Clean Jewelry – How to clean gold and silver jewelry

Clean Jewelry – How to clean gold and silver jewelry

Hi, guys welcome back to my channel at the Eugene Vaughan show in today’s video I’m going to show you how to clean your jewelry yout silver and gold jewelry with a product you will not but it could be reachable at the supermarket and the drugstore keeping on watching! I know it’s quite hard to get rid of the stains in gold and silver jewelry but here I have a 15 minute home made solution It’s very very easy and safe for you and your jewelry So if you’re ready to see the process wait for it because I’m about to start And if you like this video remember to hit the like button subscribe and invite your friends come join watch this out! This is denture cleanser Take one tab open it up Take one tab and here there is an important thing I’ll show you a detail The tab is green and blue, first it will turn out into blue and when all i s ready it will turn out into green Put it into water, let it sit And now take your earrings your rings and your necklaces with stains… Put them into the blue water wait for 15 minutes and As I said here the blue water turn out into green which means that all is ready with a toothbrush brush your jewelry of silver and gold to make sure that you will get rid of all the products And now rinse the denture cleanser and put the jewelry into clear water Give it a last brush just make sure that all was removed and then dry your jewelry with a towel All set and ready to shine I’m just also sharing with you other home cleanser solutions that you can do by yourself at home in order to clean your jewelry the thing is that the denture cleanser works very well and is best for me Because you know you just let it sit and then after 15 minutes you come back and all is completely clean Well guys that was it for today if you like this video remember to hit the like button, subscribe and invite more friends and make sure that you are always going to be tuned at the Eugene Vauchan SHow. See ya on the next video.

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