China Girl Bracelet – Bead Jewelry Tutorial

China Girl Bracelet – Bead Jewelry Tutorial

Hi there, Sandy here. Welcome to another jewelry making video at Today I have for you a bracelet that’s kind
of different from what I usually make. We’re going to be stringing large hole porcelain
beads onto silk cord for a very soft, feminine bracelet. So this project was inspired by some of the
materials that I received in the Dollar Bead Box subscription. I did a review on that subscription not very
long ago. So I was just looking at these hand painted
Chinese porcelain beads and noticed in the description that they have a 1 1/2mm hole,
which made me take another look at this dyed silk cord and I thought, “Oh, that would be
pretty to put them onto the ribbon,” and just to make a really simple quick bracelet. Don’t tell my granddaughter, but I think she’s
going to be getting this for her birthday. I also took a look at the 10mm antique silver
plated floral bead caps. They are a little bit trickier to get on the
cord, so I don’t know if I’m going to do that. This would be a fun project to not only make
for somebody special, but it’s so simple that you could make it with them so that if my
granddaughter lived closer to me, I might offer to get together with her and we could
make something like this together. And this is a nice long 32″ length of ribbon,
so you could wrap it a few times. I think for this project I’m just going to
do one wrap. And I think I’m going to use these bead caps
and I’m going to have six, so I’ll only have enough to put them on three of the beads,
but that will be fine. It will just add a little bit different color
and tie it in with the findings that I’ve chosen, which are also silver and silver plated. And of course this just doesn’t have to be
a bracelet. It could also be a necklace just as easily. Let me just use my scissors and trim that. I think that will make that a little easier. There we go. So I’ve decided just to have these five beads
on. I think that will be pretty for a child’s
wrist and just for sizing, I’m going to make it just so it’s a little snug on me, but then
I’ll add some chain so that she can make it adjustable and make it fit her. So you could just leave this ribbon as is. I cut it on the diagonal so it doesn’t fray. Leave a long end that you can just tie in
a bow, but I think a nicer finish is to use these ribbon ends. So I just used my scissors to trim to a nice
flat straight edge. I took a moment and kind of opened these wide
because this ribbon is squishy and dimensional and I’ve got a little bit of E6000 glue here,
which is nice and flexible when it dries. It also stays clear. You could use Super Glue, but that’s kind
of brittle when it dries. You could use craft glue, but that will wash
out. It will dissolve if it gets wet. So I put just a dab of glue in there for assurance
and then place my ribbon and then use flat nose pliers. Flatten it down most of the way and then stop
and check and make sure there isn’t anything that you need to adjust before you do a final
squash. And there, now that end is nicely finished. And there isn’t a huge difference between
a child’s sized bracelet and an adult sized bracelet, so I’m going to just make this fit
kind of tightly on me and then give her a bit of chain so that she can adjust it as
she grows. So if an adult sized bracelet is somewhere
around 7″, I’ll make this probably just under 6″ and make the rest of it adjustable. I’m going to go ahead and trim this off at
about just under 6″. So I wanted to give a big shout out to two
of my newest patrons on Patreon, Kandi and Dolores. Thank you so much to both of you Kandi and
Dolores for supporting me and the tutorials that I make. It really means a lot to me that you want
to do that. And if you don’t know what Patreon or patrons
are, you can check out my Patreon page. It’s a way for you to help support artists
that you like. If you believe in the art that people do and
you want to help them to continue to be able to make it, it’s a way of giving a dollar
a month or whatever you can afford and help them out and it really makes a big difference
to me in enabling me to continue making these videos for you because although I always want
to keep them free for you, they’re not free for me. They cost me quite a bit in time and resources. So there, I just went ahead and added the
other ribbon end and then I’m going to add a clasp. I got this sweet little heart one with a jump
ring, a bit of chain, maybe just like half of that with a jump ring and the bracelet
is all done. So if you’re interested in the supplies I
used, click on the little ‘i’ or the tag in the upper right of the video. Those are called the cards by the way and
there will always be related videos and a link to my blog post, as well as the link
will be in the description box. And I always have a complete supply list at
my blog post, along with links to products. So check that out. There’s often more information there too. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already
and take a look at my Patreon page for how you can get great rewards and help support
these tutorials. Happy creating. Bye bye.


  1. Two thumbs down?? Seriously?? I think your granddaughter will love it! Thanks for sharing, I think its awesome! Blessings!

  2. Very nice! This is my first Dollar Bead Box Sandy and what a lovely idea. Those porcelain beads are wonderful. I'm inspired by your use of the cord as I am a novice. Love your tutorials!!!!

  3. So pretty ,I'm sure she will love it happy birthday to her and thanks so much for sharing Sandy!!! 😊

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