Cleaning silver with baking soda & aluminum foil. (Very Easy!)

Cleaning silver with baking soda & aluminum foil. (Very Easy!)

Hello, today we’re going to clean some silver,
silver jewelry, silver items, sterling silver without using harsh chemicals or industrial
chemicals with just something you would have around the house. We’re going to take some
aluminum foil and line our bowl here with aluminum foil and we take, we’re going to
place tarnished jewelry, this is a chain, heavily tarnished, in there. Place it down
in there. I’ll probably put this Air Force pin in there, it’s heavily tarnished. Then
I’ll get some water, very hot water. Okay, so the water’s pretty hot as you can see.
Pour in the hot water, cover all the items, shake baking soda on the items. See how it’s
fizzing? The hot water is important. This really does the action. You can smell there’s
something happening here, it doesn’t just smell like baking soda. So that should do
it. After I’ve poured in the hot water and baking soda you’ll see a reaction and look
at it and see if it’s taken the tarnish off. Leave it in only as long as it needs to be
to take the tarnish off. This is a sterling silver fork because I don’t want to contaminate
the liquid okay. So you can use plastic, wood or sterling silver because it’s the same thing.
Now this is just coming out the liquid, you remember how tarnished this was, how black
that was? So look how nice it is now. Now I’m going to wipe it off, I’m going to wipe
it off with just a, just a, you could use a t-shirt, you could use whatever you want.
Of course I’m going to use one of our polishing cloths. But this has nothing in it it’s just
a polishing cloth and it takes off whatever dirt’s laying on the surface or residual.
Look at that, without any harsh chemicals, without anything. I mean it brought it right
back to wearable condition. Now let’s look at the service medal in here. Now this was
even heavier tarnish, now if you notice it took a lot of the stuff off. Let’s dry it
off, but it was just totally black and what you’ll find is that if you rub it with a cloth
you’ll get a lot of that to come off, see it will come off right on the cloth. And you
may need to do this again because it was so heavily tarnished it just won’t remove it
all, or maybe you’ll find that you like the way it leaves a patina on the piece and highlights
it like a shadowing and you might leave that. You know, and if you have like a dry polishing
cloth where there’s a little bit of polish in the cloth you can brighten it up with that
and maybe like it like that, see. And if you wanted all that off, you want all the black
off just, you know, pour this out and do it again. You will look, look down side in here.
I don’t know if you can notice, but the aluminum’s a little bit yellowed. If you remove a lot
of tarnish you’ll start to almost turn sort of a light brown in there. The oxide’s actually
being applied to the aluminum. It’s like an electrolysis that’s created here. So, you
know, it’s a very simple method, it’s very effective and it’s actually harmless to you.
And as you can see you get a pretty nice result out of something that was not wearable.


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