CID – सी आई डी – Ep 1464 – Diamond Ransom – 24th September, 2017

CID – सी आई डी – Ep 1464 – Diamond Ransom – 24th September, 2017

Enough of this chase!
It stops now! Your people have ruined
our land, our motherland and someone must pay
for it. For our loss you must pay a small price. Diamonds worth Rs. 50 crores. Diamonds worth Rs. 50 crores! You have only two days to pay up and rescue them. If you try to act smart.. This is not a warning,
it’s a threat. If we don’t get the money
in 24 hours, I’ll kill one and I’ll kill the other
in the next 24 hours. We will reach Sarakpur Factory
in an hour. Unbelievable! The village folk again created a
ruckus in the factory yesterday. They threw rocks at the place
and damaged the factory. Why don’t they understand
that they can never win from us? This is useless! And they
won’t get anything out of it. Rather, had they agreed to
our terms, they would benefit. They are idiots!
The company offered them such great incentives,
they should have taken it. But they’re being so adamant.
They’re rebelling. God knows what is it
that they want! ‘Abduction.’ {an5}Excuse me. – Yes?
– My car broke down. {an5}Can you please check for me?
– Sure. Why not! {an5}By the way,
where are you headed? {an5}Come with us. I mean,
we can drop you. {an5}And don’t worry
about your car. We’ll send it
to the service centre. Really?
– Yes. Sir, from the registration
plate, we found out that the driver works
in RK Wips Company. We have informed the company.
Someone will be here soon. Someone standing very close,
shot him. Point blank. The tyre marks.. Seems like there was another
car here. Look around.
You might find something. Let’s check his car. There are three laptops
in the car. It seems, there were more people
in the car, not just the driver. Sir! Sir, we found three broken
cell phones in the bushes. And three laptops in the car.
– The kidnapper must have taken the cell phones,
and then broken them so that their location
isn’t traced. Excuse me. You are?
– I’m Vikrant. The CEO of
RK Wips Company. And this is my Chief
Functional Officer, Malini. Hello, sir. – Do you know
who were in this car? Abhay, Murli and Sanjeev.
They were our best executives. They were headed to Sarakpur
for work. It seems,
they have been abducted. Oh, my God! Do you know who
could have done this? Do you suspect someone? Does the company have
any dispute with anyone? There has been a dispute
with the people of Sarakpur for a long time. Their vigilance
and opposition was always seen. But we didn’t expect
something so huge to happen. Okay. You will surely receive
a ransom call for them. If you receive any such call,
inform us first. Sure, sir. – The killer
hasn’t left any traces. And no one knows anything. Until they call us,
there is nothing we can do. Pankaj, send the corpse
to the forensic lab. I have a text. ‘If you want the information
on the kidnappers’ ‘click on this link’. ‘Enough of this chase!
It stops now!’ ‘Your people have ruined
our land,’ ‘our motherland’ ‘and someone must pay
for it.’ ‘Diamonds worth Rs. 50 crores.’ ‘You have only two days’ ‘If you try to act smart..’ Sir, he killed him! Sir,
they’ve broadcast this on TV. But how did the channel
get this footage? You have shown such footage
on national television. Don’t you have any regulations
or policies? At least understand your duty
towards the people. But sir, it is also our duty
to bring news to you. – Stop! You better not brag
about duties. While fulfilling such duties,
you tend to forget that by showing a video
of a man being murdered you have ignored what his
parents must go through or his wife or his children. Did you think of that?
No! You just want your channel to be
the best to get more money. Sir, we didn’t think it through.
As soon as we got the footage.. Where did you get it from? Where did you get it from? Sir,
I got the footage. From where?
– Someone gave it to me. Who did?
– Sir, I don’t know. What! I got a call from an unknown
number two hours ago. And he said, he had evidence
against RK Wips Company on how they ruined the land
of Sarakpur. Did you meet them?
– I did go, and waited but no one showed up.
So, I came back. When I came to my car, I saw
an envelope on my windshield that contained a flash drive. The entire footage
was in the flash drive. There is nothing more I know.
– Three people get abducted and no one received
a ransom call. While you receive this footage!
Why? Why didn’t anyone else get it?
– Sir, since I’ve been covering this story right
from the beginning.. I know all the problems that
the people of Sarakpur faced because of this company and I am defending the people,
perhaps that is why.. So, you feel that the people
of the village are involved? I don’t know, sir. This matter has been going on
for around three years. The people protested,
threatened and even pelted stones.
