1. Love love love and totally believe in it. Could I join you guys? I transitioned myself from being a software engineer to people And talent management 🙂

  2. people who say they are loyal and accountable are the first to jump off when a better opportunity arises.Nothing wrong with that though….

  3. Your VaynerMedia ratings on glassdoor are rather poor. Are these outliers, a few disgruntled former employees? Is it really possible to build a healthy culture that large? Who does the 360 degree on you folks? On Gary? It's an impressive ambition, but are you delivering? I certainly see the intention is warm and healthy.

  4. Omg this is such golden interview. I can sense from the way claude speaks that she is in a strong connection with her purpose and every answer she gave has been very thought out by her on her own time. Gary really knows how to pick out the golden people to come work with him! This makes me super excited to say I can't wait till I gather the right skill sets to (hopefully) come work with you guys. I am in film school in India rn. That its. Thank you for having this interview available to watch. 17th November 2018

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