Chase Goehring: Original Rapper Gets DJ Khaled’s GOLDEN BUZZER!!! America’s Got Talent 2017

Chase Goehring: Original Rapper Gets DJ Khaled’s GOLDEN BUZZER!!! America’s Got Talent 2017

Yeah, it’s really it’s really about me. I know I did a song about somebody else.. Simon: Yeah.
the first time but this song is about me cause I really just want to be my own artist and make music that people can relate to.
Simon: Does this mean more to you now, you’re here in this middle stage? There’s been so much talent here, and it’s been so unique and I’m actually really nervous. I think you’re a great songwriter, so I really hope today’s as good as the first.
Chase: Thank you.
Simon: And good luck. I’m out to be the best me that I can be
Workin’ on my craft day in and out 
You know that’s what I’m about No I’m not aimin’ to become famous. I just want to play and sing this The only competition I see is myself. I gotta tunnel vision kinda like a telescope And I’m lookin’ at
And I’m picking at everything that I can do to become better I see a lot of people. I hear a lot of things they’re talkin’ about diamond rings, money things I guess that happens when you hit the top, become unsatisfied with everything that you’ve already got. You say it’s all about the music But you don’t even live it Yeah, you lie to your fans. singing from my shadow you can call that shade I don’t sing for a backtrack
I write songs in my SnapBack
I don’t care what they say I’m keepin’ it real
Kinda like an a Capella. A capella a-a capella A capella a-a capella A capella a-a capella keeping it real Kinda like an acapella sometimes, I need to focus on myself and what I need Sometimes I feel like my mind is on it’s own kind of speed. [rapping] But I guess it’s the way that it goes when you try to write like a beast This is my feast. Don’t ever classify me as a rapper. I spit a little bit and I can talk fast but that’s it. It ain’t about the gold chains 
Ain’t about the fake girls Ain’t about the high life
Ain’t about the money See my lyrics are different. They come alive the minute I start to sing them. I would say that I put my soul all up in them. But I am a ginger you know how that goes I don’t hook up with strangers. NO. I’ve got class and respect. Yeah I don’t care what they say. Keepin’ it real kinda like an acapella Acapella ah-Acapella. acapella ah-Acapella. Acapella ah-capella. Keeping it real kinda like an acapella. I think that song was original..
I think it was. I never heard it. Thank you. Good Chase! Mel. Your voice is good. You play guitar good, the lyrics, everything! I actually felt like I was just at your private concert [Heidi:Yeah] just then. I really did.
Chase: Thank you. I thought you were fantastic the last time you were Fantastic today, one thing. I want to know..when you said you know, I’m ginger, you know how that goes, will you explain that to us? *crowd laughter* Yeah, so there’s um There’s this joke kind of thing about how gingers don’t have souls…
Mel B: But you do have soul! And they say for every freckle we have we steal a soul.
Mel B.: What?! Never heard this before! But anyway I think you’re fantastic. You really are. You’re very special. Thank you, so much Heidi. Tonight reminded me once again, why I enjoy doing what I do so much. Thank you.
Simon: And the best compliment I can give you, Chase, if you ask for any advice of me I would say there’s nothing I can tell you. Man: What?
Woman: Wow/ Simon: Because you’ve got it all happening. You’re a good guy. I like your energy. Let me go to DJ. You know I do this music thing for real. You see? And I put out a lot of hit records.. And let me tell you somethin’.. The lyrics they so Real and authentic like an acapella The way you was breaking it down And I was listening to the words and the way you got the crowd involved and then you came with your own song not somebody else’s song You’re on your way to be a star this show and this stage is going to make you into a.. Superstar. Man: Oh, man! You kiddin’ me? Oh, my gosh. I’m tearing up. Chase: Thank you so much. You have no idea! DJ: You’ve got it.
Chase: You’re amazing. Thank you.
DJ: We’ve got to work together.
Chase: Yes! We’ve got to do something together.
Chase: Please! That’d be so- Congrats.
Make some noise! Make some noise.

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