China’s Economy Grows at the weakest rate since the global financial crisis in 2008

China’s Economy Grows at the weakest rate since the global financial crisis in 2008

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Friday 20th November 2015 and we
are covering today’s announcement concerning the slow-down in China’s Economy.
China’s economy grew 6.9% in the third quarter of 2015, the weakest rate since the global
financial crisis. The year-on-year growth rate is also below the government’s 7% target.
Though slightly above expectations, as most analysts were expecting growth figures of
6.8%, the data is expected to raise pressure on policymakers to increase monetary policy
to stem the slowdown. China’s economy has been hit by extreme stock market volatility
over the summer and weak economic data, causing concern on markets around the world.
Disappointing data has been emanating from China for a number of weeks. Earlier this
month, manufacturing data suggested the sector continued to contract for September.
For example: Profits at China’s state firms fell 9.8% in the first 10 months of this year,
the Ministry of Finance has said, with commodities-linked companies bearing the brunt of the pain. Combined
profits of state-owned enterprises totalled 1.88 trillion yuan ($294.51 billion) in the
period, the ministry said in a statement published on its website. It added; “The downward pressure
on economic operations remains relatively big.”
Imports saw a sharp fall for the past month while inflation eased by more than expected,
adding to fears of a rapid slowdown in the world’s second largest economy. This slowdown
comes despite repeated interest rate cuts and other stimulus measures introduced by
Beijing. Louis Kuijs of Oxford Economics told the BBC
“The government’s measures helped dampen the downside pressures but the problem is that
these pressures on growth are actually pretty severe …… What keeps China going at the
moment is consumption but this cannot fully offset those negative pressures on growth
and therefore – even though we see some stimulus coming from the government and we see that
having some impact – it’s not enough to prevent growth from sliding further.”
China has admittedly been attempting to shift from an export-led economy to a consumer and
services-led one. Beijing set an official growth target of “about
7%” for the overall year but Premier Li Keqiang said a lower growth rate was also acceptable,
as long as enough new jobs were created. Despite a slowdown in the industrial sector, it is
envisaged that the services sector will grow rapidly.
However, analysts say the steep fall in imports suggests domestic demand is not as strong
as the government would have hoped. Robert Peston, the BBC economics editor: stated
in an article published today: “Any Chinese growth, if real, now has a
disproportionate impact on the global economy. And the corollary, of course, is that any
slowdown beyond what’s expected by client economies all over the world – manufacturers
like Germany, commodity producers like Brazil – engenders disproportionate pain.”
Peter Spence the Economics correspondent for the Telegraph newspaper wrote on the 9th September:
A “hard landing” for the Chinese economy will likely lead the world into a recession
in the next year, Citi’s global economics team has warned.
Analysts at the Wall Street bank believe that a slowdown concentrated in emerging markets
will drag down demand and see economic activity fall well below its potential across the world.
They anticipate the global economy to slide into recessionary territory during next year,
and remain there for most of 2017. The chance of such a global recession now stands at 55%,
staff estimated. So what does all of this mean for precious
metals, and in particular, gold and silver? Well if the Chinese economy falters then demand
for industrial metals and commodities will decline further and this will most certainly
have a negative impact on the price of silver. From a supply point of view this will mean,
initially a surplus and then a deficit as other metals are not mined – with 70% of silver’s
mines supply being dependent on such mining. Its impact is as we have said before, negative
short-term and positive in the very long term for silver. As far as gold is concerned, much
depends on China’s ability to continue to afford its current rate of gold purchases.
Should this falter then again this will prove negative for gold prices, however, if the
world does enter into a recession, then quite possibly interest rates will not rise and
this could be positive for gold. Overall we still see downward pressure on the metals
unless of course that elusive ‘black swan’ swims by.
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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Possibilities are that Janet "Anything Is Possible" Yellen is possibly waiting yet again for possibly still more possible economic data so she can possibly continue to possibly hint at a possible interest rate hike that might possibly be possible at some point in a possible economic recovery possibility scenario. A possible interest rate hike by the fed is a possibility. Possibly. Of course, virtually anything is a possibility. It's also possible she will hint at a possible rate hike for 9 years to come… maybe even after QE72 ends. It's also possible that the flaccid fiat dollar will finally auger into an ignominious spiral of failure that ends our economy as we know it. Anything is possible, right? Is it possible she doesn't know what she's doing? It's also possible that Stevie Wonder might be an instructor at the Ray Charles Driving School. LOL.

  2. That's some scary looking dragon on that coin. Cool though. I know many people have been dragging along with these low precious metals prices but I feel fortunate to be here right now so I can take advantage of them. Your videos help relieve the panic I feel whenever I watch one of those pumper videos.

  3. The black swan might be arriving now with the mass migration into Europe . The bad thing with systemic fraud with accounting and statistics is as it continues bad decisions only increase as the truth becomes more elusive. Governments and people will likely become more desperate in their decision making . How many countries are in Syria now supposedly fighting Isis ? One miscalculation and everything could change instantly . The arrogance, pride and self righteousness of nations are on display for all to see . When these attitudes are adopted conflicts and war are the only option as self examination of ones own actions is quickly ruled out as a contributing factor thus we can see ourselves as innocent victims .

  4. here comes yet another excuse for Yellen to keep hinting of a possible interest rate that never comes, waiting for Godot would have sensibly less

  5. The best part of this channel is the fact that while everyone has acknowledged that we're ALL trying to figure out what's going on, not only is everyone pitching in their thoughts, but everyone is actually taking the time to think about what is offered from EVERY angle, so that we ALL end up making the right decisions.

