CHEVRON TUTORIAL || Friendship Bracelets

CHEVRON TUTORIAL || Friendship Bracelets

Hello everyone my name is Masha Knots and today I’m going to teach you how to
make this chevron bracelet. Now the chevron bracelet looks like this. It is a bracelet in the shape of an arrow sort of like a v-shape. This is the pattern
that I recommend beginners should make to people who have never made bracelets
before in their lives, I really do think that this bracelet is the perfect
introduction to friendship bracelets. So in this tutorial I’m going to go from
the beginning to end with you to help you understand how to make this bracelet.
Before we start I just want to mention that my videos are made possible by the
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the link to my Patreon is down in the description, but for now let’s get into
the video. You can use as many colors as you like and whatever colors that you
like, you just have to keep in mind that the more strings you use the wider your
bracelet is going to be and the longer it’s gonna take you to make it. I’m going
to be using these four colors today. So you can start and finish your bracelet
however you want and I have a whole separate playlist on different starts
and finishes to friendship bracelets, but I personally today I’m going to be doing
the simplest loop you could possibly do. So if you’re doing a loop like me, I
suggest you cut each string to be about one and a half meters, that way when you
fold it it’s going to be about 75 centimeters long, if you’re not going to
be doing a loop if you do some other type of closure you can cut those
strings to be 75 centimeters long. But once again, since I am doing the loop,
since I’m folding the string I have to double it so it’s going to be about one
and a half meters. As I mentioned before, I have a whole separate playlist on
different closures that includes different types of loops, but today I’m
going to be doing the most simple type of loop that you can possibly do. So
you’ve got to fold your string and have to make sure that all the ends meet on
the other side that way you know you’ve folded the string directly in half. And
then you choose a point where you want your loop to start and at that point you
make a simple knot. Just like that. We’re not doing anything fancy today, just a simple loop to start off your bracelet. Now if you’ve watched my
beginner’s guide video you would have seen me talk about how there are
different ways of securing your bracelets to the workspace. Now today I’m
using a pillow and I’m going to be using a safety pin to put through the loop and
secure it onto my pillow. Now this is how I usually do it, I do one small incision
with the safety pin and I bring it back out, I then put the loop here through and
I do one incision in between the loop and bring it back out and then I do one
last incision after the loop, bring it back out and secure the safety pin. That
way my loop is nice and secure underneath the safety pin. So you’re
gonna start your Chevron by sorting the string now, I want my red string to be
the first that appears in the bracelet, so I’m going to sort one red string to
the right and one red string to the left. I then what the blue to appear in my
bracelet ,so I’m going to put one blue to the right and the other to the left,next
I want the yellow and last but not least the green. So you want your strings to be
exactly symmetrical on the left and on the right in the order that you want
them to appear into your bracelet. Now the reason that I recommend the chevron
as the first bracelet for you to make if you are a beginner is because the
chevron uses both forward and backward knots, so the entire left half is made up
of forward knots and the entire right half is made up of backward knots which
makes the V shape. That way when you’re making the chevron you practice those
backward and forward knots at the same time, getting used to both of them
simultaneously, so you don’t end up being more comfortable with doing one over the
other. Now if you are completely new and you don’t know how to do basic knots, I
do recommend that you watch my basic knots tutorial, it’s gonna be linked in
the card and in the description down below for you to check out. However, I am
going to be showing you how to do the knots today as
well, just saying that if you do want more of an in-depth tutorial I do have
that available for you as well. So we’re going to start by focusing on the left
side. So I’m going to put the right side away and I’m gonna bring at the left
side closer in. So the left side as I said before is pretty much only forward
knots, so I’m going to start by taking the first string which for me is the red and
the second string which is the blue, and I’m going to be making a forward knot
between them. A forward knot is a knot with the string on the left onto the
string on the right that brings the string on the left to the right. So I’m
going to be showing you how to do that now. I grab my string that I’m making the
knot onto, which is this blue one, I grab the other string which I’m making the
knot with and I put the red string onto the blue string, making the shape of a
four, I then need to pull this red string through the loop, so I usually do that by
putting my finger inside the loop, then under the blue string, like this grabbing
the red string with my nail and twisting it over and pulling it through and then
I tie the knot up. Now that is one half of a forward knot. To complete the knot I
need to do the exact same thing again. So again, putting the red string over the
blue string like that, making the shape of a four, putting my finger inside, under,
twisting the string through and pulling it up. As you see now, the red string has
moved from the left to the right. That is what a forward knot does – it moves the
string from left to right. Now I’m going to put the blue string onto the side, I’m
still focusing on the red string, I’m going to grab the next one, which is the
yellow one in my case and I’m going to do a forward knot with the red string
onto the yellow string. So doing the same thing as I did before, the red string
goes on top of the yellow string like so, put my finger inside the loop, under the
string, pull the red string through, tie the knot and that I did the exact
same thing again, completing the knot. Now the string has
moved from left to right again, the red string is now on the right. I put these
two strings on the side since I’ve already made knots onto them.
