 2. Also for some new ones. Do Tskunne Ano from the anime Rosario Vampire. And have him hook up with all the girls that like him. Save Inner Moka for last. Also get Michael Corvin and Selene from The Underworld franchise. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasse.

  5. Nice you should see if you can do vegeta and califla.
    Be even better if you could get bulma bunny and prince vegeta to voice them.

  6. You know, R.C. Smith voiced sertain soldiers in MGS 4 and Flynn voiced Raiden in all games with him. Just a fan fact to say, nothing more.

    *Insert MGS meme here if you want*

  7. I don’t believe it. I honestly can’t believe it. You got the actual voice of Silver to do this video about his character banging Amy Rose. Well I’m not surprised, since he once prank called David Hayter in his Raiden voice 😂

  8. * sees who is voicing Silver in this video *

    OH. MY. GOD. O.O;

    I know that this is just an animated parody video or some shit, but… SERIOUSLY, QUINTON FLYNN?!?!

    This doesn't mean you've sold out a little, has it?! < : (

  9. All the sonic character ones are the best and it fuckin sucks that Winky Dink pussied out they haven't even gotten a chance to make more star fox episodes or most importantly I just wondered what the Swat Kats characters would of been like in the winky dink universe?

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