Christmas with Silver

Christmas with Silver

Mom tell me again why we’re going to Silver’s for Christmas? Well, he was very insistent. And besides, the search and rescue took eleven months to find him on that island. [Looking at the comments] See? See? They’re complaining already! First! *To comment* Come on guys let’s get going! This won’t be so bad! It’s still Christmas! Yeah! As long as Stan has a TV, Christmas will be fine! Comiiiing! EEEH! *smash crash boom bam* Happy Christmas! Hey Stan! Come on in everybody! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! (Don’t do it.) Eheheh… Make yourselves at home, I’ll be in the kitchen cooking with Shadow! Laa daa dee de-deeee! Hey guys. *Silver singing* Hey Sonic, ’bout time you got here. We’ve been awkwardly sitting here for three hours. And I would have gotten to smother you but my feet are stuck to the sticky floor! Christmas in another dump. Oh come on guys. He’s doing his best. He’s been baking cookies all day, and they smell amazing. And besides, I’ve never seen him so happy. *Terrible singing* I wonder why he keeps going into the pantry to mix the dough. That ain’t the pantry Espio. *OHSHIT* Hah! Talk about pinchin’ of love! I’m gonna check out the kitchen. Hey, how’s it goin’ in here Shadow? Well, this year we have an exotic spread of canned beans and spaghettios. To make it more difficult, this cat has been disturbing me all day. What’s wrong with the cat? Sounds like it’s been coughing up the same hairball. EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Maybe I could still save Tails from this… *Tails knocks on the door* D’oh! I’ll get it! Merry Christmas everybody! *All say hi* Thanks for having us Silver. It’s not much, but I brought some Timbits and coffee! FOOOD! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! There’s also these cookies I made! Ooh! I’ll have one! NOYOUWONT! What’s wrong with my cookies? We… Don’t wanna spoil dinner! Oh! Okay! Tails, where’s your mother? She’s still at the last Christmas gathering… She hasn’t had the nerve to tell that big purple guy to leave. So then they told me to go to sleep in the bed. But I did want to go to sleep! *Oh no not Sorass* I wanted to stay up all night and party in the Arctic! I mean would you ever want to do something so fun in your life!? THERE’S SO MUCH ROCK CANDY UP THERE!! What is that? Oh, our final guests have arrived! Sylvie. It’s been so long. Gimme me three kisses. Eggman. It’s that time of the year again, huh? Yes, it is that time. And I’ve strained more today pushing HER around. Than the entire YEAR of trying to destroy YOU! Aww, and who’s this adorable wittle baby? Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Robotnik family. Meet Bub. Meh! Wow, you have a baby brother? Aren’t you like, old? On a scale from canon to Devianart this is a whopping Hey Stan Where’s your TV dude?
Rudolph’s on all day! Television is a conglomerate of everything that is wrong with society, and promotes consumerism, violence, and the NAAASTIES! Ohhh! Okay! Where’s the TV. I don’t have one. WAT!? I listen to the RAAADIO. Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was very sad. The other reindeer had made fun of him. THIS IS CAVEMAN TECHNOLOGY! EHHHHHH…. By the way, I did this last year before it was a meme. So uh, I win the internet. Who are you talking to? The cat. *breaking the fourth wall* WEEEEEEEEHHHHHH Everyone! Dinner’s ready! Where’s the turkey? *splat* What is that? Tofurky! What!? That’s not the bird! I don’t wanna celebrate the holidays by harming innocent animals. I’LL SHOW YOU HARMING ABOUT INNOCENT ANIMALS IF I DON’T SEE ANY SKIN BONES OR MEAT! Come on Vector! This is Silver’s holiday! Let’s respect his wishes and give it a try! Yeah, it can’t be that bad… Num. O_O My life has no purpose, and I’ve never been good. This is great… Shadow! What happened in there? Bleh! These biscuit are hard as rocks! Meh… As long as the biscuits are buttery. [WHAT THE F–] Merry Christmas momma. Oh Ivy! You made me a hover wheelbarrow! Just like I always wanted since I was a little girl. [OH GOD] Oops! I forgot a present! I’ll be right back! What genius decided to come HERE for Christmas? It sure wasn’t ME! This was a horrible idea! My feet are still stuck to the floor! SILVER’S COOKIES JUST MADE ME PUKE EHHH! Shhhh! He single-handedly ruined my streak of perfect holiday meals! I would rather spend Christmas in Eggman’s dungeon again. If Silver ever has Christmas at his house again I’M STAYIN’ HOME. WAAAAAH!!!! [Runs away crying] Nice job guys… Hey, you alright Silver? Event though I tried my best, It still wasn’t good enough! (RETURN OF THE BEAR) Not now! Uhhh… I didn’t mean to ruin everyone’s Christmas. I’m just a no good folk! Actually Silver, you saved Christmas a couple times. Even though I blew up your house? Let’s examine that. If you didn’t blow up the water heater, we wouldn’t have ended up in Eggman’s dungeon! Yes… Actually. Thus