I grab the next string which is the green and I do the exact same thing, a
forward knot with the red string on to the green string. There goes one half and
there goes the other half. There we go. The entire left side is done, we now put
all of these four strings to the left, so that they’re not in the way and I bring
these strings back. Since I moved them away, they have already messed up again,
so I’m gonna sort them out by color as well, so I had the red string go first, then
I have the blue and the yellow and the green. So we’re going to be doing the
exact same thing on this side, but we’re going to mirror it. So instead
of doing it forward knot we’re doing a backward knot, which is exactly the same, but a mirror image of the forward knot. So again, grabbing the red string and the
blue string. I’m going to be doing a backward knot, this time so I’m holding
the blue string, I am putting the red string onto the blue string as well, but
this time it’s not in the shape of a 4, it is in the shape of the inverted 4, I put my
finger into the loop, under the string, grab the red string with my nail, twist
it and pull it through and I tie the knot and then, I do exactly the same
thing one more time, I put the red string onto the blue string, put my finger in
the loop, under the string, twist it out and pull it through, completing the knot.
Now I’m putting the blue string off to the side since I’m done with that, I grab
the next string, which is my yellow string and I do a backward knot onto
this one as well, just like I did that before. So again, red string goes on top
of the yellow string, my finger goes inside the loop, under the string, pull
the red string up and and then up again, and I do the second
half of the not exactly the same, pulling it through like that as well. The other
string goes off to the side, I grab the green string, which is next and the same
thing happens here, the red string goes on the top of the green string and like so. I pull it through and I make the knot. The
most important thing for the first row especially is to not get your strings
mixed up, so you want to have them in exact order that you wanted them to be
from the beginning. Now the last step as we have moved both of the red strings
into the center from the sides as you remember they were out on this sides at
the beginning, they are now both in the middle in the center, we need to do a
knot between them. Now when we have two strings of the exact same color, as we
have here, we have two red strings, they are exactly the same, we can do any type
of knot between them forward, backward, forward-backward or backward-forward, it
really doesn’t matter, since they are the exactly the same color, they’re not is
gonna come out looking the exact same. I’m going to do it who would not just
because that is something that I’m most comfortable with. Now there we go the first row of our
bracelet is complete. It does look a little bit messy, but that is because it
comes straight after the knot and it is a little bit bunched up. If you want to
avoid that bunching up, if you don’t like how that looks, you might want to look
into different starts and closures I recommend maybe the basic loop, because
this isn’t the best type of closure for your bracelet, but that is also a
personal preference, if you don’t mind, that it’s also completely fine. So next
row of your bracelet is literally the exact same, obviously the red string is
now in the center, but you do the same thing with the next string. So I’m going
to focus on the left side for now, I’ve got the blue string, that is now out off
to the side and I’m going to be doing forward knots with the blue string onto
each individual string here, as on to the red string as well. Now that it’s moved
it is in the center. I’m going to be making a forward knot onto that as well.
