Clean Utensils Using Tomato in cooker Clean Brass Copper Utensil ताँबे व पीतल के मंदिर के बर्तन

Clean Utensils Using Tomato in cooker Clean Brass Copper Utensil ताँबे व पीतल के मंदिर के बर्तन

Hello Friends, Welcome to geeta’s tips Friends, today i have a sore throat So, I am sorry for that. Navratri festival is about to begin, Everyone will be busy cleaning their home shrines But the biggest problem is cleaning the sacred articles. Because the sacred vase, bell, lamp, etc. almost every article is of copper or brass. Which get blackened over time. and are very difficult to clean. So in today’s video, Without expending money and in a very easy way I will tell the method to clean these. So before watching the video, subscribe to my channel. And yes! Do press the bell icon. So that you get notified about every new video first So as you can see, these are the sacred articles. which are very dirty. This is the bell which is much blackened. Don’t mind the damage, I have only used it for the video. This is the lamp lid. which is dirty. This is the Roli-Sandalwood holder. This is the small and large lamp. and see this copper vase. its too blackened. so today, without expending money, without much effort, we will clean it very easily. These are a few tomatoes. They are about 1/2 kg. You can see, These are bruised and dented tomatoes. The vendor sold it to me for free! When I was about to pay him, he said madam, i was going to feed them to the animals I won’t charge you for them. The passersby started looking at me buying these kind of tomatoes. Anyway, let’s get started. We will use this to clean the sacred articles. So let’s wash them first. So now we will take a pressure cooker. And put them in it after chopping them. Now we will put the articles inside this. See, I have adjusted all the articles. Now we will pour some water. The amount of water should be that much in which all the articles get submerged. Now replace the lid. And place it on the gas stove. Turn it off after about 4 pressure releases. Turn it off Now allow it to cool down. The pressure cooker is cool now. Open the lid. See, this was the vase. It’s shiny now! This is the lamp. Roli-sandalwood holder. This the larger lamp. All the articles are shining now! See, the bell was blackened earlier. It is also shiny now. You saw its no trick or magic. The sourness of the tomatoes cleaned these articles. You can use this water to clean other utensils as well. Now to remove the odour from these articles. Wash them with soap once. See these after washing with soap. These are even shinier now! So don’t take any tension. quickly clean up all the articles. If you like the method then do comment me. and if you liked the video then press the like button and share it with friends. See you again in another video. Stay happy, keep smiling and bye bye.


  1. Trika toh bhut pasand aaya but hoga ya nhi confused hu me yeisa karne pr cooker hi blast ho gya toh kya kre ghar wala toh mar dalenge na feer hme 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. Madam apke pas jo Dipak haay ise kaise jalana hota haay dikhaenge please . Iss dipak bohotii khub Surat haay . Por maay use nehi janti hoon

  3. Aap me kukar ki kholte hi hath se bartn nikal kr dikhaye kya Aapke hath jal the the kukar Ka Pani to kafi Der garm rahata hai

  4. I tried and it works 100%, I soaked my daily utensils in left over water for about an hour and worked like magic…. Amazing 👌

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