Chicken Wings with edible 24-karat gold?! Created by Jonathan Cheban

Chicken Wings with edible 24-karat gold?! Created by Jonathan Cheban

Hey I’m Megan Edwards and welcome to
BareTalk TV. Today we are talking about a very serious topic, it is gold on chicken
wings at a restaurant in New York City, actually Jonathan Cheban who is Kim
Kardashian’s BFF and who calls himself ‘the food god,’ has has come up with this
idea along with some other people. Would you guys eat 24 karat gold? – Yeah I’ve
eaten gold desserts and you cannot taste the gold, it’s just very pretty –
So yeah what’s the point of this? – It just to be, it’s just pretty it’s like –
gluttonous – yeah it’s to be gluttonous and to say, ‘I have eaten gold.’ – I get my
daily rotisserie chicken from save on – And then he puts gold on it. – I really
thought about it but I guess I guess so, but again, why? – Honestly, I feel that
Jonathan Cheban probably has a lot of money, he that he’s been on Keeping Up
with Kardashians, and I forget what else he does maybe, real estate of some sort, I
can’t remember. I’ve seen him on Celebrity Big Brother, on in The UK, all
this stuff to me it’s just kind of annoying, I kind of just feel like: I’m
just like, “hey, like we get it, you’re fucking rich, like yeah. You want to roll
your chicken in gold like, while there’s people starving like two blocks down the
street from this restaurant? – literally in front of the restaurant – Yeah – I mean it’s
just an over way of showing that you have money, which you know people do in
different ways, this is just a very bizarre way to do it. – And to get people
talking, like we are on BareTalk right now – Yeah it’s covering an entire segment for
this show. – Do they put it on before they cook? – It’s after, you gotta shake it on, it
they’re gold flecks you can even get them in moisturizers, oils, like gold is a
marketing ply. It’s yeah, it’s like a marketing ploy. There’s this drink I saw
at the Ritz in Toronto, it’s called “the Six,” and there’s no gold in it, but it has
all these just regular alcohol. No, no nothin to do with Drake, but it’s just
like bits of different pieces of alcohol and they sell it for $600 a glass. – Why? –
But it’s the same thing, it’a just to show. – Yeah yeah, no they do. I’m gonna say, these
chicken wings look very pretty, in the picture that I saw. It’s like, they’ve got
some other stuff on them and it’s like, they’ve just like, rolled them and
like yeah it looks like large flakes kind of thing on the chicken wings, I
don’t know it looks like Christina’s Aguilera’s new music video when she has
it all over her mouth. – But I was telling you guys before
we started filming, so I’m Indian, and we like 20 to 24 karat gold, and when I was
younger, I used to I like biting, I mean okay I still do it now, but when you bite
on 24 karat gold it leaves bite marks, so I’ve been eating gold my entire life.
So take that, whatever your name is, Jonathan Cheban. Take that. – I wonder
if this is only in New York, we’re talking about that is, for the chicken though. Oh yeah, probably, I mean someone else is clearly
gonna do it now. – Well, what about Iowa, they’re goldless – I think they’ll
probably have gold chicken at IHop – Wisconsin. – Wisconsin? – Swiss Chalet – They would do it in their
milk though, they’re the dairy line. Gold milk, why not? – I don’t know I
personally think this whole thing is pretty gluttonous, and just ridiculous,
just people flaunting their wealth. What do you think about gold chicken? Let us know. Comment belwo. I’m Megan
Edwards, and that was BareTalk TV, see you later! That was actually fun! – It was a good one! – That was fun!

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