Chapati machine in the largest free “restaurant” / Golden temple community kitchen, Amritsar, part 1

Chapati machine in the largest free “restaurant” / Golden temple community kitchen, Amritsar, part 1

hi this is beau under oath and authentic hotfoot I’m in Amritsar in India in golden temple which is the holiest place of Sikh religion six come Eurasia at least in once in their lifetime for special occasions like birthdays weddings and so on golden temple is open to all people of any religion and national team sharing helping each other and living as a part of a community belong to seek Buddhist that’s why there is a huge community kitchen as a part of golden temple where meals for all people who come here are being prepared and then served for free for everyone sometimes it can be even one hundred thousand people a day so the kitchen has to be really huge the essential Indian dish is chapati so at this first part of a video series from the golden temple I will show the hugest chapati machine I have ever seen I think nearly no command is needed as you will understand pretty well what’s happening there for sure just believe me everything is super huge much larger than it appears in the video to make it a party is very easy in just a mix of flour water and salt if you want to see an authentic video recipe how to make a homemade chapati in a regular family among chuckling in in folk art or in the description where you’ll find a chapati preparation I found in a desert in Rajasthan most of the process like rolling shaping and making of chapati is ultimate I think to this running belt jeez everything around golden temple and Sikhism is very interesting to learn more about it and to see some cool photos from this monster kitchen check link in the info card these colorful turbines will to seek traditional dress interns to go to Temple with uncovered hair is my family that’s why I wore the hoodie at the beginning of the video Sikhs never cut their hair and many of them even never forget here at final stage this game of ladies spread on in chapathi ghee which is clarified butter and then chapatis are ready to be served in community dining room together with other meals so this was the famous chapati machine from golden temple community kitchen if you want to see other videos from other parts of the kitchen stay tuned thank you for watching check links in the description for info card with chapati recipe blog post and photos about golden temple and links to my social media and subscribe for the channel if you didn’t want to miss any video about authentic cooking around the world


  1. Wow! Great info! I always used to wonder how they made the chapatis at the Golden Temple, especially in such a large quantity. Now I know.

    Keep these awesome videos coming. 😀

  2. This is beautiful – love your videos. Watching your videos take me back to my roots in India. Thank you for taking the time to create these, I can't explain the feeling I get. Also, just wondering if you know what song that was playing in the background in the beginning of the video? Take care, love from Australia! 🙂

  3. hi…love ur videos….i've got one question though…why does it seem that when u talk during the start of the clipping it seems as if its non-sync with the video…its happens in for all ur videos…

  4. Sikhs are always so super nice and generous. 🙂 My professor of geology and religion in college, Dr. Raj was a devout khalsa Sikh and was extremely kind and helpful to the students. Sometimes, he'd even make homemade Indian and Mexican snacks for everyone in the religious studies department as well as the science department.

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