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Cash For Gold Oshawa | Bowmanville | Lawful Scales 905-623-1555

so as you can see here, this is our scale, I wanna talk
a little bit about legality issues surrounding scales If you are a retail store like this doing
business with the public buying gold you have to have a certified scale and if I tilt the camera over here a bit give you a little better angle you’ll see right down here , here’s our certification from government for that. And
this is a requirement if you’re gonna buy gold jewellery from the public so, that’s something to look for folks because these scales are quite accurate and it can make a difference the amount of money you get
and after all is the law. For example here’s a Liberty coin should be 31.1 or slightly better, they’re always a
little heavier than and one troy ounce. As you can see there
this measures to a 1000’s of a gram so it’s extremely accurate, three decimal point scale and it’s also if you look at the
functions the units it only weighs there’s a ton different types of increments the scale can
weigh in by those other increments because of our
trade are locked out that’s one of the things that when the government
inspectors go over it they actually lock out certain functions and the only two functions we can have
if you can see this is gram and if I press “unit ” it will switch to “carat ” those are the only two functions that were
allowed to use….. so this is something to look for when dealing with someone in the gold buying business let me get that back to gram so there you have it, it’s a $3000 Ohaus scale , so when you come in to our store at Durham Precious Metals you get good accurate readings and fair prices

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