Classic Old Route 66 Culture & Roadkill Specialties

Classic Old Route 66 Culture & Roadkill Specialties

and good morning from windy chilly
Seligman Arizona on route 66 we have a high wind advisory it’s only going to be
about 70 degrees today I am loving the change man loving the change here in
Seligman well hop into the jail here real quick
one of the cozier jails that we visited hey cell doors open wow this is creepy
this is definitely original and the Sun is like peeking through holes in the
ceiling I’m sure it rains in here and there’s there’s your comfortable bed
right there that’s rather strange actually suck it
in suck it in wait a minute cut there’s an outlet right there nice wood-burning
stove in here though mm-hmm and I love it they’ve recreated the okay Corral
from like Tombstone Arizona down down south right here in Seligman yeah and
this morning I find myself but the world-famous roadkill cafe here in
Seligman I feel like I ate here last time my 166 – but there’s the cafe
they’re open for breakfast I’m starving let’s get that burger out
of the way no I need some breakfast actually super bonus they’re not very
busy and they’re getting ready to do their switch over from breakfast to
lunch but I feel like breakfast it’s a pretty cool spot though you okay saloon
the saloon is actually right back in there go check that out after I make my
water roadkill 66 yes except me his title is the awesome
possums of going sighs revenge creamed quail and toast splatter flattered and I
ordered the awesome possum breakfast look even the coffee table roadside cafe
route 66 love that coffee let’s go check out the bar the souvenir and gift shop
while I wait for breakfast then the bars on the ceiling kill a bunch of wildlife
and pick a smaller magnet but the only one that actually says roadkill cafe and
that cool oh you wouldn’t like it I want to peek
around Seligman a little bit just walk around a little bit it’s really really
windy sorry about if the wind noise that’s super super windy remind me to
grab an O Matic phonetic sticker to slap on this bug I wonder if my little ones
still on there oh by gosh it’s there look how faded it is nobody’s put
another sticker over it oh it definitely needs to be replaced it’s very brittle
that’s awesome one of my all-time favorite towns on all of route 66 is
Seligman and everything is really close by in the old city you know like it’s
all within my eight blocks but clearly there will be no drone work today with
all this crazy wind but it is such a relief to finally get some cooling
temperatures hey what a treat the two oldest houses in Seligman are
side-by-side here on route 66 I don’t see anything for sale but it does say
Boston’s yard sale here I’ll bet one day I could find some property on route 66
with full hookups for an RV that’s also on the water
one day I’ll keep looking I’ll keep looking I did find some Courtney
handmade route 66 metal artwork here they cannot getting a gift for a route
66 for anything I know I still need to get new stickers
eventually for the new RV but I have the color one from Yoda and there’s room
right here in this rusty spot mm really bumpy on route 66 easily you
could spend all day in Seligman if you just wanted to stay in one local spot
park it for the day probably all day in Seligman Arizona would be good I’m gonna
pull into this but still working I gotta get a picture of this at least that’s
pretty cool but yeah Seligman is definitely a go-to
spot on route 66 there’s a couple cool spots here the pizza joint
YUM delicious and stagecoach 66 route 66 motel that’s a really cool sign little
Betty Boop Norwegian owned right on Williams Arizona the last altitude check
that I got was 7,200 feet up here in Williams Arizona it has definitely
cooled down a lot here’s the town of Williams on route 66 behind me and man I
am the happiest camper possible right now that’s just I needed to change man
we got the route 66 zip line here in Williams
actually I’ve never in my life been on a zip line and it’s kind of cool how it’s
got the car on part of the zip line that runs all the way across route 66 I think
I get some information I might I might even take the GoPro and bring you with
me on the zipline Wow Wow double Wow Wow closed due to high winds
they are open till 8:00 but I just talked to the people that run it and
they said usually when it’s like this when they get high winds like we’ve got
gusts of winds 60 miles an hour projected today I know it doesn’t look
like it or sound like it cuz I got really good sound protection on this but
they’re not gonna reopen the zip line so just walking downtown route 66 getting
ready for all the way in here on the old Mother Road I love this part of route 66
there’s all kinds of quirky neon signs all the way down there playing like 5th
these style you know route 66 feel-good music in this diner and this cool I’m
still stuff from records I couldn’t possibly sit down me to burger the king himself a sad reminder but Williams Arizona was
the last route 66 town bypassed by that dreaded I 40 yeah looks like they’re
doing just fine here right people are having no trouble finding Williams
Arizona dicted 66 home of the world’s largest steel route 66 she’ll escape
let’s go find this sign that’s a really creative way to sell magnets putting up
on the front of this Pony Act there it is world’s largest reach 66 field sign
I’m officially in Flagstaff now just hit up the Home Depot in town to get some
supplies for my next big project and I went to Walmart to get some groceries
you can’t be sneaking out you gotta stay in it’s funny all these different cities
and states that I’ve been going to since I left Washington State they all have
their Bud Light NFL Loco I’ve had the Raiders and the 49ers and then the Rams
and yeah Bud Light you’re such a sellout to every team whatever but yeah like I
said I do have a big project project this weekend to do so gonna be heading
over to this new campground camp area free camp area that never been to and
Flagstaff and get all such a Mackay today it’s not good oh man this is
beautiful out here I’m out here on a one mountain road this is National Forest
area 14 day camping limit boondocking it is just dispersed camping there’s a
couple RVs and the trees over there and I got a little makeshift fire ring right
there and there’s another class a behind me so you just kind of park wherever you
like if you want shade you can find shade in the pine trees I want the solar
and South is right there for my dude my dish so I can watch some football and
like I said Jax and I are gonna take a little boondocking
natural little break here and I’m looking forward to it but I have some
work to do so my next video I’ll show you what’s
what’s going on here in Arizona until then you guys have a terrific night
Jackson I’ll see back on route 66 in our next video bye guys come on come on out
it’s just really really windy he’s just gonna work for us for a couple days
I think it’ll work huh all right man stretch pause okay stretch pause you