letting me become part of Christmas every year! And I wouldn’t have reconnected with Ivy, and had Bub. Meh. But, I’m the one who caused the plane to crash last year! If that didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have found my parents. Yeah, we coulda been stuck on that island forever. We might’ve even died! ‘Scuse me a moment… EHHHHH! But even your mom said that you all didn’t like me! I didn’t know you very well back then. But now I think you’re just the sweetest little thing! Oh! Do you think that Sonic? Don’t push it. So I didn’t ruin your Christmas? Not intentionally, but you did your best, and that’s good enough for us. Right, guys? YEAH!!! *ehh* Aw… Thanks everyone! You know, it really means alot to me that I’m part of this game. Even haven’t you all come over to my house, to give me a chance for this year’s get together. That’s all I wanted for Christmas. Hey! What the buttery biscuits is goin’ on here? MAH! IVY IVY SAVE ME! MAHHHHHHH! NO! MAMAAA! HYAH! AHHHHHH! *Crash* Hey! Mrs. Ro- OOF! MAMA! MAMA! Speak to me mama! Mah. Bring me a biscuit. She’s okay. You all right? Okely-Dokely! Can’t see the scene for your house. Ohhh…. My baby… Where’s mah baby!? Where’s my Bubby? He’s not in the Tubby! Don’t worry Mrs. Robotnik! We’ll find your baby! Look! Tracks! Thattaboy Stan! Here’s a treat! I’m being useful! Again! I think I’m feelin’ better guys… HMMPH! EHHHHHH He’s over there! Bubby! Meh! Let’s get that bear! No guys, I’ll do it! It’s my responsibility! It’s time that I face my enemies ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *GYAAASP* Wooow! Silver finally looks cool! AAAAAAAH! Wait! Where’s the baby? We got him while you were talking. Oh! [Uh oh.] EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Owww…. I’m okay! Man, what a day. What a Christmas. A Christmas with Silver. Sorry about your house Stan. No, I’m sorry things went sour! But, don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you next year! My dad owns a Platinum Hotel chain! Wut? Platinum, as in THE Platinum? Uh-huh! Well, now what do we do… I’m still a bit hungry. I WANT A HAPPY KID’S MEAL! It’s not the most graceful Christmas dinner, but not bad! Yeah, kind of enjoying this Rib King sandwich more than a turkey actually. Sonic could I try it? Sure! OM WOOAAAH… This is the most DELICIOUS thing I’ve ever tasted! I’m gonna eat one everyday for the rest of my life! I hate to tell you this Manic, but they’re seasonal, they’ll be gone next week. WHAT? WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT? LIFE IS SOOO CRUEL! I’ll take 80 of ’em! Wheee! This is the best Christmas ever! Thank you Sonic. For everything. You’re the best! Sure thing. I can be nice every once in a while. Do you think this is the end of my bad luck? Well maybe. But I can’t guarantee that you’ll be Crushed, hit, set on fire, eaten by sharks, mauled by bears, or blown up. Well, that’s okay. I could just walk it off! Hey, where’s Eggman? HELP! I’m stuck in here! Maybe if Eggman walked it off, he wouldn’t be in a pickle right now! WHAT? What’s that a fat joke? Happy New Year! Here! Take this glass to your dad! Okay. He better not make those corny New Years jokes. Happy New Year dad! I have some sparkling cider for you! Oh, thanks Tails. Man. I can’t believe I haven’t left the bathroom since last year. What’s the matter Tails? You haven’t seen me since last year! That means I haven’t had Timbits since last year. Sonic, we’re leaving! To where? I dunno but we’re leaving. Boy. I haven’t slept since last year. Hello? Tails? Sonic? Man, I haven’t been alone since last year. EHHHHH BOO SCARY JUMPSCARE!!!!!!!!!!11!!111!! Subs by jailrush. Credit to Balenaproductions for being so entertaining!


  1. And how did he forget to say merry Christmas because instead he said happy Christmas unless it's the same I don't know

  2. 6:04 vector: "ill show you about harming innocent animals" and then says "if I don't see any skin bones and meat"
    Me:your looking at it

  3. “Don’t worry, Mrs Robotnik. We’ll find your baby.”

    Does literally no one care about Shadow, face down on the snow?

  4. What the heck is every Sonic fans problem with Silver the Hedgehog? He is not a bad character, hell like shadow and knuckles he's Sonic's rivel. And he's a pretty cool character.

  5. Can we think for a second how that Silver has a pet cat and he's shipped with blaze who is a cat😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Sooo in Christmas with Eggman Shadow was on a Kitchen with a tentacle coming out of the sink… But here, after the food, Shadow was on the floor in fetal position… almost weeping

  7. Anywas time for my sacrfise * grabs shadow's gun *
    Shadow: HEY THATS!-
    me: * shoots self *
    Silver: Wtf

  8. everyone im getting tired off season comics! ITS TO OVER THE DESTRUCTION AND BREAKING ALL CARTOONS!, MOVIES!, AND GAMES!

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