Chinese Buffet Mukbang Eating Show

Chinese Buffet Mukbang Eating Show

hi you guys we are here in Chinese the buffet place. I’ve got a plate full of food right here a little bit better it is Saturday April 29th 2017 at 4:58 in the gym got myself some white rice very tasty edamame super taking on water drink our watch and some breaded shrimp here our breadcrumbs okay I’m going to make baklava the price travel okay what you can know where they’re doing my ass Chinese and my chickens on my signal applause applause very nice I miss my clicker and s you see both of it mom not really let’s try that at some point look like that pretty good selection though this is chicken let’s step out away right in there pretty good chicken and this one I’ve had better above head boys was right in Italy somewhere in the middle this one’s called China star no my super China Buffet Milligan feed them website if you do I’ll prove alone chickens okay bring that closer closer Kevin no mushroom chicken mushroom Chinese mushroom chicken had it spicy you wouldn’t want that yeah you have it now you have native what that was yeah yeah a little bit speak chicken it’s like these cool yeah I don’t mind if it’s Michael do me all of us see the residents mostly us but once we can do all right them trying to get you guys to see the plate too been a while since we’ve had Chinese food till eight years been that long bitch oh wow Joshua tree two years huh I had changed from when we were in Oregon Jason no no because we had a visitor at the time I don’t want to say who but we had Chinese food we got a specific something I like that I want to get into detail I understand I just don’t want a group yeah remember then it’s only been even get a video of it so it’s been about a year during the years of the cabbage is really good I got rid I was never a bit have a child ami right yeah I think I’ll get some more words chicken I like that I do there and orange chicken crab edamame is good remember last time you guys had Chinese food let me know in the comment section how long’s it been for you and you should go to a Chinese buffet more please go to restaurant more that’s spicy yeah cabbage is really good soda rice super dusty yeah and this is a pride defend Emma hold on well imagine a fried banana hot heart weird not for me not for me president that Imam is amazing we’re gonna have a bed and a mom unified by their own private area you got some more orange chicken fried banana I was gonna say they’re pregnant I know I tried to do sir it’s kind of like the tart moment they’re in no bueno I am liking this rice and cabbage go see they cheese these potatoes over there no no maybe Guerry cheesy potato you guys didn’t see that right they heard it chicken piece down check the piece now always fries doesn’t mine she does not have access how flowers a little a dick al dente’ fiber good though it’s a little undercooked Oh for my preference just like yeah I wasn’t impressed with the shrimp’s too much maybe everyone we’re going on more orange chicken over there a pool and a mom is your chicken Oh mom come here so much work for their boy come here my first remember hard way out when by excellent I had gone to a write a restaurant called Chico’s for Chico’s and it was in Tulsa off of Peoria and they had these Isaiah appetizer and I was like wow I could fill up on these things and I didn’t like just about dead – I like sabotage your bedroom Lucinda Heather how are you guys I’m gonna go back up there and see what else I got going on I’ll be back okay guys we’re back for this got some of the egg drop soup to try and then a plateful of their dessert ready I drop soup first another mouth so sure no oily really really oily that would make somebody they’re really good to me saying that just drained it oh sure hahahaha clear the way to keep them out right there I never the desert there’s a standard cookie sounds like a country good kind of flaky not that great goodnight eat too much on the first meal of the day let’s try this little weird cake thing more like a pastry verbally or in that case take care okay what flavor you remember me here coconut coconut tastes like a undercooked coconut macaroon or something all right standard Chinese buffet style cookie with an almond in the sense I do don’t like this almond cookie I wrap the Armand didn’t mean cut me down tomorrow want to be found yeah moments out of water I mean you’re my almond cookies damn right based on the water and now we are trying it’s like not yours either that is peanut butters just covered in powdered sugar that’s weird you must have some wet in there on predictor I wear bear all right we’re gonna try to locate this one first have spoken on the top little yellow peg boo-yeah not them from that one I talk about a red one now shall we do the legs hop on the tape that has kind of an artificial strawberry flavor to it the cake is moist enough and that’s really all that matters clearly I mean glue today this meal anywhere and that could be a lot better okay water not very cold water though Elsie board and now for the little pinwheel one again extremely underwhelming well you know they don’t make them go so please project wallet tell me how’d it go no Artie now the one I’m excited for their very cute chunky starts of Chuckies are like build chocolate I don’t know just dig deeper and the budget is up probably has an appointment the filling my guess is crispy on your jam or jelly looks like an apple jelly yeah doesn’t really have much my flavor though either that’s not that was your one you wanted and Cobra Roberts data we will try another place next time we won’t try you to this place but there just wasn’t enough I say there’s reasons are right on them man I read with the reviews straight on my face pretty much some more yeah yeah that’s why didn’t I talked about a lot coming here the other day I’m like me other reviews it was precious oh now I know there’s only only other ones north they really know their buffets remember Chinese unless you want to see food I’m sure that probably Sifu place had no other people hey guys I’m sure don’t make try that next time yeah but don’t let you find out right we had a good Chinese place in Joshua Tree we went that one log was really dead I was really good and my favorite will lunch would have another members may have apple turnovers over there leave anyone where has supplies for somewhere like in here there’s Apple they’re called apple turnovers sit there with the regular food okay thank you that’s so weird covering peanuts where powder is where yeah triangle yeah he had the desserts leave a lot to be a worked up I just want to try at least I’m saying it might because yes it’s like an apple turnover type of situation it’s called apple pies apple pie so it looks like he looks better than the deserts in his head I don’t know chewy bread or places Joey’s going undercut however he anyway I’ll take the sugar coated peanuts never that now why’d you get that love force yeah okay very doughy we’re gonna go get an almond cookie finish this meal off or something I can actually find palatable oh oh all right guys let’s do this almond cookie here we come right back where I started from copy guys enjoyed spending some time with me you scrub the one right here on the top we gotta get one last sip of water before they clear the table one more bite all right I think we’re ready to go you guys thank you so much for night outing let me know when the last time you had Chinese food was thank you dan daeyoung I’ll see you guys in the next video the MA


  1. The problem with fried shrimp at buffets. It is not made fresh to order just sitting in the trays. Fresh fried shrimp is the best.

  2. Nice buffet mukbang. Yummm. I just posted a buffet mukbang on my channel tooo. Check it out and subscribe if youd like , lets be friends😊

  3. LOVE Chinese food. I would rather get it than fast food anymore. It's about the same price. Jay has no chopstick skills at all lol. I always order out at least once a week. Mongolian pork and egg fu young are my faves. OHHH fried banana is the best and our Chinatown doesn't have em. 🙁

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