    Since none of us has all the answers, and all of us are just trying to get a more complete picture of what's really happening, it's nice to have this "meeting of the minds" with so many different perspectives, and so many differing levels and areas of knowledge and expertise, all pointing in the same direction: GETTING TO THE TRUTH, so we can ALL benefit…or at the very least, "lose as little as possible when the inevitable mathematics proves insurmountable by the greed of the bankers and the fraud of the politicaliars and presstitutes."

    Maybe some day, we can see this beginning to carry over into "the real universe" outside of the internet?

    Crossin' airthang I got two of, in the meantime! d;o)

    Note: The term Presstitutes™ was coined by The Great +Gerald Celente d=O)

  6. I believe a rate hike will happen before the first quarter of 2016 but will only be a quarter point metals will drop in dollar value.

  7. This is a decades old malinvestment. Overcapacity is the biggest in history. There is no replacement for China growth. Their real estate and equities bubble are not fully burst yet and the credit bubble is the monster. Saudi de-peg future and China bubbles are way more devastating than some US 0.25% fed funds rate increase. My opinion is that the Chinese state controlled economy cannot handle the free market forces. This is a monster.

  8. Wandering around the Gold Silver bullion shops, and attending 2 free seminars, I am a bit concerned about the cashed up oldies who are being influenced to buy Gold Silver at higher premiums. These dealers offer further (one on one) courses that one pays for and the dealer is really sounding out the mug, I mean "customer". Keeping their money in a bank is no investment, and never was, but buying fancy products, and that includes coins is not the better choice. To me, what matters is ounces and kilo's of investment grade silver, without a high shine, packaging or even a smile. The object is to get as much as you can. We are competing with the big boys who control the market until they lose control, and the more you get, the more you (minutely) hurt their crooked system.

  9. On the subject of China. To apply Capitalist Dogma, and I mean that just like it sounds, a religious thing, is like trying to examine the moon with a microscope. No deep analogy there other than to say that to try to figure out China's future based on the much fixed and rigged Western sense of profit and loss is not likely to produce anything remotely accurate. I will illustrate this point by using America vs China. In America you must pay people a minimum wage unless they are illegal immigrants who you can abuse as much as you want and only get punished for if you aren't wealthy enough to side step it if someone should decide to fix their gaze on you. In China they only have to keep you alive to work the assembly line and that's not necessarily true since there are as many potential workers in China as the entire population of the United States which, according to the latest figures, has 93 million "potential" workers not working which means they are either living on foodstamps and welfare or the work of other people in the household or baby momma's foodstamps and welfare. Take your pick.

    China no more has to report accurate earnings, costs, profits, resources, etc than the U.S. or any other country that can simply lie about what it is doing. In that respect all things are even. America has black book projects and expenditures both governmental and corporate especially in the Financial Sector. Such as Wall Street calling something one thing when it isn't. Credit Default Swaps come to mind. And the U.S. government reportedly paying 100s for a toilet seat when they actually pay maybe $30 and put the other $200 in their black ops account. Or pay defense contractors 20 billion over the bid and get a kickback into their black budget accounts. And the hundreds of other ways US taxpayer money is stolen and redirected only to be reborrowed from the FED ad infinitum.

    China has plenty of coal for power and the infrastructure they have built with our/their money and doesn't have to play by any rules the U.S. uses the U.N. to come with to stomach punch growing economies. China is in the position that it doesn't have to kiss American ass or "play ball" like other countries who need handouts or have to worry about the U.S. bombing them into submission after funding rebels or creating terrorist events they can later pretend to come in to help stop like Syria.

    I could go on for quite some time but the point is obvious. China has something America does not have and no amount of Swiss Cheese borders in America is going to solve unless we allowed the entire Central and South American populations to flow into Texas, California and Arizona unchecked and thats the ONE TRUE THING OF VALUE. PEOPLE WHO CAN WORK AND PEOPLE WHO AREN'T SPOILED TURDS.

    China is not playing our game because they don't have to play our game. Period. China says its money is worth X and if you want to buy what their 300 million or 600 million workers are producing then you will pay X or pay your workers X times 5 or X times 10 to produce it. Last time I checked China isn't borrowing from everyone. Everyone is borrowing from China.

    When China needs more copper. Copper will go up. When copper goes up the amount of silver being mined will go up because a good percentage of Silver production is a byproduct of Copper Mining. When China needs steel. When China needs zinc. And so on.

    Given that we are 18 Trillion in official debt, 200 Trillion in Promised Debt such as medicaid and social security for the duration of the Baby Boomer Mill Stone hung around our necks, I would venture to say China could easily hold out much much longer if they suddenly decided to let the entire Western World build its own electronics and plastic widgets and see how long an economy based 70% on Credit Cards and spending can hold up.

    To be honest if I were Chinese and hearing the garbage from on this side of the pond constantly I would have already put that theory to the test. With Russia backing China there isn't a care in the world that America would try to do what it did to the Oil Producing Countries that decided to switch to Euros instead of Dollars.

    Trying to scry out China's future as a way to predict our own future based on the rules and vagaries of Predatory Capitalism is pointless.

    On the other hand if we have a good Black Friday with lots of Credit Card Debt being racked up and the Corporate Media telling us everything is cool we should get to see Silver slip into the $13 range as I hoped. But with the middle men putting high premiums on silver orders because they bought too much at $23 and are faking shortages I will be watching Craigslist for people selling their hoards at Spot Price. I'll give them spot plus 5%. The middle men can suck an egg. They should have known better.

    Now let's see what happens.

  10. Deflation is spreading …and thats usually bad for Precious metals. Hey silver illuminati…I just picked up some of the 5 oz , silver stackers that are manufactured by scottsdale metals…..they are the ones that have the high relief lions face. You ever seen these ? They are gorgeous. I got em for $1.75 over spot per oz…$80 per coin…which is a good price.

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