But I had no idea
they could go to this extent. We will find out. We will find out
who is responsible. We won’t spare anyone. Please come, sir. This is Sudhakar,
the village head of Sarakpur. Sir, it is true that we
were opposing the company for our rights, that has been
going on for years. But.. But we wouldn’t go
to this extent. These people cannot do that. But the people on the video
seemed like village folk. The way they spoke
and even their weapons.. That’s true. But they
are not the same people. I can assure you, someone is trying to frame us. Has there been any violence
in this case? Sir, there are a few main people
for that. A crowd follows, but only
these people actually voice out. It appears like they
don’t fear anything. They can go to any extent. Who are these few people?
– Vinayak Kishore and Shankar. Stop this!
– Stop this! We will not tolerate this!
– We will not! We will not let
this factory stand! They are the main people.
We have arrested and even warned them
many times. But it didn’t help. How can it help? The company ruined their lives. They are not bad people,
I know them. What happened to them?
– Vinayak has a debt of lakhs but he cannot pay it off.
How will he do it? His land became
absolutely barren due to the chemicals
discarded from the factory. He even tried to sell the land,
but no one bought it. And the same happened
to Shankar. His family is starving! There is no land or money. Kishore’s father killed himself
due to this financial issue. So tell me.
Who is responsible for it? Where are these three?
– I don’t know. Sir, we are simple people.
Our lives depend on our lands. And if the land becomes barren,
what will we do? And no one sees
our poor conditions. Why?
Just because we are poor? But sir, we won’t back down.
We will fight! Mr. Sudhakar! – Long live!
– We will fight! Long live! – We will get..
– What is ours! We will get..
– What is ours! We will get.. – Vinayak,
Shankar and Kishore.. They do have a motive
for kidnapping. I think, it would be them.
– That’s right. But we don’t have evidence
against them. The footage..
Let’s watch it again. We might find something. ‘Diamonds worth Rs. 50 crores.’ ‘You have two days..’ ‘If you try to act smart..’ ‘If we don’t get the money
in 24 hours, I’ll kill one’ ‘and I’ll kill the other
in the next 24 hours.’ No, sir!
They are very sharp. This video has been shot
in such a way that there is no clue about
the location or anything else. Sir, there is something
I can see in the video. Perhaps it’ll be of some use. Stones!
Pause it. Zoom it. These are stones.
– These are huge rocks. Perhaps, from a mountain.
– It looks like.. Like a cave, or a dungeon. Purvi, check if there is any
such place near the village. There are many, sir. But I need a lot of time
to check all of them. And that is what we don’t have.
We just have eight hours left. If we don’t find out,
one more will be killed. One more! One minute.
Purvi, please rewind again. Now play it, but mute
their voices and increase the volume of the background. ‘If we don’t get the money
in 24 hours, I’ll kill one’ ‘and I’ll kill the other
in the next 24 hours.’ Water!
That sounds like water. Check for any rivers
or fountains nearby. Yes, sir!
There is a river. There is a cave there,
that the river passes through. Sir, that is the cave.
Right there. Okay, please stay here. Let’s go. It’s pretty dark here. We’re at the right place,
but we’re late. Perhaps telling the village folk
was a wrong move. They must have
informed them.But where is Abhay’s corpse,
the one who was killed? Oh, no! That’s Abhay.
He’s dead. What is
this?’06:00 pm’. Sir, I believe we have
no option but to agree to their demands.
– Not at all. They’ll keep doing this,
if you agree. And for how long will you
keep agreeing to their terms? So, what do we do? People’s lives are more precious
than money. – Absolutely. It is, certainly,
but what is the guarantee the two will be released after
the diamonds have been sent? Is there a guarantee? I wonder if they
are even alive. What if they killed them too? This often happens
in an abduction. They cannot hide for long. We almost got to them,
the last time. But we were just a little late.
– What is the guarantee that you won’t be
late this time? The people who are abducted
are our colleagues. What do we tell
their families? That we know
they won’t come back and hence, we’re refusing
to pay the ransom! And you are?
– This is Priti. The public relations head.
– Sir, please tell me. Aren’t the employees,
a responsibility of the company? They were out for
the company’s work and because of that,
they got into trouble. If something happens to them,
how should we justify this? Yes, sir!
And because of that video our company is earning
a bad repute. The share price of our
company has dropped. And if we still don’t pay up,
we’ll neither be able to save their lives, nor this company.
– I think, she’s right, sir. Please decide
what has to be done. I guess, you’re right. We have no other option.
