Hello everyone! My name is Masha Knots
and today I’m going to teach you how to make the chained candystripe bracelet. So I really enjoyed this bracelet. If you’ve seen my “Unfinished Bracelet Collection”
video, I actually talked about how I thought that I came up with this
technique when I first tried it. And, I mean, I sort of did. When I tried it
originally, I came up with it, but I didn’t realize that it was actually
pretty widespread technique that people use. And you’ve been requesting the
tutorial on this bracelet ever since, so I’m finally getting around to doing it.
As you may or may not know, June is actually pride month, so I decided to go
with the colors of the pride flag for this bracelet. So let’s get into the
tutorial. You can choose however many colors and whichever colors that you like,
but I’ve chosen these six colors I’m gonna cut two strings for each of those
colors and each of them is going to be about a meter long. So I’ve arranged my
string onto my work space in the order that I want to see it in the bracelet
and since I’ve cut two strings of each color, there are two strings of each
color here as well. So what we’re going to be doing first is just a regular candystripe. What I need you to know before going into this tutorial is how to make
the basic knots and if you don’t know how to do that – I have a special tutorial
on that and it’s gonna be linked in the card and in the description. So I’m gonna
assume that you do know how to make it before going into this tutorial. So we’re
gonna start by taking the first string on the left, which is this beautiful red
one for me, and we’re going to start by doing a forward knot onto each of these
strings individually in the order that they are laid out here. So a forward knot
on this red one first, a forward knot onto the orange, onto the next orange, onto the yellow and I’m doing my knots
very carefully because this is the first row and I’ve just secured it here, so
it’s sort of pulling on the strings while I’m making the knots, so I’m doing
them very carefully for this first row. Next comes the next yellow
and so on. I do a forward knot onto each of these strings until I reach the end. So, by doing that entire row of forward
knots with the red string, we’ve successfully moved the red string from
the left to the right and now we only have one other red string left on the
left side. So we’re going to separate that one, the second red string on the
left, and we’re going to be doing the exact same thing – we’re going to be doing
forward knots onto each of the strings individually, including the red string on
the right. So we’re going to do a forward knot onto each of these, and then as well,
we’re going to do a forward knot onto the other red string with this red
string. So as I said, a forward knot onto each of these strings and a forward knot
onto the other red string as well. So now we’ve done two rows of forward knots
with both of the red strings and both of the red strings are now on the right and
not on the left. So the next string that’s closest to the left is the orange one. So
we’re going to do the exact same thing with the orange string – a row of forward
knots bringing the string from left to right, then the next string is going to
be the second orange string, we’re gonna do again a row a forward knots and then
another forward knot onto this orange string, which is gonna be on the
right at that point, and the color on the left is going to be the yellow. We’re
gonna do the same with the yellow, then the same with the green, same with the
blue and same with the purple and then we’re gonna do something special. So I’m
gonna do these rows of forward knots with each of these strings until I reach
the end where I’ve brought the purple to the right side and they’ll get back to
you. So, I finished making the candy stripe portion. We are back to the order
that we were in at the very beginning. So I’ve got the two reds on the left,
just as I had them at the very beginning. So this is the point where you can loop
the pattern and you can just continue making it like that if you just want to
do the candystripe, but here we’re gonna start making the chains. So for that
we’re going to separate the two strings on the left, which are the two red
strings, we’re going to put these strings off to the side cos we don’t need them right now
and we’re just going to make a forward knot with the left string onto the right
string. This is where the real fun begins because now we’re taking the string that
is now on the left – so we’ve done a forward knot, moving this string from
left to right, now this string is on the left and we’re going to do a forward
knot with this string onto the other red string. And with that you see that the
red strings are starting to separate from the rest of the strings. I’m going
to do another one with this string that’s on the left. I’m going to do a
forward knot onto the string that’s on the right again. And the more of these you do,
the longer the chain will become. I’m probably gonna do five. So I’ve done
three already, I’m gonna do another one and then another one and there we go. I
have a separate chain of the red going completely separate from all the other
strings. So I’ve done five, I think five is about enough for me. I’m gonna put
these off to the side and I’m gonna grab the next color, which is the orange and
I’m gonna do the exact same thing with the orange – I’m gonna do 5 forward knots,
so one forward knot like this and then, since the string moved, I’m gonna switch
the leading string and I’m gonna do another forward knot. And again, the
forward knot moved the string to the right, so I’m switching the leading string
and I’m doing another forward knot and then another, and then another. So there
you’ve got the red one, you’ve got the orange one, we’re gonna do the same thing
for each of the colors and then we’re going to connect them all as we go into
the bracelet again. So I have all of my chains completed,
they each have the same number of knots. I did five knots for each. So now we’re
going to go into doing the exact same thing – we’re gonna take the string that’s on the leftmost and we’re going to do a forward knot onto the next string,
then the next string is the orange one we’re gonna do a forward knot on that
carefully, then to the next orange one, to the yellow one and so on until we reach
the end. That’s pretty much it. There we go. We’ve connected all of the chains
back together, so we’re gonna go into the candystripe now. We’re going to do the
same thing as we did here: forward knots with the leftmost string all the way
down to the end and then again forward knots with the leftmost string all the
way down to the end until we reach the purple. Then we’re going to do the chains
again, then we’re going to connect them again and do the candystripe and then
so on and so on and so on until the bracelet reaches the length that you
desire. So I’m going to go off-camera and finish this bracelet and I’ll be right
with you when I’m done. So I’ve now finished my bracelet and I want to
finish this bracelet off by doing half of a triangle end. Now I have a full
tutorial on how to make triangle ends it’s in the cart and in the description,
but since I’m gonna be doing half of a triangle end here I thought I might as
well show you in detail how to do it again.
So taking the first two strands on the left and I’m going to be doing a
backward knot onto the string on the left.
I am now going to be taking the next string which is the orange string here
and I’m gonna be doing a backward knot onto both of these strings at the same
time. And taking the next string which is this orange one, again, I’m gonna do a
backward knot onto the entire strand, so three strings here on the left at the
same time. Next string – same thing, backward knot onto the entire strand and
I’m going to continue doing this, making backward knots with each string onto the
entire strand on the left until I reach the end. There you go, now that I’ve
gotten to the end of my bracelet I’m gonna end this bracelet by making
twisted ties here and that’ll be it. So, there you have it! This is how the
bracelet turned out. Now you can sort of straighten out the chains like that and
wear the bracelet like that, but I prefer the look of it when it’s tilted like so.
I think it gives it sort of a unique effect and I prefer that more. I hope you
guys enjoyed today’s videos I hope you learned something new today. If you ever
make anything based on any of my videos I always love to see you guys’ creations
over an Instagram so tag me in a post or send me a DM, I always love to see
your pictures. I’ve recently launched a Patreon, it’ll be linked down in the
description, that is definitely the best way to support this channel to make sure
that I can keep creating these videos and also it’s a really good way to earn
yourself some exclusive patron-only perks such as a patron-only bracelet
competition, increasing your chance of winning a bracelet of mine. In any case,
thanks for watching! I post videos every Wednesday and Sunday and I’ll see you on
Sunday, bye!


