Chinese Porcelains Copper Red Peachbloom Glazes

Chinese Porcelains Copper Red Peachbloom Glazes

99.9% of the 8 shapes with “Kangxi” marks having Peachbloom glazes are late 19th and 20th C. Copies…so be cautious!


  1. Informative video with nice extended closeup views. A bit about your friend's "peach blow" description of the pieces. Since "peach bloom" is a Western term likely derived from a mis-translation, "peach blow" is a more accurate description derived from the mid-glaze process where the copper oxide is applied by blowing it through a fine silk filter fixed into the end of a hollow bamboo stick. Unfortunately, though "peach bloom" is a far more attractive term, it wrongly implies a "spring" motif instead of the more autumnal brown-mottled pinks and reds of well-ripened fruit which was considered the ideal colors.

  2. Hello Peter.  I enjoyed your presentation.   A bit of information that may help you talk about copper glazes in the future is that the red colour comes from the carbon in the kiln.  the white to green are areas where the chemical reaction did not take place because they were in a place in the kiln where the carbon did not get to react with the copper.   The terms are REDUCTION and NUTRAL. firing.   The heavy green dots are due to copper that was not refined well.  The grain size of the mix was large compared to where the glaze is smooth green or blue. A point to make for to reason the variations is that the kilns were fired with wood.  So they were go in and out of reduction during the firing.  This would happen when wood was added and then the burn down before the next feeding of the dragon. Food for though.Terry.

  3. Hi can you tell me why some vases have 8 Chinese characters on the bottom and others have only six. I have a vase that has eight characters it is blue and white but I don't know what the meaning is behind having 6 compared to 8. Is there a time. Involved? For example was eight characters in the 1900s or the 1700s? The characters are blue. If that makes any difference I don't know.

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