We should give the diamonds. I don’t want to put
my employees at risk. Please. Seema, sir is waiting for you.
– Yes! I’m sorry, we’re late.
Shall we begin the interview? Let’s do it.
I don’t have much time. Let’s start. The CEO of RK
Wips Company Mr. Vikrant is about to make
an important announcement. Let us speak to him about this.
Mr. Vikrant what was the reason
to invite us so urgently? We accept all the demands
of the kidnappers. I request them to not
harm our employees. They must not be harmed
in any way. Please, it’s a request. The kidnappers can contact me
on the numbers on the screen to tell me when and where they
want me to bring the diamonds. But again,
I would like to request please don’t harm
my employees. Thank you so much.
– Thank you. That was Mr. Vikrant,
the CEO of RK Wips Company. He has agreed
to pay the ransom. He has made an appeal
to the abductors to release his employees. On the other hand,
the CID suspects that the employees
have already been killed. Stay tuned for more updates
on this story. Please come, sir. Hello, sir.
– Sir, the interview is live. Okay, put the numbers
on surveillance. The call may come
any moment. Hello. – ‘This is the kidnapper
speaking.’ Kidnapper? ‘Listen to me.
You must bring the diamonds.’ ‘You will have
to come here alone.’ Me? Why me?
– ‘Yes, you!’ ‘And don’t try
to act smart’ ‘else I will kill you
along with these two.’ ‘I have texted you the location
of the drop.’ ‘Get to the location
and wait there.’ ‘I’ll call you again
for further instructions.’ I won’t go.
Please send someone else. Don’t be afraid. You’ll be fine.
We’re here to help. Look, the lives of those two
employees are in your hands. We have no other option.
– But.. Why should I go? What if they kill me?
What about my family then? No, I won’t go.
– I assure you, you’ll be fine. Just relax, okay? Take this pill.
This will relax you. Go on. Seema,
we’re not leaving you alone. We’ll be close to you. You’ll
have a tracking device on you. So, we’ll know
of your every movement. No, sir.
Didn’t you hear what he said? If I try to act smart,
they’ll kill me. Sir, she’s right.
She might get killed and even my two
employees. Sir, we should just agree
to their demands. We have no
other option, sir. I cannot see someone die. You’re making a huge mistake. Water! Someone,
give us some water! Look.. I’m asthmatic.
Give me my medicines, please. At least get this
blindfold off. I’m suffocated!
Please, untie me! Let us go.
You’ll get your money. Shut up!
Enough of this! Pick him up, or we’ll kill you
both. You want water, right?
Water? Here you go! Hey.. Please give me
my medicine. ‘Hello.’
– Hello. ‘Go left. In 200 meters,
you’ll see a path.’ ‘Follow that path,
and at the end of it’ ‘you’ll see a river that
you need to cross and wait.’ ‘Make sure the phone
is with you.’ ‘I will call again.’ Seema brought a new turn
to this story. Purvi,
your idea was great. ‘Sir.
– Yes, Purvi.’ ‘I have
a clue. – What?’ ‘Seema wasn’t covering the
Sarakpur news just like that.’ ‘Actually, she belongs
to the same village. – What!’ ‘Yes, sir. After her
education was complete’ ‘she went to the city to work,
but her family is still there’ ‘and because of this
factory, they too faced losses.’ ‘But Seema didn’t
mention this to us.’ ‘Yes,
not at all! – That’s right.’ ‘This means,’ Seema had a motive
to be part of this.’ ‘Yes, it’s possible.’ ‘She found the flash drive,
the abductor called her.’ ‘Yes, sir. And they chose her
to deliver the diamonds.’ ‘Seema shouldn’t be
sent alone anywhere.’ ‘Keep an eye
on her.’ ‘In such a way’ ‘that she shouldn’t
get any idea about it.’ ‘Neither
should the abductors. – Yes.’ ‘Pankaj,
this is a micro-tracker.’ ‘We have to
somehow’ ‘make Seema take
this pill.’ ‘Our job will be done
without her knowing.’ She stopped
there. – Be alert. He may come
from any direction. Drone! Hello!
– ‘Listen to me.’ ‘Tie the pouch containing
the diamonds, to this drone.’ But..
– ‘Do as I say!’ ‘Do not act smart!
Hurry!’ She is tying it to
the drone. The drone is
leaving! We can’t lose that! Darn! They even have
the diamonds now. Sir, I hear someone
moaning. Sir! Sanjeev! Oh, no! Murli! At least they’re
alive. Perhaps,
they just dumped them here. Mr. Vikrant, Sanjeev and
Murli have been found. ‘Thank God!’ – But they’re
in terrible physical condition. ‘I’ll tell you what. ‘The company
guest house is close to you.’ ‘Take them
there.’ ‘They will find
all the medical facilities.’ Okay.
