Chahamanas of Shakambhari Lakshmi silver coin

Chahamanas of Shakambhari Lakshmi silver coin

so hello fellow coin click this here you
going today and today I have some coin that is actually different so if you’ve
been following my channel you know sometimes I mentioned the coins I
actually like to click and here is one of them
so this is actually a coin from India and it’s from the chakram dynasty yeah I
know butchered that name but I’ve actually never heard that name being
pronounced so if anyone can actually correct my pronunciation that’d be
awesome so this is a well they put the
denomination a stator but it’s actually quite a small coin so it’s more like a a
dragon-type Greek coin you get these in weight variations or between three and a
half and four and a half grams which is pretty much a standard weight foot coin
of that time period so as you can see on this side it has just a very basic image
and this is actually the god Laxmi so and I’m surprised actually use some gods
names or some of them for people with I know someone whose wife is names and
likes me as well and well here is a head this is a body so there’s a breast and
down what’s that camera moving I think the camera is too heavy for the stand so
anyway and this is a dress piece of clothing down below dots and probably
the belly button yeah and here’s our arms and the legs actually wrap around
so I could she’s actually sitting down and she’s sitting on the chair so
there’s actually represent a chair and it’s quite a nice coin it’s actually a
small coin so if I can compare it with another point I will use a Australian
weapons coin so the footprints coin is about half the weight of this coin so
this coin is actually thicker you can see the actual
details of the sighs here you go I’ve put on top of the footprints never look
it actually fits on it quite well and this coin you usually find in a round
coin but as with a lot of ancient coins the actual size of the flan really isn’t
that important it’s actually the weight of the metal that it contains that is
the more important part of these coins so you’ll get coins they try to get the
flame so the same size but if not then they’re not really – you know they’re
not really it’s not really too important if it’s too thick they will just cut the
middle off if it’s too small they’ll just discard it remount it and
use it for another coin so here is the reverse so I’m calling this the reverse
because the Laxmi would have been an important figure what as it is now in
hinduism and that would have been placed it as the important side of the actual
coin yes i just has the inscription Sri Racha Deva so Raja Deva is actually the
King’s name and it’s basically all that the inscription has so you got some of
the inscription like the first litter down here in the last one it’s half off
the flan so the actual coin should have been a little bit bigger and it’s also
dotted around the side so you can see that dots up the top and these coins are
actually quite common because I read that um these coins at the time minted
in a lot there was just a lot of them minted per day per year that they
actually circulated right up into his grandsons so it’s probably like about 40
or 50 years remember from memory but these are
actually quite common at the time but now actually a bit scarce because Asia
no Indian economy is actually growing a lot so to collect this marking India
actually also grown so a lot of collectors because of the importance of
Laxmi on the coins they would have been snapped up and they the value of these
coins has actually gone up quite a lot so you’re probably looking about 30 or
40 dollars per coin just for this one you know a lot rarer issues of these
silver coins you looking at a more I think you’re gonna pay more of a higher
value for those coins but you can see these coins actually a lot pitted
because this would have also had other metals in it like copper tin on whatever
else obviously those ones have started to corrode and go out of the middle and
it’s causing some pits and holes in the actual coin so this is what you need to
actually be careful about so you need to actually take steps to actually protect
this coin and it just makes it a very unique and interesting part of history
so I hope you like this coin it’s one of my collection I tried to get ever points
of the Chao ones charmers whatever you want to call him but in Australia
actually a bit harder to get and a place you would have to look is India you know
the walls of India it’s a bit hard to get in export to Australia it’s anyway
well I say thank you very much for watching my video and I hope that you
enjoy this coin and let me know what you think of it down below thank you and bye


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