Claw Machine Wins The Battle For Hank & Tank Can We Win Both? Video |Claw Therapy| Smith Sisters

Claw Machine Wins The Battle For Hank & Tank Can We Win Both? Video |Claw Therapy| Smith Sisters

Smith Sisters
that fun right there daddy is that as far as it goes to the side? back well back try that if it gets under yeah its not going to pick
it up its Samantha’s turn still Let me see if I can see what that loop is
on right there daddy over this way a little no this way over to the side that should get in the loop it didn’t grab it though I think its on the squid maybe if we move the squid it will move the
tank in yeah i think so okay okay right here back a little bit right here yeah try that lets see it gonna spin so oh its in the loop lets see if it holds it oh it didn’t it missed it I thought you were in there can I try again yeah yeah no stay over because its gonna spin it going to be that one see this one right there yeah see oh you almost pulled that out again daddy yeah is it on the squid or is it on something else I thin kit is lets see its going to be hard to get now right here go this way maybe go forward even drop the claw in the shoot a little bit you stabbed the tank i mean the bird It stabbed the Bird this is harder than I thought it was going
to be Okay Samantha is finishing up this turn then
it will be your turn right here what are going for the tank i don think you are going to able to get that try one more time for ice cream but i don’t
know not its just going to stab him yeah try that see if see its not going to get under it at all You can tip I know that’s what we are trying to do get that loop oh 2 in 1 oh know come on daddy you can do ti daddy come on nope gotta use the next turn oh know daddy its okay its okay lift his legs oh come on oh no I want to try No no let Samantha try That was so close I can’t believe it got stuck its the squid daddy you’re right yep the squid has got the tag on it Why did they put the tag loop on the squid over this way right there no this way a little bit its going to turn and that one is going to
go in the back okay try it see that one goes back totally missed it right there get his legs or the loop one of the 2 got his loop and his legs come on seriously its not going to fall in just drop it right there and it will go in
I think Okay I think the tank is not going to fall in though
it is going to go backwards try to shake it a little bit drop it right there it should at least push it in seriously there we go got that guy the tanks
not going in now though right there we’ll see you have to go forward a little bit I think is that where you think yeah okay if that’s where you think I told you it was behind it a little bit Oh you might get that thing oh you got a couple of things you got some jewelry for mommy oh Sheridan’s going you want to get that box right there maybe no you ruined my turn well you weren’t paying attention okay go ahead see if you can get that box I thin its to far forward though oh you turned it a little bit nope didn’t get it Okay

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