– Sir, Sanjeev and Murli.. At least
they’re alive! Yes,
but who are they? Who are these people?
They killed a man stole diamonds
worth Rs. 50 crores and we were about to
nab them, but they escaped without leaving
any traces behind. We found nothing! Purvi, do you know
where Vinayak, Shankar and Kishore were,
in these two days? Sir, the police
were watching them. But Vinayak disappeared
for a few hours. Is it?
– No one knows where he went. But it doesn’t seem like
the village folk could do this. Tricks like using a drone
would not have been theirs. Abhijeet, buying a drone
is not a big deal. Anyone can buy it off
the internet, easily. Anyway,
Pankaj is at the guest house. Once Sanjeev and Murli
wake up they’ll tell us
everything. Sanjeev and Murli! All our hopes lay
on Sanjeev and Murli. Sir, I heard him
screaming, so I came running. And I saw someone
running away. Sir, we thought
everything was over and it was all fine
again. They even got the
diamonds, then why this? This murder!
Sir, Murli is still in shock. Did any one of
you see his face? – No, sir. Let us ask Pankaj.
He must have seen him. Where is Pankaj?
– In the other room. The doctors are
checking him. – Let me see. Pankaj!
Are you all right? He’s absolutely
fine now. – Thank you. What exactly happened
here? Sir, I’m really sorry.
I dozed off. Sir, actually,
I’ll tell you what happened. I went to Sanjeev and Murli’s
room. They were sleeping. I came to the living room, and
even there people were sleeping. I saw a chair there
and I sat on it. I wonder when I dozed off.
I just fell asleep. Suddenly, near the corridor,
some glass broke. That woke me up,
and I ran towards it. As soon as I got there, I tried
to figure out what was going on but someone hit me
with a stick. Did you see the face of the guy
who hit you? Was he from the village?
– He must be. Sir, despite getting the diamonds,
they let these two go. Then why did they.. Perhaps, Sanjeev saw something
he shouldn’t have. They must be scared, so.. Sir, if Sanjeev
saw something why didn’t they
kill him earlier? Since they couldn’t do it
earlier, they came back. The entire house was locked,
yet.. The killer broke the glass
and came in. How are you now? It has been broken
from the outside. Daya.. Did you see that? This is the case. They killed him. They killed Sanjeev,
and now they’ll kill me too. You’ll be fine.
If they had to kill you they would have. Who was the last one
to meet Sanjeev? That would be me.
He woke up at 1 am for some time, and he wanted
to speak to Ms. Priti. So, did you speak to him?
– Yes, sir. When the doctor informed me,
I went to see him. He wanted to see his family.
I assured him that he’d meet his family
the next morning. Then he went back
to sleep, and I did too. At around 3 am,
I heard a scream from his room. When I went in,
some villager ran past me. Oh! So, someone broke the glass
and came in. The shards fell inside the room
and if someone had to come in he would
have pushed the glass ahead with his feet but the strange thing is that there were
no shards ahead. The glass was only
near the window. Do you know how?
– Because.. No one came inside. They just broke the glass
and ran away. What are you saying?
If no one came in who killed Sanjeev? Well, that person
didn’t kill Sanjeev. I have a question
for you, Priti. If no one came in,
then at 3 am how did you see
someone leaving? You didn’t see the killer because the killer is no one else but you. Priti! – When Sanjeev asked
to see me he was worried. He told me that he saw
something in the cave. ‘Give me some water,
please!’ What rubbish!
That is not true. It is! And you don’t have
to lie anymore. Sanjeev found out the truth that Murli wasn’t abducted,
but he was part of this plan. He wanted to tell the police. I told him that we’d tell
the journalists and police. So, he went back to sleep. He had no idea
that along with Murli you too were part of this. Our plan was perfect. We had
diamonds worth Rs. 50 crores. And no one even knew
about it. But Sanjeev would’ve
jeopardised the plan. What else could I have done? So, the people whom I asked
to pose as kidnappers.. I asked one
of them to come back and break the
glass from outside so that it appears
it was done by some villager. And Murli killed Sanjeev here.
– No matter how clever the criminal is he always leaves
traces behind. That one mistake is enough
to put him behind bars. Like you guys.. You both will spend
the rest of your lives in jail.


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