So taking the blue string, I do a forward knot onto the yellow string. I do a forward knot onto the green
string as well, then onto the red string, that was quick.
Now I’m focusing on the right side, I moved that off to the left and I go one
by one, first a backward knot onto the yellow string. Then onto the green string. And on to the last string, which is the
red string and then last but not least a not between the two blue strings. I’m
going to be doing a forward knot here. So there we go, you completed the row with
the blue string, so you’re literally going to continue doing that,
taking the outermost string, doing forward knots individually, on each
string, on the left then taking the outermost string on the right, doing
backward knots onto each of these strings individually on the right and
then a knot between the two strings in the middle. And you’re going to continue
doing that row by row, color after color, until the bracelet reaches the length
that you want and the typical bracelet length is somewhere between 14 to 18
centimeters. So that’s what I’m going to do now, I’m going to finish this bracelet
and I’ll get back to you what I’m done. Okay, so I do have a beginners mistakes
video where, I talk about all of this stuff, but since it happened to me while,
I was knotting this bracelet, I thought I would show you as well, you can see here
that a color popped through on my knot, this was meant to be a backward knot
with the yellow string onto the blue string, but something happened and the
blue string popped through. This is something that happens quite a lot and
it’s very common and can happen to you, and all you need to do, when this happens is pull on the string that is popping
through. So for me it is the blue string, very difficult to do with one hand, since
I’m holding the camera right now. You just need to pull, there you go, you just
needed to pull on the string, that probably didn’t film very well, but I
pulled on the string and the color popped through you might have heard, it and the
string is back to normal. And if you notice this on time, as I noticed it here,
as I just made the knot and I noticed that the color popped through, if you notice it on time, then you pull the string out on time, then you won’t have
any issues and your bracelet will turn out looking fine. But if you don’t notice
it it’s going to stay there and you’ll have to undo a couple of knots to get back to
it and do it, so yeah, I’m going to continue making this bracelet and I’ll
be back with you once I’m done. Alright, now that I finished my bracelet,
I want to make two simple braids for the test, so since I have four colors, I’m
going to have two and one strand and one color of each in the other strand to
make my braid, and you make the braid by putting one strand into the center. Just like that. And then once you reach the end you do a
simple knot. And then you cut off the excess string.
Now I don’t have a lot of string left over I can’t really do anything with it,
so I’m gonna throw it away, but if you do have a more string left over than what I
had, I suggest you keep it, because you can reuse it in future projects, such as
alpha packings. Now we’re gonna do another tie on the right side and I’ll
get back to you what’s that’s done and. There you have it the bracelet is
finished, now how you tie this bracelet is you put one of the ties through the
loop like, so and then you tie it on to The other one. By doing one knot and then, maybe, a
double knot like that, securing the bracelet. That way it won’t untie. So
that’s how you make the basic chevron bracelet and, as I said, this is the
bracelet that I recommend you try for the first time, if you’ve never made
bracelets before, I think this makes a great first bracelet, because not only is
it pretty cute looking, you’re also learning both of the main types of knots,
to make friendship bracelets. So you can go on to do more difficult bracelets in
the future. Now if you need more help in your learning journey, I do suggest that
you watch my beginner’s guide video, because I talk about a lot of different
things in there and I show you a bunch of different resources that you as a
beginner can use to learn more about bracelets, I also have a bunch of
beginner tutorials up on my channel and I’ll leave a link to the playlist down
in the description, if you want to check it out. But overall, I hope you enjoy
today’s video, I hope you learned something new from it, if you ever make,
anything based on any of my videos, I always love to see you guys creations, so
if you ever post to Instagram, don’t forget to tag me in the post, so I can
see them. Once again, I want to give a special
shout-out to all my Patrons especially to Sunshine and Lisa and if you also
want to become a Patron, there is a link in the description. This is the best way
to support the channel and also get exclusive patron-only perks. So thank you
very much for watching, I post videos on Wednesdays and Sundays and I will see
you on Sunday, bye!


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