Cleaning Silver And Tarnish With Baking Soda Aluminum Foil And Hot Water

Cleaning Silver And Tarnish With Baking Soda Aluminum Foil And Hot Water

Hey, how are you doing, it’s your ol’
buddy Zeke here and I’m in a bit of a dilemma. Evidentially my wedding ring, which is silver
has tarnished, let’s take a look. See that there, you see. It’s turned kinda black.
I was uh, messing around with some muriatic acid and some, uh, chemicals the other day
and I just noticed it had, it had turned. It had tarnished and turned black on me. If
you look here, uh, I can’t take the ring off see it’s grown to my finger so what
I’m gonna do is, I saw on the Internet this trick here. We’re going to see if it works.
I’ve got hot water here in a cooler. I got some salt. Some aluminum foil. And. Some baking soda. They say that if you
put a little baking soda in the water. Ike that there. Alright. And a little bit of salt.
Let’s pour some salt in. That it creates some sort of electro-litic type of reaction
here. Hang on a second let me get the, the aluminum foil. Hold on. Alright I got the
aluminum foil. The deal is, you’re supposed to put your, your silver in contact with the
aluminum foil and there’s some sort of magic that happens here so lets give it a try. By
the way this water is. Gotta be hot water. Ow! That’s uh, it’s hot water. Ah! Come
on baby! So I’m touching the aluminum foil to my ring to se if we can get that uh, electrolytic
reaction going. This water is very hot. If uh, If anything it would just burn my hand
and I won’t have to explain why my ring tarnished. Looks like nothing is happening. We’ll hold it down there. Mix it up so we’re
getting all the baking soda goin’ here. Well so far, nothing happened. I’m going
to add some more baking soda. Alright let’s get down here to the nitty
gritty here. I’m touching foil to the ring underwater. This should be the, the trick.
This should make the chemical reaction happen or the uh, I guess it’s electrolysis. And.
My ring should be clean. Whoah! Look at that! It’s a little bit better. It’s actually
working believe it or not. Alright let’s see here. Whoah-ho! Would you look at that!
That is absolutely amazing! Look how shiny, just from touching it to the aluminum foil
inside the baking soda water. [music] Amazing! Here’s a quick tip from your old buddy,


  1. as long as the plating is real silver. the nice thing about this is that you don't lose any silver, only the sulfur which looks black when bonded to the silver. (unlike silver polish which removes a very thin layer of silver)

  2. Hi – I'm a jeweler. You could have that ring stretched to fit you properly. I jeweler with the right equipment could do it in 2 minutes!

  3. you are using one kilo of baking soda for a small ring…..better you will buy a new one same as the price of baking soda and the salt….

  4. It's a ring. Did you really need a cooler to fix the problem? A small bowl would do the job. Other than that, thanks for the info !

  5. Hey,

    You must take the ring off from your finger and then let it on the heater in a pot with salt and very hot water and aluminium foil for 15 minutes 😀

  6. If I were you, I'd be more worried about losing my finger from restricted circulation than I would about shining my cheap ring.

  7. Does this work for gold too??

    Also, nice to see a man doing a video like this! My man does not seem interested in learning how to use DIY solutions.

  8. 1. Line a dish (glass or tupperware) with a sheet of aluminum foil. 
    2. Sprinkle baking soda on the aluminum foil
    3. Place silver on the aluminum foil (make sure it is in contact with the foil)
    4. Boil some water
    5. Once water is brought to a boil, pour it gently into the dish, pouring over the entire surface area of the dish, with enough water so that the silver piece is completely submerged
    6. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes
    7. Remove the piece from the dish and rinse to remove any residue from the baking soda

    Depending on how tarnished your piece is, you may need to repeat the process, but one time usually gets the job done for me

    I've put my Gold pieces in with my Silver pieces when I do this sometimes and it seems to work well to remove dirt and grime from the Gold just as well. I've never used Salt when doing this method so I'm not sure if it makes a difference. 

  9. Maybe a smaller container would work quicker. Hell, you could clean all the silver on the Queen Mary in that blue cooler. Nice job though. Your wife will never know.

  10. i just went and tried this method to clean my wedding set because i was in some bleach and it turned a very ugly color. Well it worked and now my rings are back to the way that they where when i first got them. being that my fiance keeps telling me to take off the band and i thought that it was ruined, but thanks to this video we saved it and now i'm going to put my band back where i found it hiding at .

  11. What a dummy, all he has to do is use some soap and water or vegetable oil to remove the ring, why are people so ignorant! Putting his hand in very hot water—dopey guy!

  12. Dude your finger looks really swollen. I'd worry about getting that ring off first, and then worry about the tarnish on it. Lol.

  13. Why not just use TarnX?  It will remove tarnish in a fraction of a second and leave your sterling silver brilliantly bright.

  14. Yes, this method works perfectly, but people, take your jewelry OFF OF YOUR BODY FIRST, then place the items in the solution. Sheesh.

  15. I think it's sweet he hasn't taken it off in so long and would rather risk boiling his hand than take it off. Really helpful My husband loaned me his ctr ring to wear becuase I can't wear my wedding ring anymore, and I got it tarnished somehow. I am just relieved I can make it all shiny again. He loves that ring he has worn it for 20 years before loaning it to me. He couldn't believe I messed it up after only a few weeks.

  16. Seems like a lot of mess to go through. I just wet my rings with water, (cool water is ok) sprinkle some baking soda on and rub the tarnish off with my fingers. Or you can use an old, soft toothbrush to get into details.

  17. +zekelandvideo try soaking your hand in ice water. your finger should shrink a little bit, and then put soap on it( or butter or olive oil, you get the idea) and gently spin the ring off your finger. good luck! and congrats on being married so long!!

  18. Your finger's turned white under the ring from trapped moisture and it's swollen. Take it off for a few days so skin can heal.

  19. I like how you used a whole large cooler to do this trick! I thought you were going to take a bath! lol thanks for the tip!

  20. If you still have that ring on, you should get it off. I suggest taking a piece of string and wrapping it around you finger below the ring. Then bringing one end in between the ring and your finger and begin unwinding the string from the end that was in between the ring.

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