  1. I don't think I'm first, but this was a great video. It's so great you are doing something related to the pride month. Definitely trying this one.

  2. I latterly made a very similar candy stripe where I would leave some space in between switching Directions from forward to backward and did not do a chain and it looks soooooo cool

  3. You guys have been asking for this tutorial non-stop ever since I first mentioned this bracelet and I'm glad to finally provide! Very happy to have used this opportunity to do a pride month bracelet, too! I hope you know that whoever and wherever you are, you are welcome here on my channel. And whether you are a part of the LGBT+ community or not, let's all be proud together 🏳️‍🌈

  4. You know, I would recommend that you take a look at something called puncetto. It's nowhere near a 1:1 correspondence between that and friendship knots (puncetto is done with one long thread and a needle for example), but I'm just about positive that there are ways to mimic some of the effects of puncetto — spiders, filet, etc. — in friendship knots.

  5. I'm so happy to see a pride bracelet! I usually don't see people make stuff like this very often, and it warms my queer heart to witness it being done. Thank you for supporting the LGBTQ+ community! p.s. I love the bracelet pattern 😊

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  9. I already know how to make this bracelet but I’m watching this video anyway because you’re my favorite YouTuber 💕🥰

    Happy Pride to everyone

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  13. To the 4 people who thumbs down, what’s wronggggg with you !? Jeeeezzzz.
    Another awesome video and I will definitely be trying this bracelet out! Much loveeee ❤️

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  19. just you explaining is making me make bracelets easily, i’ve tried other tutorials but they didnt work out, when i saw your channel, and all the complex designs, i thought i couldnt do it. Turns out that these are all very easy.

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