Cedar Roof Shingles Installation on Studio Garage Copper Flashings

Cedar Roof Shingles Installation on Studio Garage Copper Flashings

So here’s a cedar roof going on a little garage. Because of the inside of the garage is sheeted right, or drywalled right to the top of the rafters here, I’m using a granular under coursing instead of paper. Because the granulars are there, the little sandy stuff is there, it allows the moisture to escape from under the shingles when condensation occurs. As you can see, we’re shingling in a skylight here, and I’ve got the paper running, or the granular base running underneath the step flashing, and over here, you’ll see that I’m running small pieces of the granular out under the step flashing as well, to provide a better seal around the skylight. Skylights are always difficult to seal, so whatever you can do extra there, it’s easy to, whatever’s easy to do, when it’s open like that, it’s may as well do it. I didn’t want to take the flashings off this skylight so, otherwise I would have shingled them into the shingles, but as I’m doing this other shingling below it with the bits of granular base, I believe I’ll accomplish the same thing, if not better. Gives it one more layer of protection anyway. As you’ll see, we’re using copper flashing up the eave, and copper flashing in the valleys. Can show you this copper flashing in this valley here. We are also using a taper down cap. And here’s copper flashing in the valley, I use the wide base flashing, and because the copper was so expensive, I just used a small slice of the copper flashing in the middle. The base flashing is twenty four inches wide, twelve inches up each side, which gives a good seal. And again, the under coursing runs through continuously under that. It’s a long project, cedar shingling. So I built a scaffold here, as you can see, my scaffold has got guard rails on it, and two planks, and makes it nice and easy to work on this stuff. We have rope, like a safety rope also, compensation hook on the top, If I can get over here, I’ll show you the eave flashing, the copper eave flashing, which is quite nice. Maybe I can’t. You can maybe see it there, hangs out over the edge, that makes a nice straight, up the top approach to things. Here’s another valley that’s going to get the double valley treatment. And yeah, that’s a cedar shingle roof, that’ll last twenty-five years at least, maybe longer with this granular base. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]


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  2. Aren't you supposed to put a cold roof and or a cedar breather product under with the perforated felt when installing a cedar roof?

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