  1. Coke is doing the same thing with college football, all the coke cans, bottles, etc. here in Norman Oklahoma all say OU on them because of oklahoma university ! lol. Netflix just came out with new Breaking Bad content, Yo !!!!!

  2. Due to the heavy pressure, it's 14 days of camping in Coconino Nat'l. FOREST, not just the campground. It's really not that bad, as Kaibab & Prescott Forests are just down the road; but you're supposed to leave the forest, not just move to another campground.

  3. On one of our trips to California back in the 60’s we spend two days in Williams.
    Our 68 ford sucked a valve but because it was on warranty we had the ford dealership repair it. Back then coffee was .25 for “out of towners” and .10 for locals.. the bowling alley was opened Tuesday and Thursday , movie house was open Friday and Saturday as I remember… my brother and I walked up to the water tower just to do something on a Wednesday…. fun memories ! Thank you Eric… my brother and I are going to relive Route 66 in the very near future and we’re on the fence if we take my 40’er coach or his 64 comet 😍

  4. Remember if you can stay in the area long enough the street drags in Kingman at the end of October. Well worth it! Last time I did it, they let the high school kids race their cars Friday against the cops. And keep in mind that's going right down the middle of Route 66 in downtown Kingman. Love my Arizona

  5. I have a question for you about you Dish system. Do you have to have your MH pointed to the South or will the DISH you have rotate to the South. I have a DISH antenna on a tripod and if I don't point the antenna South there is no signal. and in a lot of RV parks there are always trees in the way. It looks like you say as long as you are clear on the motor home you can hit a satellite. Mine looks for several but I have to point it very carefully to the South.

  6. We always stop at the roadkill ..and will be stopping by in a few weeks.. as we are currently doing route 66 !
    Be safe

  7. Went through all those towns back in the early 60's when that was the mother road! They were just starting to work on I-40 in places! You actually were detoured off 66 onto 40 and then back on 66 again! Great memories!

  8. I’ve gotta say Eric, your videos are always 100% every single time, so thanks for all the great 👍 entertaining content , stay safe on the road and keep them coming.

  9. Well since you love the bud light so much and are drinking your way through all the teams associated with 66, you'll get the best one when you Hit Chitown. And drink from a Bears can. DA' BEARS !!!!!!!!!
    Had to give us something to laugh about buddy.

  10. RoadKill Cafe has some DELICIOUS food!! We fell in love with Williams AZ last year and stayed at the train car place just on the edge of town. It’s an RV park but has cabins & train cars to stay in too.

  11. THE VFAMILY ,Vloggrs,on route 66,web,mo,route66sportsbar restaurant, collaboration would be cool ,,,Maybe fr,par,,,,?God bless Florida Keys Mike

  12. You are out of California just in time. We started fire season. The Santa Ana winds are spreading 2 wildfires. Some cities have black outs. Seligman just screams CARS.

