Christmas Centerpiece Tutorial No.10 SUBTITLE IN ENGLISH Silver ,Centre de table Noël gris Tutoriel

Christmas Centerpiece Tutorial No.10 SUBTITLE IN ENGLISH Silver ,Centre de table Noël gris Tutoriel

PAINTER AND CREATIONS PRESENT TO YOU TABLE CENTER FOR CHRISTMAS Hello and welcome to my workshop today we will decorate a Silver Christmas Centerpiece Here is the list of materials to use for our Christmas Centerpiece Silver plate 13 inches
2 silver sparking stars 2 silver reindeer
4 silver decorative flowers 4 big silver balls
8 small silver balls 1 decorative candle
Several silver branches 4 Christmas tops
Glue gun
Scissors We are going to install balls in the 4 places of our plate in a balanced way
The balls are glued by placing the spout on the outside of the plate. We stick 2 small balls around the big ball with the beak inside the plate.
We continue to place the small balls in the 4 places in the same way
Now we have here small decorative leaves that will be placed vertically between the 3 empty
spaces of the balls let’s start with this one
we put the decorative leaves to cover the empty spaces.
we move on to the next step we take a beautiful Christmas top on which
we stick a flower to get to that. we stick the end and we introduce the small
goal of the flower inside we need 4 similar ones to install them on
our series of 4 balls. Now we stick the last one. We finished the four corners of our decoration. Let’s go to the next step we install beautiful
decorations on the flower of the tops. 2 silver sparkles and 2 silver reindeers.
we stick these decorations in the center of our flower
one in front of the other I found a small silver container that we put
in the center to install our beautiful candle and we turned on.
And here is our beautiful centerpiece in silver and finishes
Thank you for your viewing I hope to meet you again in my next Christmas capsule
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see you soon


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