  13. Soon as you said where you were I thought about Angel Delgadillo on historic Rte 66 in Seligman. Him and his wife have a gift shop there. 22265 rte 66. Found him on Haircut Harry youtube channel years ago. Nice work on the vids love the channel young man.

  14. Hey brother I was told to contact you. We have 66 Sports Bar & Restaurant on the original Route 66 in Webb City MO.
    We are The VFamily on YouTube


  16. I love watching your videos, I'm a bit envious that you are able to be a nomadic, long story short I'm under doctors watch even though I still live at home due to spinal issues

  17. Just a reminder.
    Eric. Get the Sooper combo at Red's Giant Hamburg in Springfield Missouri. West of 13 on Sunshine. Very 66ish 50s with some great food.

  18. Incredibly blue sky there on ol' Route 66. You special order that on Amazon, one day delivery? Lol.
    Giving me a bad case of quirky hankerins'. May have to hit the road soon. 👍
    Safe travels, hope you will bypass the snow that happened 10. 9, Wednesday in Colorado. Denver and surrounding area, 63° drop in temps in about 3 hrs. Brrrrrrrr. 83° to 20°. Now thats cold dont'cha know.
    Get those long pants out, looks like an early winter.
    Hi to Jax! Scratchy, scratchy.

  19. Rented a house in Williams! Good to see it all again. Liked the way you could see the wind fluffing out Jax's tail. Take 89A if you are going down to Sedona. Very pretty journey and cool switchbacks. Maybe if you want a break from Route 66, why not go down to Yarnell Hill and show us the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial? I don't think any other RVer has done that and you do excellent vid.

  20. Videos are awesome but I dont get the whole "it's delicious you wouldn't like it" trend….lol… Like no bro, ish looks good!

  21. Ya, you're big project is getting shit faced naked drinking 60 beers…. whaaaat 60, kinda looking like a drunk, lol !!1

  22. Can I borrow jax I had 5 field mice in my motorhome so far…pleeease! Used mouse traps….road kill cafe and scrabled eggs and some mice?

  23. You and Jax sure know where all the tourist traps are. I'm drawn primarily to old gas station pumps and automotive displays, Arizona is so DRY, barn finds of old cars without rust easy to find. Can't drive now, Dr. orders & insurance costs too much, so rely on you and other YouTube RV'rs for the sites late nights. 🙂

  24. I just love it U enjoy looking for quirky stuff! My two daughters when they got to be teenagers we would have a contest and see who could buy the weirdest, oddest souvenir for under $5 in the town we stayed!

  25. What an interesting Highway. It is a shame I-40 came along. Thanks for sharing not sure how much longer some of those places will exist. Stay Safe.

  26. I grew up on Route 66 in a town called Glendora. In 1990, ran a motorcycle style poker run based on Route 66. Went from Victorville Harley to Seligman. Riders stayed in Kingman. Then I followed up with a reverse Poker run for motorcycles from Kingman Ariz., to a Honda shop in Victorville. Riders (on both runs) took the old road all the way, (yes, the old road to oatman through needles) and went through the Marine storage Depot in Barstow,. (the old road goes straight through their campus). It took a little convincing the C.O., in the end it was very cool. They even put up a marque welcoming the motorcyclists. Looks like these stops have become touristy. You however missed the Bagdad Cafe on the old road. Maybe next time.

  27. Graduated Hs from Flagstaff High and my mom worked at the Williams Hospital when I was a teen… miss them old Route 66 stomping grounds.

  28. my goodness. i cannot be the only one that watched the into 5 times, right? WOWZA!
    Ok, time to watch the rest! JAX FTMFW!

  29. I don't know what you're delay is on videos but I was in that exact camping spot about a month ago, it has some great views of the clouds that roll through and there was a lot of lightning in the distance when I was there that started the whisky fire. It looks like Robert is still your neighbor, I hope he got the motor back together on his rig.

  30. Aww man, I was in Flagstaff last week, just missed you. Great video.. thanks for sharing, Lo 🙂

  31. One of my favorite stretches of Route 66 from Kingman to Flagstaff. Worked seasonally for Grand Canyon concessions from 1976-79. Remember going to Williams in the snow pre-I-40 bypass. The town has really played up their Route 66 since the last time I stopped there. Boondocked outside of Flag where you were to wait out high winds for a couple days. You can get some great views of the San Francisco Peaks from there too.

  32. I’ve only been watching your videos for several months now. I have yet to see the same video twice—unless I wanted to. You have so many and with so many topics and places of quirkiness—which is what I love most about this creative nation…so I really enjoy your travels. Thanks for being real and for sharing.

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